Astro Boy (2004)

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  • Return of a classic Japanese anime character is marred by episodes shown out of order in the US and with half of the series not even shown here. Despite this, it is still a favorite show of mine.

    Despit the review that follows, I do like this series and own the DVD release.
    I had high hopes for the series when It was announced that the 2003 incarnation of Tetsuwan Atom (Mighty Atom or Iron Arm Atom) aka Astro Boy was going to be broadcast over here. However the series is marred by Sony and KidsWB/Cartoon Network in its release here. Half of the series is never shown and those that were shown are shown pretty much haphazardly. You have characters appearing in stories before their origin or intro episodes - Zoran, for example, appears in the Pluto two-parter, which aired before her origin episode.
    Sadly, this state of affairs is continued on the DVD release. Only Discs 4 and 5 have anything approaching the original episode order. When I have some time, I will submit edits that will include the correct episode order that come straight from the Japanese co-producer/broadcaster's website.
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