Asura Cryin'

AT-X (ended 2009)


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  • Season 2
    • My Feelings for You Destroy the World
      Tomoharu returns to the second world as an Asura Cryin' due to his contract with Kanade. However, with the GD's in a state of ruin and the absence of Shuri, Tomoharu realizes he lacks the power to defeat Tokiya, a man determined to create the third world even if it destroys the second. As Tomoharu prepares for the gate to open in 10 days, Reishiro and Yo suddenly appoint him president of the third student council. Still in shock from the surprising turn of events, Tomoharu hardens his resolve when Yo tells him to do what he must.moreless
    • Remaining Life, Scattered Life
      The vanishing world and the stray daughters turn out to be the product of the gravity reactor experiment's failure. Reunited with Misao in the research facility that triggered Armageddon, Tomoharu descends into the dimensional diving chamber where Naotaka is maintaining Kurogane. Among the physical bodies of burial dolls without souls, Tomoharu spots the first world's Kanade.moreless
    • Adjoined Death and Peace
      Through the kindness of Toru's older sister Aki, Tomoharu is reunited with Kanade and Ania, who arrived five years before him. However, Kanade is without her powers, and Misao is still missing. Tomoharu goes to Rakurowa High School with Aki, and the company of familiar faces reminds him of the loss he experienced in the second world. A Yukari reminiscent of the second world's Shuri approaches the devastated Tomoharu. When asked what he wants to do, Tomoharu expresses the strong decision not to lose anyone else.moreless
    • Future Without Memories
      In the battle against Takaya, the new Asura Cryin', Tomoharu, Kanade, and Ania are sucked into the whole in space opened by Hagane's powers. On the other side, a solitary Tomoharu wakes up at the Meiotei. His new home is a world much like his own but with subtle differences. Wandering city streets in a confused state, Tomoharu witnesses a daughter attacking a human. The daughter is easily defeated by a mysterious blonde girl who seems to know something about Tomoharu's situation.moreless
    • Moment of Annihilation, Darkness of Extinction
      Immediately after learning Naotaka is actually Tomoharu from the first world and this world's Tomoharu died in that plane crash three years ago, Tomoharu and the other members of the Science Club find themselves under arrest by the Student Union. During the Student Union's investigation, the mysterious masked woman strikes again and makes off with Ania. Tomoharu and the others seek Toru for help, but their assailants seem to have predicted their actions and pay a visit to the Third Student Council first. With no choice but to turn Tomoharu over to their attackers, the Science Club finds an unexpected ally in the GD assigned to kill Hiwako, Yo.moreless
    • The Truth Dedicated to You
      'Get out of there immediately.' Upon receiving a phone call from the missing Naotaka, Tomoharu and the others are attacked by a mysterious figure wearing a strange mask. Shuri and Kanade desperately fight back against the mysterious biker, but they cannot escape. They finally make their way into an abandoned factory, but...!moreless
    • The Sad Connection between Magic and Love
      Rakurowa High School is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming Sports Festival. Thanks to Higuchi's scheme, Tomoharu and Kanade are paired as a team in the three-legged race, but the two quickly find themselves in trouble. When a coagulant is spilled on the ribbon tying their legs, the two are forced to spend all day and night attached to each other! The next day, Tomoharu accompanies Kanade to her mother's grave on the anniversary of her death, but...moreless
    • The Cost of Calling the Sacrifice's Name
      Tomoharu is attacked in the ruins beneath Kuremizaki by GD Kyomu. Unable to call on Kurogane, Tomoharu loses Nia to Kyomu. Tomoharu awakens to find himself in the company of Kagakagari, where he learns the reason Christina and Kotori are helping Kagakagari and the terrible cost the trio is paying. The group sets out for the technology to free burial dolls, but...!moreless
    • Free and Restricted Choices
      Tomoharu and the others spend their summer vacation working at a seaside pension. Tomoharu's heart is heavy with the secret of the burial doll, but that doesn't stop Higuchi and An from scheming to hook up Kanade and Tomoharu by sending them to legendary love spot Kuremizaki fortress observatory under the guise of a test of courage. Meanwhile, Misao's unhappy that Tomoharu is keeping a secret from her.moreless
    • The Disappearing World and the Ruins of Memory
      Tomo's misunderstanding gets the Science Club in trouble once again, and as punishment, the members are made to clean the school pool. However, Tomoharu and the others follow a suspicious koala and find themselves in a labyrinthine underground tunnel system. Led by the koala, Tomoharu and the others find themselves at the Rakuroa ruins...!moreless
    • The Cogwheel of Choice
      As Tomo attempts to stop Tokiya from using the Igniter and finishing off the Second World, Takatsuki and Hiwako each have a difficult choice to make. Meanwhile, Reishirou, Shuri and the others face off against Hisui, Bismuth and Rhodonite. However, even if Tokiya is defeated can the Second World be saved and can Tomo and his friends ever return to their old lives?moreless
    • Despair at the Diverging Past and Causality
      Tokiya has managed to open the gate to the Third World and the Second World has begun to vanish at an alarming rate. As such Tomo and the others must gain access to the Central Vortex in order to confront Tokiya and save the world. However, with Tokiya in control of not only Hagane but Hisui, Bismuth and Rhodonite as well that may not be as easy as it sounds.moreless
    • My Feelings For You Will Destroy This World
      Now back in the Second World Tomo and the others discover that they have 10 days until Tokiya can set his plan in motion. Tomo also discovers that he has inadvertently entered a contract with Takatsuki and that they now have a Daughter, Persephone. As if that wasn't enough Tomo is then appointed as the new President of the Third Student Council. Unfortunately, there is no time to deal with all of these new events as Tokiya has a found a way to accelerate his plan and Tomo must once again try to save the world.moreless
    • The Survivors and the Fallen
      Tomo finally gets to meet with the real Naotaka and learns that there is a way to save the First World even without Hagane. However, the plan is extremely dangerous and there is no guarantee that both Tomo and Misao won't be killed in the process. In the end the plan is a success but unfortunately Takatsuki ends up getting hurt and there is nothing Tomo can do.moreless
    • Death and Peace Side by Side
      Having been reunited with Ania, Tomo learns more about the effects that the Superstring Gravity Reactor accident is having on the First World and Ania's involvement with it. Later when a large group of Daughters attacks the school Aki and Ania are forced to use their demonic powers to protect those they care about and Tomo learns that in this world he has powers of his own.moreless
    • A Future of Lost Memories
      Following Hagane's attack Tomo awakes to find himself all alone in the First World with no idea of how to get back. He soon encounters the 'Witch of Rakurowa High School', a strange Daughter and very strange versions of the people he knows. However, after a chance encounter with Tokiya's sister Aki he is reunited with Takatsuki. He also learns more about the Superstring Gravity Reactor accident that started everything.moreless
    • Moment of Annihilation, Darkness of Extinction
      Despite having been arrested by Haruna, along with Tomo and the others, Ania is kidnapped by Hiwako's masked henchwoman. Hiwako then offers to trade Ania for Tomo and the group decides it is the perfect opportunity to ambush her, with Susugihara's help. However, things go badly wrong when it is revealed that Hiwako, Touru and Tokiya have been working together behind the scenes and even the appearance of Naotaka is not enough to halt their plans.moreless
    • The Truth I Offer You
      After receiving a cryptic warning from his brother, Tomo and the others come under attack from a mysterious woman and are forced into a trap set by Hiwako Torishima. The group are then saved by a powerful Asura Machina and Tomo makes a serious of shocking discovery's about his brother, Misao and the Asura Machina themselves.moreless
    • The Dismal Connection Between Love and Magic
      Following a mishap with some industrial strength glue whilst practicing for the three-legged race, Tomo and Takatsuki end up stuck together for the rest of the day. As if protecting each other's modesty and organising sleeping arrangements weren't trouble enough, Takatsuki's family is currently under threat from a rival group of demons who are out to assassinate them.moreless
    • The Mass of the Chosen Future
      Tomo and the others are apparently saved by Tomo's brother, Naotaka and then taken in by Kagakagari and Kristina. Kagakagari reveals that the ruins are the remnants of an Asura Machina testing ground and that they may contain a way to free Burial Dolls like Kotori and Misao. However, before they can retrieve the device Kyomu arrives and tries to use Ania as a hostage.moreless
    • Free and Restricted Choices
      Tomo, Takatsuki, Misao, An and Higuchi are all enjoying a working vacation at the beach but it isn't long before Tomo manages to upset Misao. Meanwhile, Shuri and Ania are investigating the ruins on a nearby island. However, it seems that Kagakagari and Kristina are also interested in them, as is Kyomu Satomi and the First Student Council.moreless
    • The Burial Doll Eaten By the Demon
      Tomo is growing increasingly concerned about Misao and asks Shuri and Touru to locate his brother, Naotaka. In exchange Tomo must persuade the reclusive Science Club president Tokiya Kagayaki to return to school. However, this is not as easy as it first sounds so Tomo takes Misao and Takatsuki along to help. Tomo also learns that Touru and Tokiya have a very tragic connection to Kurogane.moreless
    • The World of Destruction and The Ruins of Memories
      Whilst being forced to clean the school pool Tomo and the rest of the Science Club stumble across an underground cavern which leads them to the Rakuroa Ruins. Here Tomo sees a strange vision of an alternate world. However, before he can learn more the group is attacked by Castas Machina guarding the ruins and Touru has to show up to save them.moreless
  • Season 1