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Episode 1x13 'Touched by the Gods - Part 2' Discussion Thread

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    Please post your opinions/comments/discussion topics on episode 1x13 'Touched by the Gods - Part 2' here.

    Rules are simple:

    - Spoilers are not allowed;

    - No bashing of characters or the cast;

    - Discussion is encouraged, but arguing is not;

    - We shall show no tolerance to trolls and suchlike;



    And here goes my review I have to admit that I was very shocked to realize that Pasiphae is Jason's mother. I bet most of us thought the Oracle was his mother. But it does resemble Greek tragedy, because Jason has actually killed his aunt by killing Circe, and he almost killed his own mother! I am, however, somewhat anxious about how they plan to (ab)use this secret regarding Jason. I really hope it doesn't get stretched for seasons and seasons as they did in Merlin. It is very much in reverse. Merlin kept hidden his identity, and now Jason's identity will be kept hidden. I would rather if the TPTB were wiser and didn't overuse it. But we'll see.

    So the king stays He was somewhat more menacing, though I wonder why nothing happened to Pasiphae, since she did want to execute his own daughter. And Heptarian was a goner. I didn't expect that.

    Also, the scenes between Jason and his father resembled those between Merlin and Balinor. Though I really wonder how Jason did not recognize his father. How much did he know him? Only as a small boy? And he didn't have any picture? Luckily it was all muddily introduced in the series opener, so they've got a lot of space to evade paradoxical situations.

    All in all, it was a satisfying finale, and I have high hopes for the next series, which should get better. Merlin did.

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    I was very shocked as well as pleased to have been surprised with a turn of events that I wasn't expecting at all We are facing a very interesting scenario now knowing that both of Jason's parents are alive and that his mother is Pasiphae herself.

    I don't know why Jason wasn't able to recognize his father. I guess that they parted ways when Jason was a baby or a very young child (probably soon after escaping from Pasiphae's grasp) for the father to protect the kid's identity and, by extension, his life by granting him a future.

    Yet we have been able to put quite a lot of pieces together. So Circe (Pasiphae's sister) and her husband were ruling Atlantis when Pasiphae schemed to kick them off the throne and achieve power. Pasiphae did also betray her husband (Aeson) to do so but Aeson escaped with his life and their son (Jason). Pasiphae somehow came to believe that the child was dead. Then Pasiphae became Minos' wife and also managed to get rid of Minos' son.

    However, Pasiphae was counting on Heptarian to achieve even more power and now that won't be possible (I'm pretty certain that Heptarian would have dismissed Pasiphae once in power but hey). I wonder who will Pasiphae turn to now, she seems to be very fond of Jason which doesn't make things easy for her.

    Tsk tsk Minos at dismissing Jason for not having royal blood after saving Ariadne's life and all but I there wouldn't be half as much drama if the couple is allowed to love each other.

    I'm afraid that the secret regarding Jason's identity will be stretched for at least another season. I could go with that if the 2nd series finale turns out to be as surprising as this one
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    I agree totally unexpected twist!! A great one! Jason is the true king of Atlantis, that is good! (He's still a bit dull though) A very good final episode, was convinced that John Hannah's character was going to die when Heptarion attacked Jason, it felt a bit Last of the Dragon Lords to me, glad he didn't as there's scope for the future.

    The show has definitely grown on me, watching 5 episodes in a week and a half has helped! It's not without it's flaws but it's found it's feet so i'll try and actually watch when it airs late next year.

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    It's strange, but I actually thought that was going to be the way things went to a certain extent right from the start. I knew Jason would be royal, and it was confirmed for me in Episode 9, looking forward to seeing how things happen next season.

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