Assy McGee

Adult Swim (ended 2008)





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  • A butt-cop who knows funny

    This is my abselute favorite cartoon. It should've lasted at least another season.

    The show is about a butt who want to be a cop. he lived in a deadly town in a station with a fat-guy named sanchez. Just across office the cheif who wants Assy fried. Then there's The Bus crimials, Soccor Crooks, and A popedesigner who doesn't like Assy.

    Based on what you've just read, you may think that watching this show is a big waste of time, but it's not.

    My Ratings:

    Animation & Character Designs: 8.5 -- It is well animated, it looks like alot of thought and time was put into this show, and they put a fair amount of detail into the background.

    Origionality: 10 -- This show is completely origional. Nobody else has ever done anything like this before.

    Story: 9.0 -- The story rating is based on how well written and how origional the episodes are. Most Assy episodes are completely origional and alot of episodes were well thought out and made sense.

    Jokes: 7.5 -- The show is pretty funny -- for kids.

    Revewer's Tilt: 10 -- The tilt rating is just a way for the reviewer (That's me) to sway the overall score.

    Overall: 10 - Superb -- All the scores added up then divided by this show