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Assy McGee
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Crime fighter Assy McGee is out for justice, so all you criminals better look out! Cop Assy McGee is nothing more than a pair of legs with a naked rear end…well, naked unless you count his gun holster! His drinking problem and violent tendencies lead to many shooting sprees and crass language. Warning to parents: this one is not for the little kiddies!
Larry Murphy

Larry Murphy

Assy McGee, Sanchez, Chief, additional voices

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  • What the heck?!

    This show is just weird.
  • love it

    great show. grab some beers, some smokes, kick back and watch at this psychotic intelligent witty violent masterpiece of surrealist postmodern art

    pity about the fart humor, but you cant win every time

    anyone who downvotes this show is a square
  • What the Hell Did I just Watch?

    I'm not even sure where to begin with this abomination. The concept of a talking ass is already bad enough, but one that shoots people for no reason? Really TV executives? Is that the best you can come up with? The episode plots are basically Assy solving murders and previously mentioned, shooting people for no reason. The humor is your typical sex jokes and a dash of potty humor. You can barely make out whatever pointless crap Assy says and the rest of the characters have racist dialect for voice acting. I get that Adult Swim is for adult comedy, but the raunchy sexual potty jokes are no doubt a failure and anyone that would allow a child to watch this must be one of the biggest idiots to ever crawl on the planet.moreless
  • LOL What the HELL is this [Adult Swim]!

    Piece of crap, Just came on today at Mid-Night. I stopped paying attention to the episodes plot, but started laughing more at the ass(literally) of the show. Also Am I the only one seeing a lot of old [Adult Swim] show re-runs this summer?
  • Whoever gave this show the green light needs a good kick in this a** and needs to be fired

    Out of all the Adult Swim shows that they have had to offer, Assy McGee is definitely one of the worse ones ever made. The show is about a pair of butt cheeks as he goes around catching criminals at any costs. There is no back story at all as to why Assy is a pair of butt cheeks at all and while it did make me chuckle when I first saw him, it got old after the first 2 minutes. Assy also tries to be deep and moody like we are supposed to care about him and his fellow officers, but it's just so stupid and really has no purpose. As for story, there is none. We just watch Assy and his partner (can't remember name) catch criminals and he tries to be deep and fails and the story goes absolutely nowhere at all. The humor is nowhere to be seen or spoken of in this show at all. The animation is very stiff in this show and there is barely movement in the characters. The artwork is pretty good and has the feeling of being like in a comic book but that is really the only good thing in this show. This show along with Moral Oral, Squidbillies, 12 Oz. Mouse, and Tim and Eric are amongst Adult Swims worse shows and you are advised to stay away from this show at all costs.

    PS Please do not report me for using Assy, that is the name of the show and the charactermoreless
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