Asu no Yoichi!

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2009)


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  • Season 1
    • 12th Longsword - Yoichi of Tomorrow
      Yoichi and the Ikaruga sisters arrive at the Saginomiya estate to rescue Ibuki. Although things initially go well the group are soon overwhelmed by the enemies' numbers. Luckily Washizu, Angela, Torigaya and Tsubasa arrive in time to help them out. However, Yoichi must still face Ukyou and find a way to restore Ibuki's memories.moreless
    • 11th Longsword - What Ibuki-san Received
      The group return home from the hot springs but Ibuki has lost all of her memories and now thinks that she is only four years old. Then Ukyou and Sakon arrive and offer to cure Ibuki and look after the Ikaruga family if they let him take Ibuki away and Yoichi leaves with Angela. Meanwhile, Ibuki runs away with Washizu, who doesn't know about her current condition.moreless
    • 10th Longsword - Secret Hot Springs Deathmatch!
      Yoichi and the gang take a trip to a hot springs where Yoichi meets Saginomiya Ukyou for the first time. Later Yoichi and Ibuki volunteer to exorcise a local ghost but when they arrive Ukyou and his sister try to trick them and end up kidnapping Ibuki. It is then up to a drugged Yoichi to fight his way through the resort and find Ibuki before it is too late.moreless
    • 9th Longsword - Fly to the Firey Summer Festival
      Washizu accidentally confesses to Ayame instead of Ibuki. Things only get worse when on the night of a local festival Ayame and Washizu are paired up. However, when he clears up Ayame's misunderstanding she is upset and so Washizu must find a way to redeem himself.
    • 8th Longsword - Sorry About the Other Time
      A local gang kidnaps Ayame to use as a hostage believing that she is Washizu's girlfriend. The gang confronts Washizu and threatens to rape Ayame unless he lets them beat him up. However, Yoichi intervenes and together with Washizu he defeats the gang.
    • 7th Longsword - Half Exposed One Piece Bikini
      Ibuki, Ayame, Chihaya, Kagome, Yoichi, Angela, Tsubasa and Ibuki's four students meet up at an empty beach after winning a lottery ticket. Here two students of Saginomiya's Steering Technique attempt to defeat Yoichi. However, things get worse when Masashi and Kagome get lost in a cave.
    • 6th Longsword - Wa-san is coming
      Washizu decides to put a love letter in Ibuki's locker but the notes ends up in Yoichi's hand and he thinks that Washizu is interested in learning martial arts. As such Torigaya and Washizu enroll in Ibuki's dojo where both Washizu and Yoichi end up performing a thousand push ups.
    • 5th Longsword - Let`s go on a Date!
      When Yoichi is asked out by Hinagata Yui, Ibuki takes him on a practise date. Ayame, Chihaya and Kagome wonder what is going on and secretly follow them around. However, things soon take an unexpected turn when Yoichi is attacked by Hinagata and her three section staff.
    • 4th Longsword - Chihaya pretending to be Chihaya
      Chihaya is having trouble with her latest manga so decides to question Ayame about her feelings for Yoichi. It soon becomes clear that Chihaya is going to base her manga on the relationships between Ayame, Yoichi and Ibuki.
    • 3rd Longsword - It`s Amazing When You Take It Off
      Angela Takatsukasa and Tsubasa Tsubame of the Swallow Benton Style arrive to defeat Yoichi. However, when Tsubasa transfers to Ibuki and Yoichi's class they quickly become friends and Tsubasa develops a crush on Washizu.
    • 2nd Longsword - Welcome to Yokko!
      Yoichi starts at Yokko Private High School and coincidentally ends up in the same class as Washizu and Ibuki. Washizu then challenges Yoichi to a fight to redeem himself for his loss the previous day. However, Yoichi easily defeats him without any weapons but becomes ill soon afterwards.
    • 1st Longsword - A Samurai is Coming!
      Yoichi Karusuma of the Ukiha Divine Wind Style Swordplay is sent to live with the Ikarugas in the big city. While attempting to find the place he is supposed to meet them he defeats a local delinquent, gets arrested, chases after a thief, causes embarassment to several young girls and helps a lost child. But will he ever find the Ikarugas?moreless