At the Movies - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • 2nd December, 2004
    2nd December, 2004
    Episode 22
    In the final episode of the first season of At The Movies, following Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton's shift to the ABC from SBS, Margaret Pomeranz reviews The Incredibles and The Motorcycle Diaries, while David Stratton takes a look atFinding Neverland, Sideways and A Very Long Engagement. Margaret also takes a solo look at Kinsey.moreless
  • 25th November, 2004
    25th November, 2004
    Episode 21
    Margaret Pomeranz reviews Saw, Team America: World Police and Garden State, while David Stratton reviews I (Heart) Huckabees, Stage Beauty and Zelary.
  • 18th November, 2004
    18th November, 2004
    Episode 20
    This week Margaret Pomeranz analyses The Clearing, Two Brothers and Father And Son, while David Stratton looks at the horror film The Grudge, before turning to some festive cheer, reviewing the anti-Christmas comedy Bad Santa and providing a solo review for the animated Christmas film The Polar Express.
  • 11th November, 2004
    11th November, 2004
    Episode 19
    Margaret Pomeranz reviews De-Lovely, Paparazzi and Festival Express, while David Stratton takes a look at Lost Things, Without A Paddle and Don't Move.
  • 4th November, 2004
    4th November, 2004
    Episode 18
    David Stratton reviews Napoleon Dynamite, Kitchen Stories and A Man's Gotta Do, while Margaret Pomeranz reviews Bridget Jones: Edge Of Reason. Margaret also provides solo reviews for The Forgotten and Gerry, as well as interviewing Renee Zellweger over her role in Bridget Jones: Edge Of Reason.
  • 28th October, 2004
    28th October, 2004
    Episode 17
    This week David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz collectively review seven films, though only four are open for discussion. David reviews Hero and In My Father's Den, while Margaret reviews Saved and Prey For Rock And Roll. Margaret provides solo reviews for Tibet: Cry Of The Snow Lion and Heaven's Gate: Restored And Reconstructed Original Version, while David gives a solitary review to Exorcist: The Beginning. Margaret also conducts an interview with film restorer John Kirk, in reference to his work on Heaven's Gate.moreless
  • 21st October, 2004
    21st October, 2004
    Episode 16
    This week David Stratton reviews Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy, The Manchurian Candidate and Shall We Dance, while Margaret takes a look at My Flesh And Blood, as well as providing a solo review of the Japanese animated Steamboy. David Stratton interviews Meryl Streep, Liev Schreiber and Jonathan Demme over their film The Manchurian Candidate.moreless
  • 14th October, 2004
    14th October, 2004
    Episode 15
    Margaret Pomeranz reviews The Notebook, Intimate Strangers and Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid, while David Stratton reviews The Football Factory and Since Otar Left.
  • 7th October, 2004
    7th October, 2004
    Episode 14
    Margaret Pomeranz analyses Open Water, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism and My Architect, while David Stratton takes a look at Collateral and Shaun Of The Dead.
  • 30th September, 2004
    Margaret Pomeranz reviews the romantic comedy Wimbledon, as well as A Touch Of Spice and The Weeping Camel, while David Stratton reviews the horror Aliens .v. Predator and the period Vanity Fair. David Stratton talks with Luigi Falorni, director ofThe Weeping Camel, while actress Reese Witherspoon and director Mira Nair discuss Vanity Fair.moreless
  • 23rd September, 2004
    After a two week break, Margaret Pomeranz reviews Shark Tale and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring, while David Stratton takes a look at Letters To Ali and Catwoman. David Stratton interviews Will Smith, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie and Jeffrey Katzenberg over the animated film Shark Tale, as well as interviewing Clara Law and Eddie Fong over Letters To Ali.moreless
  • 9th September, 2004
    9th September, 2004
    Episode 11
    Margaret Pomeranz reviews the Australian film Somersault, as well as Love Me If You Dare, while David Stratton reviews The Terminal and Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster.

    David Stratton also manages to draw the short straw, opting to provide a solo review to two films Margaret refused to see, Thunderbirds and Garfield. They could only muster two and a half stars between them.

    Margaret Pomeranz interviews Cate Shortland, director of Somersault and Joe Berlinger, co-director of Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster.moreless
  • 2nd September, 2004
    2nd September, 2004
    Episode 10
    Margaret Pomeranz reviews the suspenseful The Village, and the comedies Suddenly 30 and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, while David Stratton reviews The Girl Next Door,Remember Me and Zatoichi.
  • 26th August, 2004
    26th August, 2004
    Episode 9
    Only three movies are reviewed this week, Around The World In 80 Days and The Corporation by David Stratton, and The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers by Margaret Pomeranz. This week is also the first week which sees David Stratton conducting interviews with the cast and crew from the films being reviewed. He interviews Geoffrey Rush about his role in The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers and Mark Achbar, co-director of The Corporation.moreless
  • 19th August, 2004
    19th August, 2004
    Episode 8
    David Stratton provides his opinions on Steal, Hellboy and The Crop, while Margaret Pomeranz reviews The Ladykillers and Tom White. Margaret also gives a solo review for I'm Not Scared. She also interviews actor Colin Friels and director Alkinos Tsilimidos, and discusses their project, Tom White.
  • 12th August, 2004
    12th August, 2004
    Episode 7
    This week David Stratton reviews Eurotrip, The Stroll and Coffee And Cigarettes, while Margaret Pomeranz reviews Before Sunset. Margaret also provides a solo review to Donnie Darko: Director's Cut, and interviews the director, Richard Kelly.
  • 5th August, 2004
    5th August, 2004
    Episode 6
    This week Margaret Pomeranz reviews Against The Ropes, Walking Tall and Jersey Girl, while David Stratton analyses Man On Fire and The President Versus David Hicks. Margaret Pomeranz also takes a solo look at The Cremaster Cycle, a series of five films by Matthew Barney.
  • 29th July, 2004
    29th July, 2004
    Episode 5
    Margaret Pomeranz looks at Connie And Carla and The Chronicles Of Riddick, and David Stratton reviews Under The Radar and Shaolin Soccer. Margaret Pomeranz interviews Evan Clarry, the director of Under The Radar, as well as actress Toni Collette, over her role in Connie And Carla.
  • 22nd July, 2004
    22nd July, 2004
    Episode 4
    David Stratton reviews the blockbuster I, Robot and Autumn Spring, while Margaret Pomeranz reviews the controversial Fahrenheit 9/11 and Laws Of Attraction.

    Margaret Pomeranz speaks with Alex Proyas, the director of I, Robot.
  • 15th July, 2004
    15th July, 2004
    Episode 3
    David Stratton takes on the reviews for The Stepford Wives, Spartan and The Boy Who Plays On The Buddhas Of Bamiyan, while Margaret Pomeranz analyses King Arthur and My Life Without Me.
  • 8th July, 2004
    8th July, 2004
    Episode 2
    Tonight Margaret Pomeranz reviews the film Godsend, The Control Room and The Singing Detective, while David Stratton reviews The Whole Ten Yards and Owning Mahowny. Margaret Pomeranz interviews actor Philip Seymour Hoffman about his role in Owning Mahowny.
  • 1st July, 2004
    1st July, 2004
    Episode 1
    In the very first episode of At The Movies, following veteran movie critics Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton's switch to the ABC from the SBS show of the same format, The Movie Show, Margaret and David review the upcoming and recently released movies in early July, 2004.

    Margaret reviews The Mother and Touching The Void, while David reviews The Return, Mean Girls and Spiderman 2.

    Following each review, the movies are discussed openly between the two critics, as they analyse its strengths and flaws.

    Margaret Pomeranz also interviews Kevin MacDonald, director of Touching The Void.moreless