Assy McGee

Season 1 Episode 2

The Flirty Black Man

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Dec 03, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • This show inspired and awed me, made me laugh alot

    i think that maybe this show had alot of good ideas but basically was lost alot of potential momentum perhaps an outside opinion or perhaps the vewiews could come up with a story line for them to doctor up with assy's characteristics pertaining to the story itself. I dunno personally this show is to make you laugh, unlike the simpsons or family guy that always end with a moral view. I think this show should show for more than 15 mins and i do like how it has its own commercial instead of a sponsor. Good job Adult swim, you picked a good show to air
  • " It's obvious this sleuth was no kiss_ass. With ingenious methods n' gutteral street savvy, there's no blowin' past this one!!!"

    Yet there was another night o' shameless white collar villany afoot! Two young, but brazen, detectives were once again faced with a heinous larceny plot involvin' priceless portraits. With lil', or next to no clues, there was worry dead_end's were all this investigation would amount to. Suddenly, out o' unbridled brilliance, assy mcgee practically fits the dishoveled pieces o' this enigmatic dilemma together tongue-in-cheek! It's a marveling display o' courage meets compassion. Tribulation takes the back_burner to determination. Thus ultimately, justice is served to the no_gooder's with a flare o' kick ass furiosity! Definately a skit worth losin' 10 mins. o' your stairmaster over!!!