At Home with the Braithwaites

Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 02

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 2001 on ITV

Episode Recap

We open with Sarah sitting an exam looking thoroughly horrified by the questions . Virginia is booking a holiday for Alison and David for their honeymoon. Back at home Sarah is outraged by Virginia having booked their parents a weekend in the Lake District instead of two weeks in New York. This as Virginia sits atop an enormous old car in overalls and covered in grease. At the dinner table they tell their parents. Alison isn't so keen on having to go away and spend time with David and David is rather more than not put off by the general inexpensiveness and unexcitingness of the gift. We find out the reason for this next as Virginia has a fight with Tamsin on the phone and bumps into David. It emerges that it was his idea to have a romantic holiday with Alison and had asked the girls to organise it as a cover but Virginia had anticipated her mother's unwillingness and deliberately rescued her from an uncomfortable situation. They fume at each other and she drives off with Sarah and Charlotte and cuts him up in the drive as he and Alison set off.

As the Lotus pulls up outside Willaston High Charlotte's bullies lurk ominously in the background. So Virginia drives right up the school drive and tells the headteacher about Charlotte being bullied, and pops a packet of chewing gum in his shirt pocket. Alison and David fight in the car when he proudly admits it was he who organised the holiday but Virginia foiled him. So he effectively tries to blame Virginia but Alison isn't having any of it. And she ticks him off very firmly. Virginia arrives at work to find Megan in the office, with a business proposition. They go to a restaurant and discuss Megan setting up as a female decoy and Virginia promises Megan some of her own money. Then they talk about Virginia being bored cos she's stuck at home babysitting with Tamsin away and Megan offers her services in the fight against boredom, should Virginia need them. David and Alison arrive at the hotel in the Lakes and sit and talk in the car. David admits having pissed on his own chips, an expression he picked up from the girls (most probably Virginia) and it lightens the mood. Then Graham and Helen appear. Virginia, in her infinite wisdom, invited them to keep her mum and dad company.

Virginia gets called off to the school and in the Principals office he explains that Charlotte's bullies have been excluded and that perhaps this school was no longer right for her given the family's change in circumstances. So they all off to the supermarket to shop for their weekend of freedom. And who is that also in the car park? Elaine of course! Virginia and Charlotte run wild round the supermarket picking up all sorts. Sarah, as befitting a girl in her condition, is more civilised. But not for long though! They go running round tipping everything into their trollies. And then they spot Elaine. Who from this point wanders around the shop with a piece of paper saying 'I shag other people's husbands' on it, and getting a fair few funny stares! The Braithwaites' receipt comes to £700. As Elaine unpacks the car her son notices it. At the same time the Braithwaites attack and spray them with squirty foam. At home the girls look as though they are starting to cook something but obviously a food fight begins and they go a bit mad (my polite way of saying they go Lord-of-the-Flies-style insane). Virginia, covered in jelly and cream and all sorts phones Megan. She will give her the money, she says, oh, and she's bored. At which point Charlotte comes racing through from the kitchen. Sarah's waters have broken. "I want me mum!"

In the Lakes Alison and David get ready for dinner and fight some more. The dinner, with Graham and Helen, is strained and tension runs high. Alison and David decided to make like everything was fine and that things were okay but soon it all gets out of hand. Helen doesn't help by pointing out "Yes, Graham missed the boat didn't he?" re: Alison. People are a bit drunk and the situation just deteriorates from there. Graham and Helen leave. So Alison and David pick up the fight that is their marriage. Back at home Sarah is taken to hospital in the back of the Lotus. Nice. Then Virginia leaves her to take Charlotte and drop her off at Pauline's. Charlotte is not impressed. "Look, I've got to watch our Sarah give birth so count yourself lucky." And Virginia races back, still trying to phone her mum. In the Lakes Graham ends up with the message and takes it to the restaurant for Alison and David, his return nicely juxtaposing with Alison admitting to David that she was still in love with his brother. So at Graham's voice David leaps up and punches him in the face, then "What did he say?" David and Alison race back to Leeds. In Leeds, at the hospital, Sarah is having a rough time, thus Virginia is having an even worse one. When not contracting the gas and air is having a pleasant effect on Sarah and when contracting it doesn't seem to help at all! "You're a crap big sister!" Sarah shouts at Virginia, "you were meant to make all the mistakes first!" "Well I've being doing me best!" says Virginia in defence, having a few moments ago been the best big sister in the world.

Marion has arrived at Pauline's as back up to look after Charlotte. The two of them doze off with wine glasses in their hands and Charlotte shoots some incriminating photos. Phil arrives at the hospital, looking rather more shocked than not, just in time to witness the birth of his little boy. As he cuts the cord an even more dazed than usual Virginia finds the parents in the waiting room. "What is it?" "It's a baby. It's got fingers and everything" she replies helpfully. after all the celebrations and apologies and what-not they all go home, exhausted. There's a surprise for Virginia, in the shape of Tamsin, who leads her upstairs to bed, past a vision of Megan. At the hospital Phil proposes to Sarah and she accepts! In David and Alison's bedroom David packs his bags.