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  • Season 1
    • The Final Battle
      Episode 50
      The Final Battle from the show Astro Boy is the series finale of the Astro Boy animated series. As the episode opens, Astro (Candi Milo) regains his full memory and returns home. Enraged, Astro Boy's creator Dr. Tenma (Dorian Harewood) begins an attack on the Ministry of Science. It is up to Astro Boy to stop Dr. Tenma's attack and bring humans and robots together.moreless
    • Astro Reborn
      Episode 49
      Desperate to repair the relationship between humans and robots, Astro blocks a missile bound for Robotonia. Dr. O'Shay declares Astro dead, but Dr. Tenma finds a way to repair the unconscious robot. To everyone's surprise, the revived Astro has amnesia, and it now believes that Tenema is his father. Can Zoran help the robot regain its memory?moreless
    • 9.0
      The war between humans and robots is raging on and is about to reach a final climax. Astro Boy races to complete a peace agreement to avert the coming tragedy and bring peace to both robots and humans. Meanwhile Drake advances his plans to destroy all robots on the planet.
    • 9.0
      Showdown in Robotonia is episode 22 of Season 2 of the show Astro Boy which originally aired on April 30th, 2004. As General Red and the human military plan to fire the Pulsar Laser Cannon to destroy the robot civilization of Robotonia, Astro and The Blue Knight team up to save the city.moreless
    • Robotonia
      Episode 46
      In Robotonia, an ancient city filled with robots is discovered in the South Pole. The city of Robotonia is intended to be a safe haven for robots everywhere, that would otherwise not have been able to roam free in the outside world. The city was originally developed by the Blue Knight.moreless
    • When a robot named Jake is falsely accused of harming a human girl, her father is outraged. He demands that all robots of Jake's type be rounded up and destroyed. Before the order can be enacted, the Blue Knight, another robot, attacks the humans. Astro Boy (voiced by Candi Milo) is swept up in the ensuing robot revolution.moreless
    • 8.2
      Into The Dragon's Lair from the show Astro Boy is the 44th episode in this animated program. Astroboy is the main character of the series based on the 1953 Japanese comic and cartoon. In this episode, Astroboy and his friends are on the search for Princess Abby's younger brother after they notice his disappearance when visiting Princess Abby's homeland.moreless
    • Undercover
      Episode 43
      A lifelike humanoid robot, Klaus, is programmed to work as an undercover policeman. When the decision is taken to reprogram him, Klaus must go undercover once more to avoid losing his memories -- this time disguising himself as an ordinary human. Can his fellow robot Astro Boy help him? With Candi Milo as the voice of Astro Boy.moreless
    • 8.8
      Robot-hating politician Mr. Drake is once again up to no good. He sends Drake, his loyal henchman, on a Ship to deal with a group of robots as part of his anti-robot campaign. But fortunately, the Blue Knight frees the enslaved robots and places them in their own "Steel Island"- a place where they can be safe from Mr. Drake's nefarious acts.moreless
    • Avalanche!
      Episode 41
      Dr. O'Shay sends Astro to investigate reports of a monster that's terrorizing the villagers at Mt. Elbe. The robot finds the creature and discovers that it's not a monster at all, but rather, a confused reprogrammed robot that was result of a plasma-wave accident that occurred at the Ministry of Science twelve years ago.moreless
    • Modelled on the deceased son of scientist Dr. Tenma, Astro Boy is a child-like robot with a special form of artificial intelligence. Because of his humanlike nature, Astro Boy is nominated for the Robot of the Year awards. The award ceremony is disrupted when disaster threatens, however, and Astro Boy must leap into action. With Candi Milo as Astro Boy, and Dorian Harewood as Dr. Tenma.moreless
    • Time Hunters
      Time Hunters
      Episode 39
      An ancient hunter finds a time machine and travels to Metro City, looking for a genetically stronger animal to bring back home. He finds a tiger and renters the time portal, narrowly escaping Astro's close pursuit. The robot decides to go follow the primitive man 10,000 years into the past, where Astro encounters a monstrous woolly mammoth.moreless
    • Battle-Bot
      Episode 38
      In this episode, a little robot girl named Emily is snatched away from her parents by the dastardly Space Raiders, a crew of pirates. Loveable boy robot Astro Boy (voiced by Candi Milo) races to the rescue, aided by his big robot friend, the Blue Knight (voiced by Wally Wingert).
    • Atlas Strikes Back
      Episode 37
      Atlas, a robot with the ability to defy the rules of robotics and hurt humans, is recovered by the anti-robot forces from space, and manage to install a mind-controlling device to turn him back into an attack robot. Astro, once again, is forced to fight his old and ultra-powerful opponent.
    • Space Academy
      Episode 36
      In this episode, super-powered robot child Astro Boy visits a space camp on the Falcon II, a special exploration space ship, in order to work with a gathering of young students. He struggles to fit in but is befriended by a girl named Brianna. With Candi Milo as the voice of Astro Boy.moreless
    • Firebird
      Episode 35
      Rick is once again defeated by Astro Boy. However, this time is different. Rick will not take the defeat lying down. He is out for revenge. Rick thinks that by capturing Firebird, victory will be his. The Firebird hold some of the greatest secrets of the universe. Astro Boy will not take the invasion lying down.moreless
    • Shape Shifter
      Episode 34
      A stone with strange powers arrives from distant space, and it takes the form of earthly animals. After posing as a bear, a mysterious sniper wounds the celestial object, and Astro pursues the criminal. The sniper gets away, and Astro meets Tamami, who is working with Dr. Saruta to unlock the stone's super-human powers. Unfortunately, Sartura works for Mr. Drake.moreless
    • Fairy Tale
      Episode 33
      A spoiled child named Nina is unsatisfied with the lavish gifts her father buys for her and demands a pet fairy. Meanwhile, criminals are using a "phantom machine" to rob the townspeople. Astro Boy must solve the mystery, while helping Nina to learn the value of friendship. With Candi Milo as Astro.moreless
    • Gideon
      Episode 32
      Gideon is a timid robot dolphin created to explore underwater. When he hears about the legend of a phantom pirate, however, he's too scared to dive. Astro Boy and friends Reno and Zoran must help Gideon to conquer his fear before the Phantom Pirate attacks. With additional voices by Gregg Berger.moreless
    • After growing jealous of her brother Astro's super hero status, Zoran signs up to help out Detective Wally Kisagari. The duo quickly finds themselves in over their heads as they try to solve the case of a flying ghost that appears to be a bird that is terrorizing the entire city.moreless
    • 8.1
      A monstrous robotic dragon is terrorizing Metro City, committing a string of strange and confusing robberies. Heroic robot Astro Boy teams up with Wally Kisagari, the uncle of his ally Yuko, to solve the crimes and stop the monster. With Wally Wingert as the voice of Wally Kisagari and Candi Milo as Astro Boy.moreless
    • Astro becomes jealous that his sister has a talking pet. The robot soon seeks an animal friend similar to Houdini, finding a ghost bird that leads Astro to an illegal robot dumping site. Astro must now discover who is the culprit responsible for infecting Metro City's water supply with hazardous uranium.moreless
    • 8.3
      Princess Kayla from the Kingdom of Tohron arrives in Metro City to explore the coexistence of robots and humans. She soon joins Astro and his robot entourage. The evil Gedo follows her from Tohron, looking for a way to steal the princesses' superpowers. The robots will need to seek the help of an odd creature named Reno to help them defeat Gedo.moreless
    • A detective helps Sharaku look for his missing mother, a search that leads to the discovery of a mysterious sphere. Skunk agrees to trade Sharaku's mother for the object, which seems to control all the robots in Metro City. Astro intervenes, and an incompetent Skunk mistakenly opens the dangerous orb, unleashing its powers.moreless
    • Robot Boy
      Episode 26
      Astro Boy makes a new human friend named Matthew who is obsessed with robots and likes to pretend that he is one. However, Matthew gets into big trouble when he tries to save his mother from danger using robot abilities he does not actually possess and it's up to Astro to save him.moreless
    • Only A Machine
      Episode 25
      Astro Boy discovers that an evil robot named Erasabot has arrived and has begun to completely destroy the artificial intelligence of all of the robots in Metro City. Now, it's up to Astro to stop Erasabot before all the robots in the city are destroyed by this devious plan for destruction.moreless
    • Micro Adventure
      Episode 24
      Astro must find a way to stop a micro-robot that has penetrated its uranium power supply. With Zoran's help, the robot creates an alter-ego to fight the intruder. Meanwhile, Shadow discovers that the Blue Knight designed the micro-robot to reprogram Astro's memory bank to turn the robot into a dangerous weapon.moreless
    • When Dr. Tenma creates a little sister named Zoran for Astro she gets loose and goes out into the city. After making friends with a bird, she finds out what is happening to all of the other birds, and is kidnapped. It is up to Astro Boy to save her and destroy the robot.moreless
    • Robot Circus
      Episode 22
      Astro Boy - still known as Tobio - signs a contract with the deceitful ringmaster Hamegg and finds himself a slave to the macabre Robot Circus. The carnies dub him Astro Boy, and he is cared for by the kindly Kathy, though Hamegg remains abusive. Kathy and a nearby scientist hatch a cunning plan to help Astro Boy escape.moreless
    • 4/30/04
      The Blue Knight is found crying in a main street. It's up to Astro to see what the secret is behind the Blue Knight.
    • Geo Raider
      Episode 20
      The robot-killing robot named, Geo Raider is destroying working robots for Atlas and his crew.
    • Hydra-Jacked
      Episode 19
      Hydra, an aquatic robot comes to Metro City and destroys the main water unit.
    • The Blue Knight
      Episode 18
      Astro learns about the 'Blue Knight', a mysterious robot that helps other robots that are mistreated by their masters.
    • Deep City
      Episode 17
      Astro and Dr. O'Shay take a visit down to Deep City, designed by Professor Sebastian. It's an underground city where anything and everything goes on, along with nature. Hannah, the tour guide, show Astro, Dr. O'Shay, and Sebastian the sights in Deep City, accompanied by Mayor Manny.
    • Lost In Outland
      Episode 16
      An old government war satellite is about to crash back to Earth. It is equip with an nuclear warhead that could destroy a city and it's heading for Antarctica. The explosion could cause the polar ice caps to melt which would flood the Earth.
    • Dragon Lake
      Episode 15
      When the land around Dragon Lake is poisoned and begins to die, Astro must find the source of the poison. When he gets there, he meets the eccentric explorer, Gulliver, and they face off against the toxic Repo Girls in a fight to save Dragon Lake.
    • 4/20/04
      Zoran gets in the middle of Astro and Pluto's shoot-out, causing her to get hurt. Pluto runs away, promising the next time they meet, it will destroy Astro.
    • 4/19/04
      Dr. Tenma builds his latest strongest robot to date, Pluto. He builds him to destroy all other robots. Pluto's first target ends up at the Rocket Ball Arena, where Harley and his teammates are in the middle of an exciting game.
    • Robot Hunters
      Episode 12
      Robot hunters are running loose in Metro City as they deactivate and steal any robot they wish. A new robot police squad is issued, with leader Delta, and their first assignment is to find and capture these hunters.
    • Reviving Jumbo
      Episode 11
      Skunk tries escaping from prison and almost succeeds until the police finally capture him again. They put him in an even more disclosed area and have tighter security so that he'll have absolutely no chance to escape.
    • The Venus Robots
      Episode 10
      Under the control of Dr. Temna, abandoned robots used to cool down Venus arise from deep sea to give 'salute' to the Captain, which will freeze Metro City. Can Astro save the city in time, without putting the city into an ice age?
    • Transforming Life Form 134
      A robotic life form causes mayhem as it hunts for scrap metal to regenerate its malfunctioning form.
    • Franken
      Episode 9
      Two mechanics are tearing apart robots. It's up to Astro to see what these criminals are doing this for.
    • Neon Express
      Episode 8
      Doctor O'Shea witnesses a flying car crash into the Ministry of Science. A hologram of a clown appears and states that there will be more destruction. Three weeks later, while the Doc is at the unveiling of the robot train, police arrest Kato for the act of destruction. However, they don't realize that he has already hidden a virus in the train. Astro Boy must act before the train crashes.moreless
    • Rainbow Canyon
      Episode 7
      A young girl named Mimi runs into the Ministry of Science asking for help from Astro. She explains that earthquakes and other natural phenomenons are destroying her farm in Rainbow Canyon.
    • Into Thin Air
      Episode 6
      The evil skunk tricks Denkou, an "invisible robot," into committing a string of robberies. Astro soon realizes that Denkou isn't bad, she just doesn't know the difference between right and wrong -- and Astro is the only one who can teach her.
    • 3/10/04
      On Deimos, one of the two moons of Mars, robot miners ignore the orders of their human foreman and mysteriously begin digging on their own. Astro must work fast to discover the cause of the robots' strange behavior before Intergalactic Security exterminates them for disobeying.
    • Astro versus Atlas (Part 2 of 2)
      The fight continues between an angry, Atlas and a confused, Astro. Atlas is beginning to take advantage of Astro in the fight. Who will win?
    • Atom vs Atlas
      Episode 4
      A weather experiment turns a desert into fertile farmland, and proves that humans and robots can work well together.
    • Atlas (Part 1 of 2)
      As Atlas continues his rampage, Astro learns the truth about his own past. With his memory circuits reactivated, Astro remembers being created, rejected, and abandoned by Dr. Tenma. Astro must now face difficult questions about his own identity and his ultimate destiny.
    • Atlas
      Episode 3
      When Astro's memory circuits are reactivated, he remembers being created, rejected, and abandoned by Dr. Tenma.
    • Rocket Ball
      Episode 2
      When a friendly robot-dog invites Astro to watch a game of Rocket ball,he looks forward to a fun day at the ballpark instead,the game turns chaotic when the robot players start destroying the stadium and threatening the human spectators. Astro must find a way to save the humans and get the robot athletes back under control!moreless
    • Power Up!
      Episode 1
      Dr.O'Shay activates Astro by drawing all of the city's power and using it to jolt Astro to life.But The Power Surge overloads the Metro City Power System.Turning Magnamite,the power-controller,into a robotic menace.When Magnamite comes crashing across the city like a huge mechanical octopus,Astro must quickly master his amazing powers in order to save the city from the rampaging robot.moreless