At Home with the Braithwaites

ITV (ended 2003)


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  • At home with the Braithwaites - Encore!

    I have watched a lot of tele in my 53 years of box goggling, but this has to be up there amongst my favourite things. The acting, directing, scripts, were faultless. I'm quite a discerning viewer, but this is a real highpoint in British TV, make no mistake.

    Please put the last series on DVD.

    Please,Please finish the thing off properly.

    Absolutely Wonderful (and I've shared it with friends from abroad , who agree too)
  • The Braithwaites - the family whose crazy and ridiculous antics and dramas truly makes you feel better about your own family. Not to be missed, a classic show that will continue to entertain for years to come.

    Everything about At Home With The Braitwaites was original, clever, funny and completely addictive! From the very first episode I was completely drawn into the show, for many reasons.

    The acting in this series is impeccable - all actors are exceptional, from the series regulars, through to the guest stars and minor characters who pop up from time to time. Amanda Redman as Alison is outstanding - she makes the show what it is. She is endearing, likeable, and easy to sympathise with. As a character she grows and changes as the money, and the people who surround her help (or hinder) her to into becoming the strong, independent and capable woman that she finished the series as. At the same time she is funny, and absolutely addictive to watch!

    Peter Davidson as David is also fantastic, a better choice for Alison's husband would have been impossible. He is everything you hope for in the character: sleazy, infuriating, childish, and completely loveable. All 3 daughters, played by Sarah Smart, Sarah Churm and Keely Fawcett are excellent. They are fantastic comediennes, excellent dramatic actresses, and completely believable in every scene. The show could not have been as good as it was without them.

    All other actors deserve a mention, but it is suffice to say that the supporting cast is spot on, and highly enjoyable.

    The Braitwaites boasts an original and exciting script, which truly keeps you guessing, and keeps your jaw dropping at every turn. The mad plot twists and turns make every episode enjoyable in its own way.

    The original concept provided so many unique script opportunities, while still allowing viewers the chance to think about how they would have reacted in the same situation. What would you have done with $38 million? Would your family have reacted the same way? Would it change you? These questions are answered in the Braitwaites, always in a hilarious (and sometimes cringe-worthy) manner that truly makes you feel better about yourself, your family and your own lives!

    This is a series not to be missed. Now that it is available to everyone to watch I truly recommend checking it out if you get the chance - it is worth every second of your time spent watching.