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More than two millennia ago, Plato wrote about the legendary island of Atlantis, its rise and downfall. This show, produced by BBC and the same team who worked on another hit, Merlin, mixes fantasy and adventure. It follows the young Greek hero Jason as he arrives on the mysterious island of Atlantis. There, he encounters new friends and foes, magic and monsters.

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AIRED ON 12/28/2013

Season 1 : Episode 13

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  • Awesome Adventurous and Fabulous

    British tv series are always good but Atlantis stands as a "Masterpiece". Season 1 was fabulous. It gives you a feel of real adventure. Beautiful sets and locations used in the series only makes you like it more. The last episode "twist" was simply "mind-blowing". Everybody thought that "oracle" would be the mother but it turned out to be the Queen who is also the main "antagonist" of the show. Actors are also Good and Scripts may have twisted the "Greek Mythology" but they have twisted them in a "good" way. Looking forward to season 2.moreless
  • why do you ALWAYS massacre mythology of world? This series is ridiculus

    To the director and screenwriter.... The least you could do , since you decide to create a fantasy series like this one, was to hire a consultant to tell you the basic... Ancient Greeks wear pants? SERIOUSLY? People "debate" and not "dialogue" . Minoas the King of Atlantis? SERIOUSLY? Minoas was the name of the king of Minoan civilization in Creta (same name for all Kings during the years of Minoan Civilization), and so Pancratia games (which iwas actually the famous ancient "Pancritia" games similar to Olympics games) takes place to Creta..... All shucks ... The least people... the least you could do was to open a history book... You sucks. Your series sucks (with maximum of respect to Mark Addy) why Mark you agree in such a stupidity? You are much grater than this my friendmoreless
  • Does anyone else find it weird?

    That Jason never actually references his old world? I mean, the one reference I have remember seeing is that he expresses his concern about Medusa to the Oracle with the story he is familiar with from our world. But, like does Pythagoras ever get curious, hell, just to confirm whether Jason is telling the truth to have Jason take him to the beach where, if I remember correctly, his submarine is still in existence. Or shouldn't Jason be taking at least a cursory interest in what happened to his father? Who, I am presuming, if the gods actually exist in this world or something like that, that Jason is likely the son of Poseidon (I have been also kind of assuming the Oracle is his mother).moreless
  • The next big thing!

    The only thing I would say is to make it a bit more adult & scary for each new series. That way people will grow up with it and get more attached to it! Well done! xx :-p

    No matter what people say on these reviews there are thousands of fans out there jumping up and down exited for the next series! Also whatever people are giving bad reviews will watch it anyway! Keep up the AMAZING work! xx :-)moreless
  • love it

    Me and my partner love watching this every saturday, once u get into it u can't get enough, can't wait to season 2 in 2014


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