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  • Season 3
    • 17th May, 2006
      17th May, 2006
      Episode 14
      Margaret takes a look at the action blockbuster X-Men: The Last Stand and the romantic mystery Separate Lies, while David analyses the modern-day western The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada and the documentary Ballets Russes. David talks with screenwriter Barry Pepper and directors Tommy Lee Jones (The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada), Daniel Geller and Dayna Goldfine (Ballets Russes).moreless
    • 10th May, 2006
      10th May, 2006
      Episode 13
      This week David reviews the action block-buster Mission Impossible III, the horror film Slither and the concert film Neil Young: Heart Of Gold, while Margaret takes a look at the Australian comedy Love In The First Degree, the drama-intrigue filmTwo For The Money and the Iraqi film In The Shadow Of The Palms.moreless
    • 3rd May, 2006
      3rd May, 2006
      Episode 12
      Margaret reviews Brothers, In The Mix and the concert film Dave Chappelle's Block Party, while David looks at Where The Truth Lies and the German film Go For Zucker. David then interviews director Atom Egoyan and actors Colin Firth, Kevin Bacon and Rachel Blanchard over their film Where The Truth Lies.moreless
    • 26th April, 2006
      26th April, 2006
      Episode 11
      Margaret reviews the dramas The New World and The White Countess, and the comedy The Ringer, while David takes a look at the Australian film Lost And Found and the French film Hidden.

      Margaret interviews Hidden director Michael Haneke.

      This week, one of these films will receive the prestigious five stars from one of the critics. Which film will it be?moreless
    • 19th April, 2006
      19th April, 2006
      Episode 10
      This week Margaret reviews the Australian war film Kokoka, the comedy American Dreamz and the drama On A Clear Day, while David discusses the horror films The Hills Have Eyes and Final Destination 3. Margaret then interviews Kokoda director Alister Grierson.
    • 12th April, 2006
      12th April, 2006
      Episode 9
      Margaret Pomeranz provides her insights on the romantic-comedy Failure To Launch, the based-on-a-true-story Eight Below and the comedy Rebound, while David Stratton takes a look at the animated sequel Ice Age 2 and the French film How Much Do You Love Me?. Margaret then chats with actor Paul Walker and director Frank Marshall over their film Eight Below.moreless
    • 5th April, 2006
      5th April, 2006
      Episode 8
      This week Margaret Pomeranz reviews the Amanda Bynes comedy She's The Man, The Squid And The Whale and Live And Become, while David Stratton takes a look at Water and Tsotsi. Margaret then interviews director Deepa Mehta over her film Water.
    • 29th March, 2006
      29th March, 2006
      Episode 7
      This week Margaret Pomeranz reviews the futuristic, based on a graphic novel, V For Vendetta and the erotic thriller Basic Instinct 2, while David Stratton takes a look at the bank heist thriller Inside Man and the uplifting drama The World's Fastest Indian. David also interviews directors Roger Donaldson (The World's Fastest Indian) and James McTeigue (V For Vendetta).moreless
    • 22nd March, 2006
      22nd March, 2006
      Episode 6
      This week Margaret Pomeranz reviews the documentary March Of The Penguins as well as The Manual Of Love and Happy Endings, while David Stratton tackles The Weatherman and Cry Wolf.
    • 15th March, 2006
      15th March, 2006
      Episode 5
      This week David Stratton reviews Aeon Flux, Proof and Fateless, while Margaret Pomeranz analyses When A Stranger Calls. Margaret also provides a solo review of Little Manhattan, as well as interviewing Sir Anthony Hopkins over his film Proof.
    • 8th March, 2006
      8th March, 2006
      Episode 4
      This week Margaret Pomeranz analyses The Pink Panther, Zathura and Tristan And Isolde, while David Stratton takes a look at The King and Lassie. David also provides solo reviews for Dreamer and The Passenger. Margaret interviews director James Marsh, writer Milo Addica and actor Gael Garcia Bernal over their film The King.moreless
    • 1st March, 2006
      1st March, 2006
      Episode 3
      This week David Stratton reviews A History Of Violence, Rent and Kinky Boots, while Margaret Pomeranz takes a look at Firewall and Hustle And Flow. David also interviews actors Joel Edgerton and Chiwetel Ejiofor over their film Kinky Boots.
    • 22nd February, 2006
      David Stratton reviews Match Point, Hostel and Ushpizin, while Margaret Pomeranz takes a look at Transamerica, Derailed and Imagine Me And You. One of these six films reviewed tonight will receive a zero rating. Who will give it? And which film will it be?
    • 15th February, 2006
      For the new year At The Movies moved to a Wednesday night, allowing David and Margaret to review the films due to be released the following day in cinemas. Tonight David Stratton reviews Syriana, Lord Of War and Jarhead, while Margaret Pomeranz analyses Capote and Casanova.

      David then interviews Lasse Hallstrom, Oliver Platt, Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller over their film Casanova.moreless
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