Assy McGee

Season 2 Episode 13

The Assy Diaries

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Unknown on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

Exeter police officers have been shaking down people, including a nanny Assy is friends with, for money. It seems nearly everyone, including Sanchez, is taking money, and Assy wants to get to the bottom of it. However, his being on suspension from active duty prevents that. Undeterred, Assy presses further and unlocks more clues in the corruption case, including more surrounding the officers extorting the nanny.

Eventually she is used as bait to lure Assy to a children's playground in Exeter, where he becomes distracted in the ball pit. While he enjoys himself one of his fellow officers confronts him with a chainsaw.

Sanchez and DiLorenzo arrive moments later to discover the children's playground has become a riot scene. Sanchez finds a trail of blood in the area around the ball pit to try and find his partner, and when he does he discovers what happened to Assy- his legs have been cut off, leaving just his ass, and he has lost a huge amount of blood, leaving him pale, ashen, and clinging to life. DiLorenzo finds Assy's legs shoved into a skill crane machine, and Sanchez retrieves them while Assy confronts him about his taking of money (which Sanchez denies).

The corruption case is dismissed and Exeter's mayor praises the decision, but Assy shows up at the court with many of the shaken down nannies who begin to pack the court (although Assy is only there for a bake sale being held at the courthouse).

The episode ends with Assy in his bathtub, which is filled with ice, drinking beer and reattaching his legs to his ass while in great pain.
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