Season 1 Episode 13

Touched by the Gods - Part 2

Aired Saturday Dec 28, 2013 on BBC
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Minos' health continues to fade as Pasiphae's scheming reaches its zenith. She sentences Ariadne to a gruesome execution not even the worst of enemies would deserve. Now that the court's loyalty is with the queen, Jason is Ariadne's last hope. He will need all the help he can get if he and his friends are to save her life. Fortunately, there are a few in Atlantis who remain loyal to the king...

As the series reaches a thrilling climax, the battle lines are drawn in Atlantis once and for all. But just as the odds seem stacked against Jason, a shocking revelation is made that exposes the past and changes the course of the future forever.

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  • TO ANSWER arter666

    I am from Greece and I know my myths!!!!!!

    The writers of this show are inspired by Greek myths but they are mixing them all in one hero.

    If anyone wants to learn about Greek myths should read about them not watch a show.

    Shows are for entertament not history.

    By the way Jason's father was Aeson and his mother was Polimides who was Odysseus' aunt.
  • Who's your Daddy? And Mommy? And Step-sister? And Cousin?

    We begin this episode with Hercules, Jason and Pythagoras watching the preparation for Adriadne's execution and Pythagoras showing some truly horrific enthusiasm when describing the suffering the victims of the Brazen Bull endure.

    Jason is overcome with guilt and apparently the people of Atlantis are so used to these three and the insanity they bring with them that nobody overhears the loud public conversation they have about Jason having attempted to kill the Queen.

    Hercules- the brilliant myth that has been turned into a comic cartoon character was surprisingly the voice of reason for the first time this season as opposed to the lazy lout who shouldn't be allowed outside without sponsors for his several different addictions. Addictions which he reinforced his devotion to by listing his friends below his love of wine and pies in terms of fondness, I have to assume Medusa outranks Pythagoras and possibly the pies but doesn't knock wine from its place of honour.

    After the speediest trial ever, during which Ariadne not only refused to deny her part in the plot but boasted that she would aid anyone who wished to kill the Queen. She was curled up in the cells in what I have to assume was the easiest usurpation in myth or history.

    Interesting that Pasiphae could so easily condemn the one heir to the throne to death, especially with the king himself dying, was nobody worried about the succession?

    Well the Oracle was, she was straight up blasting the Queen for wanting to execute Ariadne and threatening her with her nemesis approaching.

    Meanwhile Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules were leaving their rescue until the last possible moment when the head of the guards decided a mutiny was in order. I can't help but be frustrated that over the months Jason and crew have been battling everything from monsters to desert thieves Pythagoras still hasn't been taught how to fight. Surely if danger is banging on your door every few weeks you'd take the time to learn how to handle a weapon?

    After deciding not to use her power as a priestess in a heavily religious society to publicly condemn the Queen and scare the people with fears of Poseidon's wrath to prevent Ariadne's execution. The Oracle was burning pot-pourri when Jason came in for a sweet heart-to-heart where she held his hand and reminisced about all the times he's straight up ignored her advice. However she's always been so sweet on him that if I hadn't already known his mother's identity I would have put this woman in for the running.

    Ariadne had been granted a costume change for her execution and was probably regretting not asking the priest of Poseidon for a sedative because going to an excruciating death can't be easy but she was handling it like a trooper in the largest handcuffs I have ever seen and which she surely could have slipped out of? She didn't even try to escape until she was surrounded by guards and within spitting distance of the brazen bull and Jason at one of the last possible seconds and with the assistance of Hercules set fire to the courtyard which in itself could have endangered Ariadne's life.

    Moving faster than the speed of light, Jason and Ariadne managed to get across the city in the space of a few seconds and run around without any disguise despite the fact that the Princess would have to be one of the most recognisable faces in Atlantis and is in a bright white dress. I am seriously concerned that there's some sort of sedative in the water supply because the peasants of Atlantis will not let anything distract them from their work, whether its Jason fleeing a two headed dragon or a Princess accused of regicide running down the street.

    The leader of the palace guards, who apparently hadn't thought to recruit his soldiers for his mutiny led Jason and crew down to the largest cleanest sewer system I have ever seen and Hercules finally displayed some of his legendary strength by prying apart the barred exit drain which interestingly enough seemed to lead straight to the forest instead of any waterway or even the sea?

    The guard, who's name we may have learnt for the first time to be Ramos? Stayed behind to buy them time by taking out the soldiers who were led by Hephastion and attacked one at a time as all villainous soldiers do. Hephastion dealt the mortal blow when Ramos was too weak to fight but first he admired and complimented Ramos for his loyalty and character. I do enjoy how villains are typically willing to give credit where credits due right before they slay their enemies.

    In the forest Ariadne had another costume change which is more than she's had for the entire season and burnt her white dress in what I assume was a symbolic casting away of her innocence and privileged life. Hercules watched Jason and Ariadne as invisible cartoon love hearts floated around their heads and reminisced on Medusa who was still hanging out in her cave turning rats to stone, hopefully surviving on vegetation or fish? and generally being young enough to be his daughter. Although both actors play the romance well I will give them that.

    Pasiphae and the entire army was hot on the heels of Ariadne's Revolutionary Party and Pasiphae was heartbroken that her step-daughter had burnt the beautiful white dress that she would have been roasted alive in. She was so determined to find her ungrateful step-daughter that she left the palace and the poisoning of her husband in the hands of the servant-spy who'd ratted on Ariadne but was a very nervous accessory to the murder of the king, not only was the spy spied upon but she left evidence for the priest to confirm that the king was being poisoned.

    Hercules and the Hapless heroes climbed over some rocks to the silver mines the Oracle had sent them to, unaware, unlike us that they were about to find Jason's father. They wandered into the right cave and almost immediately ran into a mob of hobo jedi, these jedi surrounded the nervous heroes and one of them swore that they meant them no harm in such a creepy voice I'm surprised Jason didn't start swinging his sword immediately. Pythagoras then realised that they'd walked into a leper colony especially considering that at the time leprosy was believed to be contagious, hence the segregation of those affected.

    The lepers however were quite welcoming of Pythagoras and his Partisans and Jason had another heart-to-heart with the leper king whose tales of love and friendship amongst the leper colony was leading us to believe that he was Jason's father, along with the longing looks he was throwing at the clean faced lad.

    Having decided that the usurping king was better than the usurping queen, the priest administered the king with an antidote and probably the fifth cocktail of secret herbs and spices that he'd been given that day. Personally I would go to the Queens rooms and switch out the poison so I wouldn't have to counter it every time because surely being given the poison and antidote continuously would cause just as much harm?

    Hephastion and his soldiers stormed the leper colony filled with the believed-to-be-highly-contagious lepers who smoke bombed and distracted the soldiers whilst Jason and his Argonauts went out the back and were set upon by the rest of the army.

    Quickly separated Jason sent Ariadne on ahead where she promptly made her first killing but then got captured and he got king hit by the soldiers before Pasiphae decided that she wanted to kill Jason in private. She was interrupted by Jason's father, whose name I didn't catch but who spoke a good dozen words to Pasiphae before she recognised her first husband/former lover. He then dropped the bombshell that Jason was their son and got his semi/maybe special powers from her.

    It was a truly moving performance by Sarah Parish who stared at her long lost son lovingly but ultimately agreed with her estranged husband and overthrown king- that's two for two now- that Jason, who was unconscious for an alarming amount of time, should never know that his claim to the throne was even more secure than his step-sister/girlfriend

    When Jason did regain consciousness, several hours later. It was to find that Ariadne was long gone back to the brazen bull and his father was quietly suggesting that he check out of the situation. Jason however was so determined to save his lady love that even though he was severely concussed he managed to battle and defeat Heptarion.

    They then ventured through the woods to Atlantis where despite minimal facial scarring Jason managed to say farewell and look the man in the eye without somehow recognising his father. Which is interesting considering in the pilot episode Jason seemed to have very strong memories of his father.

    Pasiphae and Ariadne were once again in the court yard glaring hatefully at one another when unfortunately King Mynos hopped out of bed to abuse the Queen who I realise now was his claim to power and release his daughter. She sent word to Jason but their romantic moment was interrupted by the King who tried to thank Jason with the smallest bag of coins I've ever seen before warning the man who has constantly saved the city that he was in no way good enough for his daughter.

    A thrilling episode with the revelation that Jason will be Pasiphae's downfall (cliche) but which ended with her wandering about freely in the city streets to stare longingly at her son.

  • The Greeks got it all wrong

    A great conclusion to the first year of Atlantis, where it appears the story is a combination of Greek hero stories.... and thus not bound to any one path in the future.

    I tried to connect myths to the stories to understand who Jason was, but it appears the old Greeks wrote the stories down wrong.

    First in the pilot, Jason was in the role of Theseus who killed the Minotaur for King Minos ( check) and Queen Pasiphae (check) and who's daughter Ariadne (check) fell in love with him.

    Next the character Medusa showed up and Jason was told him would kill her to protect many others. This is Perseus tale who used Medusa's head to kill the cetus (Krachen?).

    Then we meet Atalanta ( girl who shoots all the hunters and saves Jason) who will travel with Jason of the Argonauts( okay maybe him) in search of the golden fleece. Heracles also is on this quest.

    Lastly we find that Jason's father is Aeson ( the name Pasiphae calls him) who is also the Argonaut Jason's father. Aeson was a king who was betrayed and overthrown by his half brother ( not Minos and was not married to Pasiphae).

    So Jason is likely a prince and thus acceptable to marry Ariadne in year 5. I see quests in his future and trouble for him ( is his mother-in -law his mother?)


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    • Hercules: Lovely people these lepers. Good cooks too, have you tried the stew?
      Pythagoras: I've never known a man whose heart and head is so ruled by his stomach.

    • Thychon: (About Ariadne) She is very beautiful. You have feeling for her?
      Jason: More than I can express.

    • Hercules: Sure this is a good idea?
      Jason: Any other ideas? Don't even think about saying we could grow beards.
      Hercules: I wasn't going to. (To Ariadne) Imagine you with a beard. Ridiculous idea.

    • Melas: It is as you feared, the King is being poisoned.
      Oracle: We must do all we can to save him.
      Melas: You always said that he had no right to be on the throne.
      Oracle: But if Pasiphae were to seize power, the suffering she would cause. It cannot be allowed to happen. It's the lesser of two evils.

    • Pythagoras: Are we headed in any particular direction or are we just fleeing in a general direction?

    • Ariadne: How do I look?
      Hercules: I don't know I was looking the other way, just admiring this tree.
      Ariadne: You may turn around now.
      Hercules: You look lovely.
      Jason: I was going to say the same.
      Hercules: Really?

    • Heptarian: It seems there is more than one traitor in the palace.
      Ramos: You and the Queen are chief among them. (To the guards) We serve the King, or have you forgotten that?

    • Ramos: You plan to try and rescue Princess Ariadne?
      Hercules: No, nothing of the sort. We have an infestation of mice. Big mice, the size of dogs. With big teeth, the size of cats.
      Pythagoras: Teeth the size of cats? (Chuckles nervously). Really?

    • Jason: You're fond of me? You've never even admitted that you like me.
      Hercules: Don't make a big thing of it. I'm marginally less fond of you than I am of him (Pythagoras). And I'm less fond of him than I am of wine, and pies.
      Pythagoras: That's probably the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

    • Hercules: The brazen bull.
      Jason: They're going to put Ariadne inside it and light the fire, aren't they?
      Pythagoras: The metal heats until the person inside is roasted to death. There are tubes inside the head of the animal and the victim's screams become like the bellowing of a bull. It is a truly remarkable piece of craftsmanship.

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