Assy McGee

Season 1 Episode 3

Game of Death

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Dec 10, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • "The ref was on the take" - A ref at a childs soccer game. "I'm Cuban chief" - This coming from someone with the last name of Mcgee, a Scottish name. This is why this series is funny - The little nuances make you laugh and laugh hard.

    The charactors of Assy and Sanchez are well played and you start to feel for them. Sanchez has a wife that thinks Assy is Sanchez's friend, "He's not my friend, he's my pahtner!", funny stuff.
    When Assy confesses to being from Cuba is the best.
    "We weren't trying to escape, got caught in a riptide!", funny stuff.
    "Hey Glen a cold one for the slut with the sloppy cans!" These one liners make the show. Not to mention it's an ass talking.
    The way Assy handles situations - Guts and Gusto. He is the man (Or ass) this country needs to kick the hell out of the bad guys!
    "Odios --------- Blimp", couldn't stop laughing at that line.
    I will leave you this line "Look me in the eye Sanchez!"
    Gotta love the show!