At Home with the Braithwaites

ITV (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Episode 01
      Episode 01
      Episode 1
      It's Alison Braithwaite's 40th birthday and her youngest daughter, Charlotte, gives her a ticket for the first ever Euro-lottery. Alison wins the jackpot: £38 million! She decides she wants to do something worthwhile with the money. She asks accountant, Pauline, and old friend, Marion, to help her set up a charity. Alison says she will tell her family about the win. She's just not ready to tell them yet.moreless
    • Episode 02
      Episode 02
      Episode 2
      Alison maintains her silence about her good fortune, with good reason when her daughters demand a share of some money she has been given by her mother. Alison recruits friends Pauline and Marion to help her sets up a charity, the Jane Crowther Trust, with her friends Marion and Pauline, so she can put the winnings to good use. Meanwhile, selfish husband David's affair with Elaine develops over a game of Scrabble.moreless
    • Episode 03
      Episode 03
      Episode 3
      Alison makes progress with her charitable trust plans. David plans to spend a night with Elaine, but ends up in more trouble than he expected when he finds it hard juggling the lies he is telling. Sarah is a success in her school play, however, when she reveals her true feelings for her drama teacher, she gets a nasty surprise when he turns out not to be gay, but to have a girlfriend and a new baby. Virginia gets mugged but reveals to her mother that she is a lesbian. Alison, on impulse, reveals her secret regarding her lottery win to Virginia, with dire consequences.moreless
    • Episode 04
      Episode 04
      Episode 4
      David ends his affair with Elaine, but too many people know about his shenanigans for him to keep it under wraps. Virginia takes revenge on Megan, and Sarah plays truant so she can be with Phil.
    • Episode 05
      Episode 05
      Episode 5
      David and Alison are struggling to keep a lid on their secrets, while Sarah decides to come clean about falling pregnant.
    • Episode 06
      Episode 06
      Episode 6
      With newspaper interest reaching fever pitch, Alison is forced to admit to her family that she won the £38million and used it to set up the charitable trust. Apart from Charlotte, they all want to get their hands on as much as the cash as possible. Meanwhile, Sarah comes to a decision about the baby.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4