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  • WTF is this $***?

    OK, Assy McGee stinks! I mean look at it! A but as a detective? WTH? Look at the animation, its so terrible. And the dialogue is so cheesy. I mean not even some dumb guy living in some shack would watch this show. Not even a mentally-ill psycho would watch this! They would just run away. Face it, it makes Jocks barf and Children cry! This show alongside with Tom goes to the Mayor and Moral Orel must be taken of the air! Adult Swim just gets worser and worser each day. If they don't produce a good show sooner or later, they will be taken of Cartoon Network. Animation is bad, Dialogue is cheesy, and the rest is bad. 1.0/10. And please dont report me because i used the word "Assy". Its the name of the show.
  • Seriously, what kind of moron would create this excuse?

    "Assy McGee" is one of the worst show I have ever seen in years, and this is coming from Cartoon Network, one of the few that actually does original material. "Assy McGee", is an exception from this.

    The plot of the show revolves around a pair of butts (the main character, of course), who tries to solve crime his way-whether the chief approves of this or not. Simple as that.

    Mediocre, stupid and simply unoriginal. That's all I have to say about this show.
  • What is Adult Swim thinking?!

    Utterly disgusting. Who in their right mind would even think to watch this show? I saw like, a few episodes, but I never finished watching them, and that's a good thing, because I swear, my face was turning a little green! If you have to know, it's about this cop who is litteraly someone's butt. I mean, really, who thought of this, because I'd like to go and punch them in the face for making this crud. For those who haven't seen or heard of this show, don't bother! You'll save your sanity! It just plain sux! Just plain sick and disgusting.
  • Assy McGee is absolutely TERRIBLE!!!

    It's obvious that whoever thought of this show was either drunk, high, or completely out of better ideas. I've never seen an episode but I can already tell that it's terrible. They should cancel this show and bring back the Brak Show. I can't believe that [adult swim] would even allow this bullcrap show on their network! The same goes for Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. But that's another story. I hope that Assy McGee gets cancelled and the person who created it gets fired. My dead dog could probably write a better show than that @$$wipe could. FIN
  • LOL, What is this crap?!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, this stupid show is about a talking ass that is a detective? Who thought of this. First of all, who would even contribute to this gay show. The only person who would like this would be some gay guy in Detroit or something. This is a complete waste of time and the creater of this show should stop, destroy his animation devices, and go get a life. They should be making a show like this. They should know kids these days stay up 'till about 12:00. That's mostly why all the 4- year old kids turn into bad mouth baboons. Don't get me wrong, I cuss to. But to encourage it, that is just wrong. So, just don't watch this if you know what I mean.

  • An ass with legs???You gotta be kidding me

    Well this prooves that Adult Swim cant go any lower than this.An ass for a main character???Is this considered entertainment this days??A talking ass that shoots people and drinks threw his butthole.Im really ashamed for even waching that.Even the rest of the show is bad.The animation is horrible and lacks movement,the characters are compleatly uninteresting.Come to think of it,i only can name Assy and his hispanic coworker,and thats it.And they solve crimes.And the coworker doesnt seem to find it odd that his working with an ass.And the humor is nowhere to be seen.The only running gag is the fact that the main character is an ass,thats it.And i dont understand what the heck is he saying.This show needs to be burned.Only people that would find this funny are stoners,retards and preeteen boys
  • We are apparently supposed to be amused by this regurgitated mess of worthless cop show cliché’s, but I fail to see how.

    It is painfully obvious that this show has nothing to offer besides a talking butt and plenty of boredom. It has been implied that this show was made just so [as] could say they aired a show starring a talking butt. Unfortunately for us they succeeded, creating this low water mark of television history.

    If you enjoy other Adult Swim garbage like Squidbillies, Tom Goes to the Mayor, and Moral Orel, then please consume this pile of excrement. If like me you prefer your comedies to be genuinely funny, not just stupid, I beg you…

    Vote with your remote and change the channel!
  • this is a comedy? i think not....

    What is this show?? a show about an a** that's a cop? stupid! Assy Mcgee is a really gross show. when i saw previews for this show, i was appalled. this show's animation is creepy. what has become of Adult Swim???? AS is making too many disturbing shows & it needs to stop! personally, it should've ended after the first ep. this show's supposed to be a comedy? it sucks! AS, please take this show & burn all the eps so that we wont have to look at this show ever again. that's all i have to say. end of review.
  • Assy McGee sucks!

    Really, who thought of this? Other than being completely annoying when watching, it fails to make the viewer laugh. But the problem is how this show is presented and the content within it. Well..... that includes the entire show.
    The plot of this show is about a cop that is supposedly an ass. Yup, a talking walking ass. Since there's only 20 episodes, there is no depth to the story, but rather random episodes about his adventure in the cop world. This is supposed to be a comedy, but fails miserably. I couldn't stand watching another episode after the first season. I'm glad this show has been canceled. Adult Swim needs quality comedy and new Anime.
  • Just get rid of the show it's so sick.

    Why would anyone want to see a series that shows an uncensored butt on TV? I mean it's just so sick and stupid. Somebody must be really bored and decided to make this dumb show. It's on one of the family cable networks [adult swim](same cable station as Cartoon Network) for crying out loud and I think it's unacceptable. They're not supposed to show that on family cable. Last year I remember watching the commercial of this show a lot whenever I watch [adult swim] and thank God it didn't last too long. I just hope that this show is completely canceled.
  • A loose cannon cop who plays by his own set of rules. Nothing can stop him be it crime, the chief, or even his own morals. 11 minutes straight up no holds barred action with classic quotes delivered in such a way that they're barely audible. True genius.

    I love satires of things, they just make me laugh. And this satire of every cop show or movie ever made ever is just what I needed. Of course toilet humor is only so funny and I thought a show based coompletely on toilet humor could never have worked. I was wrong. Episode 1 blew my mind, the opening scene was great, the intro/theme song was perfect, the lines were pure genius, and the crazy plot was amazing. I was obssessed, but after that episode the show went downhill until the episode Conviction which renewed my faith in Assy until I found out it was the finale. One of the greatest shows I have ever seen but only for a very short amount of time becuase an ass with a gun is only funny for so long.
  • adult swim has offically ran out of ideas......

    Really? AS, what were you thinking?
    -this show was NOT created bye the minds of "Frisky Dingo"
    -Okay, this show is about a ultra-violent, emotionally disturbed police detective who happens to be an ass with legs.WTF?!?
    -why an ass? It's sort of funny at first, but dies off quickly
    -The animation is simler to Frisky dingo, but doesn't really work with the dialog and toliet humor
    -the shows a bit racist
    -I just don't see the humor in this show. The only thing that made me laugh is that it is now canceled!
    Overall:this show stinks,not because the the main character is an ass, also that the humor isn't there.
  • Whoever gave this show the green light needs a good kick in this a** and needs to be fired

    Out of all the Adult Swim shows that they have had to offer, Assy McGee is definitely one of the worse ones ever made. The show is about a pair of butt cheeks as he goes around catching criminals at any costs. There is no back story at all as to why Assy is a pair of butt cheeks at all and while it did make me chuckle when I first saw him, it got old after the first 2 minutes. Assy also tries to be deep and moody like we are supposed to care about him and his fellow officers, but it's just so stupid and really has no purpose. As for story, there is none. We just watch Assy and his partner (can't remember name) catch criminals and he tries to be deep and fails and the story goes absolutely nowhere at all. The humor is nowhere to be seen or spoken of in this show at all. The animation is very stiff in this show and there is barely movement in the characters. The artwork is pretty good and has the feeling of being like in a comic book but that is really the only good thing in this show. This show along with Moral Oral, Squidbillies, 12 Oz. Mouse, and Tim and Eric are amongst Adult Swims worse shows and you are advised to stay away from this show at all costs.

    PS Please do not report me for using Assy, that is the name of the show and the character
  • why was this cancelled!?

    Im a man with a refined but classicalsense of humor, gime 3 stooges & laurel and hardy for days. This show has me screaming in laughter every time I watch it. I bought a region free dvd player just so I could watch the season 1&2 discs I could only get from Australia. The drunken slurred voice of assy is 1 imitation ill do til I die. Wish larry murphy could revive that voice sumwhere else. LUV IT!!!! oh n the ppl complaining that theyd b nuts to lets their kids watch NOT A KIDS SHOW TARDS, thus why they played it after midnight.
  • Maybe a bit dodgy, but still okay. More of a dark comedy, if you will, since we're obviously supposed to laugh at a psychotic policeman who is a talking rear end.

    I'll watch Assy McGee, it's moderately funny. Assy is paranoid and brave (even if it costs him his job every episode) and never lets the bad guy or whoever he decides to kill win. I think realistically he would've lost his job a long time ago if he didn't always catch the criminal. His partner, Sanchez, is the sidekick part of the show. He's the one that pretty much holds Assy back from killing everybody. Sanchez might even qualify to be Assy's friend, if Assy wasn't so hard to get along with and offend everybody. The chief doesn't like Assy too much though, he seems very anxious just to get him out of his office.

    The animation... isn't as good as I've seen on Adult Swim's other shows. Robot Chicken and Metalocalypse were better animated; it seems kind of awkward with the way the characters and backgrounds are drawn. And since this show's animation, that counts for a lot.
  • What the heck?!

    This show is just weird.
  • LOL What the HELL is this [Adult Swim]!

    Piece of crap, Just came on today at Mid-Night. I stopped paying attention to the episodes plot, but started laughing more at the ass(literally) of the show. Also Am I the only one seeing a lot of old [Adult Swim] show re-runs this summer?
  • Talking pair of butt cheeks? I thought Tom Goes to the Mayor was bad but this is over the top.

    I can understand how many members of the gay (not that theres anything wrong with that) community might like this series, but as for the rest of us? Well....

    When I saw preview for this I thought it was typical Williams Street joke. But alas it isnt. Im sorry, cop with no torso, arms or head is just plain freaking me out...

    Setting aside all the usual question like how would this thing eat, drink, breathe, ect. the whole concept is disturbing beyond belief. Paraphrasing the words of Dr. Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters "I'm DISTURBED beyond the capacity for rational thought. "
  • love it

    great show. grab some beers, some smokes, kick back and watch at this psychotic intelligent witty violent masterpiece of surrealist postmodern art

    pity about the fart humor, but you cant win every time

    anyone who downvotes this show is a square
  • What the Hell Did I just Watch?

    I'm not even sure where to begin with this abomination. The concept of a talking ass is already bad enough, but one that shoots people for no reason? Really TV executives? Is that the best you can come up with? The episode plots are basically Assy solving murders and previously mentioned, shooting people for no reason. The humor is your typical sex jokes and a dash of potty humor. You can barely make out whatever pointless crap Assy says and the rest of the characters have racist dialect for voice acting. I get that Adult Swim is for adult comedy, but the raunchy sexual potty jokes are no doubt a failure and anyone that would allow a child to watch this must be one of the biggest idiots to ever crawl on the planet.
  • If you close oyur eyes....

    Ok, I realize how rediculous it is to have a show about a 'half a man'. You just have to accept it for the absurdity it is. The comedy factor is actually pretty high. Assy's voice is enough to make me bust out laughing. I have to say the shows are funnier after a couple drinks. Even without the drinks the clip of Assy as the used car salesman almost made me pee myself. The random shooting, the rage induced by a lack of raisin bagels. I was sorry to see it cancelled ot be honest, but how far can you really take this story line.
  • One of the best comedy shows out there.

    I'm from Slovakia and I have to say that this is one of the best US TV shows I have seen. I guess this type of humor would be more appreciated here in Europe, among the Monty Python loving crowd, fans of absurd humor. The whole concept is simply priceless. I love the noir atmosphere with the combination of the absurd fact that the main hero is a pair of buttocks and nobody even notices it! It's genius and demented at the same time! Every time I stop for a second and realize the fact that is makes absolutely no sense, it gives me a laugh attack. As far as I can say, I spent 6 months in US and seen many mediocre TV shows, like Ugly Americans etc., but this one is simply something different. I immediately downloaded all episodes and watched them all.Shame it got cancelled.
  • this is a true genuis

    well what is there not to say about assy mcgee the storys is nuts the cgracters are wack and the script timless the show truly is one of the best adult swim shows and funniest adult swim cartoon since the begining of aqua teen hunger forcethe humor is somewhat silly but the main character assy sounds like sly stallone with a bad head cold and he shoot s everyhting that walks the only thing that's not great about this show is that it's 15 minutes long and i could watch an hour of assy if you havent seen it then go to the adult swim website and check it out now!!!
  • Not really bad but not good either.

    Well, first of all, why an ass? It's sort of funny at first, but it dies very quickly. Then, now it's annoying. I think if they didn't had an ass, it would have made it just fine, but then the entire show would have to change...The artwork, I think, looks pretty cool. It's not as good as Stroker and Hoop (another [adult swim] show that is also a detective sort of show) and Venture Brothers. So...well, you could decide if you want to watch it. It's not a must see kind of thing, but it's not an entirely bad show. Even though half the time you understand what Assy is saying...If you really want to watch detective cartoon shows, then watch the ones I said above.
  • LOL you have got to be kidding me..

    Okay, this stupid show is about a talking ass that is a detective? Who thought of this. First of all, who would even contribute to this gay show. The only person who would like this would be some gay guy in Detroit or something. This is a complete waste of time and the creater of this show should stop, destroy his animation devices, and go get a life. They should be making a show like this. They should know kids these days stay up 'till about 12:00. That's mostly why all the 4- year old kids turn into bad mouth baboons. Don't get me wrong, I cuss to. But to encourage it, that is just wrong. So, just don't watch this if you know what I mean.
  • McGee....Ass McGee..bang bang bang!!!!

    Come on guys let's by fair, if you watched this show on youtube,whenever you're pleased to, you have to admit it's funny as hell! Yes it's sick, a bit racist, sick, without any logic in the plot,sick but the references to the 80's action movies, the "stallone" voice of McGee and all the cliches from the police tv shows are brilliant! As I watched a couple of episodes from Assy I couldn't notice that he(??) or maybe it(!) has a strong resemblance to Vick Macky, even the names are pretty close, the anger when he's left without any cases and so on and I'm not gonna talk about the hairless resemblance here!Just my 2 pennies
  • A crazy laugh you butt off (no pun intended) and not want to tell anybody you did.

    I have to admit, the only reason that I was watching this show was that my son was keeping me up. Then when I watched it, my first imprecion was that Slyvester Stallone was gagged and forced by gun-point to voice this character. But I put my parental attitude aside and found that Assey was very funny, probobly for stoners alot more though. This came from the head of an obviously disturbed individual who thought that character depth was a thing of the past and guess what, he accomplished that mission. Have fun only if your into dumb humor, seriously don't try this grandpa.
  • Another childhood Hero.

    Following the footsteps of The Adventures of Blinky Bill, Beavis & Butt-Head, Spongbob Squarepants, Donkey Kong Country (Show), Kirby: Right Back at ya!, Sonic X, 12 Oz Mouse, Coconut Fred's Fruit Slad Island, & Lil' Bush come Assy McGee, a show about a butt who dosn't worry about anything (exsept in Season 1's finale), I mean how can anyone hate this show?

    It just a talking butt who shoots a gun, isn't that funny? I hope more people like this show, beacause it's been off the air for a long time & I was so happy it going to have another season.

    YOu GO Assy!
  • A butt-cop who knows funny

    This is my abselute favorite cartoon. It should've lasted at least another season.

    The show is about a butt who want to be a cop. he lived in a deadly town in a station with a fat-guy named sanchez. Just across office the cheif who wants Assy fried. Then there's The Bus crimials, Soccor Crooks, and A popedesigner who doesn't like Assy.

    Based on what you've just read, you may think that watching this show is a big waste of time, but it's not.

    My Ratings:

    Animation & Character Designs: 8.5 -- It is well animated, it looks like alot of thought and time was put into this show, and they put a fair amount of detail into the background.

    Origionality: 10 -- This show is completely origional. Nobody else has ever done anything like this before.

    Story: 9.0 -- The story rating is based on how well written and how origional the episodes are. Most Assy episodes are completely origional and alot of episodes were well thought out and made sense.

    Jokes: 7.5 -- The show is pretty funny -- for kids.

    Revewer's Tilt: 10 -- The tilt rating is just a way for the reviewer (That's me) to sway the overall score.

    Overall: 10 - Superb -- All the scores added up then divided by this show
  • Why do you hate it so much

    I mean the idea is great, a butt who wants to be a cop, and the animation is decent, with some unique crimials here and there, but the show isn't as entertaining as clever.

    However, the show relies on butt jokes and flatulence jokes to keep it a hit with kids who watch Cartoon Network. The theme song is a bit catchy . Like some Cartoon Networks, it can be on the juvenile side at times.

    The voiceovers aren't the best, they are only good on Assy the butt. The episodes have some okay premises to them. The theme song is catchy.

    Some episodes are pretty entertaining, but this isn't my favorite cartoon.

    Overall, a nearly decent cartoon, it gets a 10.0 out of 10 for talking disin-bodied butts