Astro Boy (1963)

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Astro Boy (1963)

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The 1963 black-and-white version of Astro Boy was the first anime to cross the Pacific and penetrate American television. It was highly successful as it drew the highest ratings at that time. It was taken off the air in 1966 as it completed its 104-episode run (193 episodes in Japan), having lost its popularity due to it not being in color and having "depressing" and violent themes and story lines.
However, in 1980, Astro Boy was reborn in Japan and was brought back to North America in 1982 with a 51-episode color series (52 episodes in Japan).
All 104 episodes of the original 1963 series which aired in the United States are now available on DVD.

    Astro Boy Rockets to the Big Screen

    After decades of laying dormant in American pop culture, the first big screen production Astro Boy will come to theaters in the United States on Oct. 23, 2009. Astro Boy has been to Japanese culture what Mickey Mouse is to…

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    • NO NO NO! Not another Anime of predetermination!

      This show is just plain nasty! End of story. 2/100 Horrible.
    • The most abysmally bad show I've ever seen.

      Look, I realize that this show broke some barriers and was the first to cross the Pacific and all, but it is one of the worst shows I've ever seen. The dialog is absolutely uninteresting and on par with a play written, directed and acted by a kindergarten class. No, that does it too much justice. Elementary school plays are cute, even if they are bad. But this, this just turns my stomach in its badness. Don't get me wrong, I love camp. This, however, is just plain bad, and should be relegated to the obscure DVD collections of only those devoted to cataloging the history of anime.moreless
    • Oh my goodness, this was actually a show?!? I had thought this was an extreamly bad attempt at satire. Astro Boy battles stereotypes. Basic good vs. evil stuff. Bad dialogue. That's about it.moreless

      This has got to be the worst show on [as]. And before you go there, I get the whole retro-revisionist ideology; my critique so well beyond that. I had initially thought that Astoboy was an attempt at thinly veiled satire, hiding an undercurent of racist and ethnocentric stereotypes. I came here in a pique of righteous indignation to give my 2 bits, then I find out that this was actually a real show. Well, early 1960s...that actually expains quite a bit. Now, however, I don't think that Astroboy is absolved of its sins. Maybe it isn't an attempt to revive the longstanding methodology to using cartoons to perpetuate a pro-power-elite hegemony...maybe I was overreacting when that internal momlogue came to me. But the alternative, is that the show is just down-right bad. The characters are one-dimensional...and narrowly at that. The dialogue is deplorible. The humor is more transparent than Al Bundy's underwear. I had thought that they gave up on the villin-of-the-week modality years ago. Remember everything bad about the late 1950s and early 1960s???...well, if not, just watch Astroboy. And to put the whipped cream on the crap sundea, Astroboy is currently on [as] with the sacrafice of an ep of Inuyasha. What is [as] thinking? If there were only two channels and one had Astroboy and the other had Bleach, I would watch Bleach...and I have contimplated suicide watching Bleach.moreless
    • Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy is a part of animation history, the first anime to ever be produced plus the first anime to ever air on american television

      Astro originally debuted in manga form in Japan in 1960, in 1963, Osamu Tezuka transfered the character to animated form, thus creating the first anime, but, despite just being historical, Astro Boy sets the stage for all animes to follow with amazing animation, great, powerful, as well as emotional storylines, that occasionally put tears in my eyes

      Astro Boy and Kimba are both great shows that should be seen by all fans of anime and animation, also, the two revivals are as classic as their 1960's counterpart, which is saying a lot, as most attempts to revive older animes stink, but the 1980's version is good, because Tezuka himself took part in it, revitalizing his character for a new generationmoreless
    • I love black and white cartoons! This show does it for me with CN showing all the old episodes recoding these and watching them is the best way to get my fix of black and white cartoons.moreless

      I think this is a great show the plot lines are pretty good, but the animation can be a little cheap and corny. This first version of Astro boy intrigues me most because it is America's first shot and attempt at dubbing a Japanese show in English. This show to me is also a piece of animation history coming alive for me. they say a lot of newer shows Japanese and American alike borrow plot lines and character designs from these old classics and since learning about animation is one of my favorite hobbies this first version of Astro boy captured and continues to peak my interest. The story line lacks the continuum or soap opera like story lines that attract me to other anime, I think this for the high rate of mortality among one time characters on the show. All and all I think it is a great show for its day a rare treat of black and white animation when I get to see it now. It's best to treasure the classics because history in all things is important.moreless

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