Assy McGee

Adult Swim (ended 2008)





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  • Maybe a bit dodgy, but still okay. More of a dark comedy, if you will, since we're obviously supposed to laugh at a psychotic policeman who is a talking rear end.

    I'll watch Assy McGee, it's moderately funny. Assy is paranoid and brave (even if it costs him his job every episode) and never lets the bad guy or whoever he decides to kill win. I think realistically he would've lost his job a long time ago if he didn't always catch the criminal. His partner, Sanchez, is the sidekick part of the show. He's the one that pretty much holds Assy back from killing everybody. Sanchez might even qualify to be Assy's friend, if Assy wasn't so hard to get along with and offend everybody. The chief doesn't like Assy too much though, he seems very anxious just to get him out of his office.

    The animation... isn't as good as I've seen on Adult Swim's other shows. Robot Chicken and Metalocalypse were better animated; it seems kind of awkward with the way the characters and backgrounds are drawn. And since this show's animation, that counts for a lot.