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  • Help bring back Atlantis!

    If you are one of the many fans who have enjoyed watching Atlantis and would like to see the BBC bring it back (or possibly have Amazon pick it up like Ripper Street), please take a moment to sign the petitions. There are two at Change(dot)org and one at iPetitions. Thanks!
  • Such a shame...

    The first season was great, good, family fun. Didn't take itself too seriously, and had the occasional nod to the fact that Jason came from the future (remember the pilot?)

    Season 2 is just too of killing, stabbing, zombies, it feels more adult and not as kid friendly. They strayed from the formula that made it such a hit, and as sad as I will be to see it end, it's probably for the best
  • Atlantis is cancelled

    On 23 January 2015, it was announced that the series would not be renewed beyond the second series. A BBC spokesperson said: "The final seven episodes of Atlantis will transmit on BBC One in spring. We would like to thank Urban Myth Films and all the cast and crew but the series will not be re-commissioned
  • The greek mythology is an excuse for enjoyable adventures

    As others have pointed out, the usage of Atlantis as background for the adventures is very inaccurate and, for example, the person who kills the Minotaur should be Theseus and not Jason.

    It should be better if the deeds' doers at least are those described in the greek mythology, but it is entertaining anyway.
  • STUPID Start

    What was the point of the time travel at the start then No refererence to the future in the rest of series freekin Anoying ...
  • All in the blender!

    Although I like the show, as a show, meaning the adventure etc, the writers clearly "rape" and rip off everything that has to do with greek mythology. I mean they have no idea, they put in one "bucket" jason, minotaure, cyclops, ariadne, hercules, atlantis, meduse etc, whereas each and everyone of this belongs to a different story in a different period of time.

    And this is happening all the time with troy, hercules, 300 spartans, titans, alexander and so many more. As a true lover of greek mythology and ancient history, I'd like to ask the writers to at least transfer the stories as they are, or find elsewhere their ideas and inspiration.

    Come on guys Homer's bones will grind in his grave! . Please read odyssey & iliad!!!
  • Interesting, similar yet different

    This show reminds me of the days of Hercules and Xena Warrior Princess, but, a bit less silly. Still very entertaining, now, I've only watched 2 episodes so far and I hope there will be more about how a man of the future (Jason) with knowledge of mythology can be in the past (Atlantis). I mean how do you reconcile the future (our present) with the past. How does it connect? I'm curious about that, I hope that this and more will be answered. I can forgive how Jason "english speaking' speaks the language of Atlantis. But it would be nice to understand the device and connections which have allowed Jason to be in the past. (It can't be an alternate universe).
  • 15 November 2014

    Atlantis wil start season 2 at 15 november!!
  • What Does It Have To Do With Atlantis?

    It's obvious the creators and writers of the show had no idea going in what on earth this series is about. The foreshadows about possible future ideas of the series in the pilot episode were completely thrown away by episode 3. Jason adjusted to time-travel and supernatural elements as though it happened to him all the time during his old life. The series was poorly developed, albeit rushed, that is apparent. Just another filler. Bring back Merlin. Atlantis is rubbish!
  • When are you back on

    When are you coming back????????????????
  • Set in MNOA, NOT in Atlantis!

    I've enjoyed this series (any word on season 2??), but I do find it annoying that they've called this show Atlantis, when it's clearly set in Ancient Crete - ie Minoa: Hence 'MINOtaur' & King 'MINOs'! And everything that's not Minoan is just Greek - eg Medusa; Persephone & Hades; Pandora's Box; even Poseidon was just one of the six Greek Olympian gods, and a brother to Zeus!

    For about the first half if the series I thought 'Jason' (as in 'Jason & the Argonauts', a Greek legend; also the husband of Medea, the eponymous play written by the Greek writer Euripides, about 2,400 years ago) was Theseus, as Jason's doing everything Theseus did! Theseus slew the Minotaur, rescued Ariadne, who fell in love with him, & eventually married the Amazon 'Atalanta', & was (sort of) fathered by Poseidon (hence his super-human strength & agility)!

    I still like the show, & I'll watch the next season (if they ever get round to making one), but I hope they'll be more imaginative: having even a familiarity with Greek mythology, I basically knew what was going to happen in every episode, and who the bad guys were! This doesn't make for the most captivating viewing - and I only know what I remember from school, I'm hardly a Classical scholar!

    And given that the producers have mentioned Plato's descriptions of Atlantis in the show's byline, they ought to have included the part where, in his own words, Plato clearly states that Atlantis came to its cataclysmic end some 9,000 years before HIS own time - unlike the Minoans, whose civilisation ended barely 1,200 years before Plato! The fact is we know nothing about Atlantis - that's why it's so fascinating - so they could have completely free reign w characters & stories; so why just rehash a bunch of stories from Greek kegend that people already know about??!

    As a final thought, why does Jason not recognise either of his parents?? I mean, he went looking for his father at the beginning, that's how he ends up in MINOA - but then when he finally finds & has lengthy interaction w his father, he doesn't seem to recognise him!?! WTF? Cos that's just really, really stupid!!

    I still like the show so am giving a reasonable rating, I just hope they're more imaginative next season, so I won't know what's going to happen at the start of every bloody episode!!
  • Awesome Adventurous and Fabulous

    British tv series are always good but Atlantis stands as a "Masterpiece". Season 1 was fabulous. It gives you a feel of real adventure. Beautiful sets and locations used in the series only makes you like it more. The last episode "twist" was simply "mind-blowing". Everybody thought that "oracle" would be the mother but it turned out to be the Queen who is also the main "antagonist" of the show. Actors are also Good and Scripts may have twisted the "Greek Mythology" but they have twisted them in a "good" way. Looking forward to season 2.
  • why do you ALWAYS massacre mythology of world? This series is ridiculus

    To the director and screenwriter.... The least you could do , since you decide to create a fantasy series like this one, was to hire a consultant to tell you the basic... Ancient Greeks wear pants? SERIOUSLY? People "debate" and not "dialogue" . Minoas the King of Atlantis? SERIOUSLY? Minoas was the name of the king of Minoan civilization in Creta (same name for all Kings during the years of Minoan Civilization), and so Pancratia games (which iwas actually the famous ancient "Pancritia" games similar to Olympics games) takes place to Creta..... All shucks ... The least people... the least you could do was to open a history book... You sucks. Your series sucks (with maximum of respect to Mark Addy) why Mark you agree in such a stupidity? You are much grater than this my friend
  • Does anyone else find it weird?

    That Jason never actually references his old world? I mean, the one reference I have remember seeing is that he expresses his concern about Medusa to the Oracle with the story he is familiar with from our world. But, like does Pythagoras ever get curious, hell, just to confirm whether Jason is telling the truth to have Jason take him to the beach where, if I remember correctly, his submarine is still in existence. Or shouldn't Jason be taking at least a cursory interest in what happened to his father? Who, I am presuming, if the gods actually exist in this world or something like that, that Jason is likely the son of Poseidon (I have been also kind of assuming the Oracle is his mother).
  • The next big thing!

    The only thing I would say is to make it a bit more adult & scary for each new series. That way people will grow up with it and get more attached to it! Well done! xx :-p

    No matter what people say on these reviews there are thousands of fans out there jumping up and down exited for the next series! Also whatever people are giving bad reviews will watch it anyway! Keep up the AMAZING work! xx :-)
  • love it

    Me and my partner love watching this every saturday, once u get into it u can't get enough, can't wait to season 2 in 2014

  • Meh ...

    Well I won`t ditch it yet, but I dont want another Merlin. They have to develop the main story arc a lot faster. The days of procedural TV series are mostly gone for me.
  • stick with it.

    While the first ep didn't blow me away I stuck with it and quite enjoy it. It doesn't take itself seriously and I find it funny in a charming sort of way. It isn't the best show around but it is fun. I've been really surprised that what I think I will love in the new shows haven't become my favs while others I enjoy so much more than I expected ie Reign.
  • It's ok but I'm not yet charmed!

    I think if I didn't knew before watching it, that that was the same crew that did Merlin I would have guessed or called the FBI for stolen idea :D!!!

    I have the impression that they put Merlin in Atlantis... We have a young man who don't know a lot about himself and his parents, he as a destiny, he is special... Of course with a lot of powerful enemies.

    We have dragons, magic (apparently the same language or very near), and they use the same ingredient (hemlock, belladonna).

    And like in Merlin things happen too fast, Jason is best buddy with Hercules and Pythagoras in 5 minutes, Ariadne fall in love in remembered how I thought it was weird to see Gaius and Merlin so close so soon...

    That's why I just put a 6.5 for now, maybe 2nd season will be better and not so much like Merlin.

    I loved Merlin's show but I don't want a pale copy
  • It's OK But If It Was Cancelled Tomorrow I Wouldn't Miss It

    It's cute. I like Mark Addy but as Hercules? Bad idea. He's just playing the same character he portrayed in Knight's Tale. If he were playing it more like Robert Baratheon that could be interesting! But I kind of go with the flow and pretend he's not the "real" Hercules. I like the show, but, as I said, if it was cancelled tomorrow I wouldn't miss it.
  • Surprise! its good but not great

    Whats with all the hate? I don't remember this hate with Merlin... but it must of happen since this has the same feel to it(same peeps). Yes it's cheesy, weird, has a lot to offer and sorry but its not a drama, it's not there to educate you but to entertain you. I have the same fun watching this than Hercules or Xena but with lots more quality to the production. Story wise its straight forward a lot like Merlin was with hints towards a bigger plot, so its nothing new but it works.

    So do at least the 4 episode test, you'll see you will have fun :)
  • I dont get why

    I have no idea why i like this show so much but i do its like its so bad that its good i just have to keep watching lol
  • Just like the last one.

    Okay to all those who want to bash this show. Remember the last one that was made in the same way. Same acting and everything CGI etc what was that called hmmm oh oh i got it MERLIN. It was corny but if you hung in there it turned out pretty good. So i give this a 7/10 and hope it can produce like Merlin.
  • How it going to end?

    If Atlantis is going to end the way they ended Marlin I personally prefer not to watch!

    I personally not really a great reviewer but honestly how can you guys give such a low rate for a series that only had one episode aired so far? be patient! Friends is one of the best sitcom ever made and first couple of episodes are not even funny! nobody acted smooth, lines were not as cool as it got later etc!

  • So retro

    This reminded me so much of the fun fantasy series of my childhood, like Xena and Hercules. Just simple, cheesy entertainment, but in a good way. If you're looking for 'serious fantasy' then this is not for you, but if you're looking for some harmless fun with some pretty people, some action and some pretty funny bits thrown in, then I'd recommend it.
  • I'll be short. Seriously.

    Bad acting. Check.

    Cheap CGI. Check.

    Shallow storyline. Check.

    Not worth watching. Check.
  • pffffhhh

    My 12yo daughter is generally a phantasy fan, but she finds this show not worth watching.

    When Jason was washed up on the beach naked, he finds a pile clothes on the beach. in the next scene we see him fully dressed, even wearing leather wristbands... My daughter commented "Right, thats his first priority when he finds himself naked in a strange world - put on she finds that things like that make it so unrealistic.

    I agree with her. There are many more instances like that in the first episode.

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