Atlantis High

Channel Five (ended 2002)


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  • Season 1
    • Episode Twenty Six
      Episode Twenty Six
      Episode 26
      The end of the world prophecy has swept the globe. The entire world want to split up Giles and Octavia. Dorsey breaks into Don's lost property room to search for the A.H. symbol. Under the boiler he finds A.H. branded on a packet of potato chips. Not what he wanted. He doesn't see what's in the fish tank… yet. Giles and Octavia rendezvous. The prophecy says that the next time they kiss there'll be a terrible storm. Giles runs off as the flaming-torch bearing crowd chases him. He blows her a goodbye kiss and thunder rings out. Beanie prophesises to Jet that something bad is coming. The worst storm that Sunset Cove has ever seen is not going to stop the prom though. Sophie instructs her (and Q's) ninjas to eliminate Giles on sight. Dr Leggz instructs CMDR Vermont to avoid five things: the prom, the dress, the sword, the milk, and the weird sentence "hot milk and thick blue knickers." He is also to avoid Dorothy in that dress. He must keep the dress locked away. But Mrs Vermont has already given it to Dorothy. She is strangely very comfortable with CMDR Vermont taking Dorothy to the prom. Antonia and Jet catch Dorsey packing to leave the school. He accidentally leaves behind the locater device. CMDR Vermont heads for Army HQ while Giles watches from the darkness as Octavia enters the prom with Jet and Beanie. He slopes off. The prom is in full swing. Antonia searches, ninjas follow Antonia, Dorothy has more flashbacks and escapes down a corridor, Octavia's drink is spiked but she doesn't drink it, and as Silver Lining agrees to marry Bad Mood – a priest appears. CMDR Vermont's vehicle breaks down – right outside the school. He is escorted into the prom, and has some of the hot chilli on offer. The five things come to pass. The sixth was avoid Dorothy in the dress: he escapes down the same corridor Dorothy went. Grampa on the motorbike rescues Giles from his depression. He tells Giles to follow his heart and forget the prophecy. CMDR Vermont discovers Dorothy and they flashback to a rocking Chevvy: inside is a man in leather and "one size fits all" jeans, with a woman in the prom dress. They conclude that Vermont must be Big D, and Dorothy must be Callie. Do they have it the right way around? They rush off to find Giles and Octavia… before it's too late. Giles rescues Octavia from the prom. With his way trapped by the ninjas Grampa pick-pockets Josh's car keys, so they can race off in his Chevvy convertible. The superhero marriage continues. Dorothy and Vermont hijack the milk float to chase after Giles and Octavia. The beam of the headlights cast a shadow across the sports field through the goal posts. The H of the goalposts form the shadow of an A, with the tip pointing to the door of DON's lost property room. Antonia sees this and races towards it. Dorsey follows close behind. Followed by Sophie and the ninjas. Beanie's memory gets a restart. He doesn't know who Jet is. Giles and Octavia are finally together alone. They try to pull the top of the car down to get a better look at the night sky – the scene looks suspiciously like the flashback of the rocking car that Vermont and Dorothy had earlier. Dorothy and Vermont pull up on the milk float and see the rocking car. The priest completes the marriage ceremony and Sabrina reveals herself. Josh is horrified. Don's lost property room is inundated. Don has lost his prized chip packet, but the city in the tank has also gone. Antonia, Dorsey, Sophie and the ninjas have all been foiled. But by who? Vermont and Dorothy catch Giles and Octavia before they have the chance to kiss again. There is an almighty light from above… have the aliens returned? From
    • Episode Twenty Five
      GILES asks OCTAVIA to the school prom. Ratings for SOPHIE's show are low. SOPHIE and VIOLET need a story. ANTONIA is gagged and bound as DORSEY makes contact with his superior. The GENERAL tells DORSEY that he must find the object represented by the A.H. symbol and then he will have the key to the portal. SOPHIE enters his house as DORSEY runs off to search. SOPHIE sees ANTONIA tied up. ANTONIA gives SOPHIE the end-of-the-world prophecy document in exchange for setting her free. The prophecy is interpreted to say that the world will be destroyed if a pair of illicit lovers don't split up. It also mentions frogs falling out of the sky. SOPHIE decides to choose GILES and OCTAVIA as the boy and girl in question. BEANIE investigates cheeseburgers as ancestors. GILES and OCTAVIA learn of the prophecy on a TV report. On their way to the studio they are intercepted by a media frenzy. SILVER LINING agrees to join the dark side. BAD MOOD makes him place a potato up the exhaust of a police car. An upset JET walks out on BEANIE and his obsessive behaviour. A baying crowd outside GILES' house are hounding him and OCTAVIA: "Split them up!" OCTAVIA demands the media show her the actual prophecy so they can put it to public scrutiny. A baked potato rains from the heavens… another sign? SILVER LINING feels like he has done good, in a bad way, but BAD MOOD cuffs him and says she'll see him at the prom. CMDR VERMONT, distraught that the end of the world is nigh, has flashbacks to images of Big D and Callie in a car. CMDR VERMONT agrees to take DOROTHY to the prom, with her dressed in the prom dress. They both flashback to images of the prom dress, and jeans. DON counsels a distraught JET. BEANIE agrees to stop thinking too much about his past and to start living in the present with JET. OCTAVIA calls the prophecy a sham. The two figures could be anyone, and they didn't mention the falling frogs part of the prophecy. SOPHIE is distraught. And then things start to fall from the sky. Frogs legs for dinner anyone? From
    • Episode Twenty Four
      GILES discovers a litre of oil in the family fridge, while DOROTHY discovers the Big D's glove. GRAMPA vows there's gonna be changes. BAD MOOD and SILVER LINING rendezvous at the Mallmart, where ANTONIA gives DORSEY a vital pictorial clue. DON discovers the find of his life and VIOLET wants to get him on The SOPHIE Show. The search continues for the meaning of BEANIE's past. JET reassures GILES that he's bound to get back together with OCTAVIA in the final frame. DON's chip that looks like Elvis does not impress SOPHIE. Q tells SOPHIE to keep a closer eye on GILES and OCTAVIA otherwise it'll be chip lovers on every show. MRS VERMONT reveals to CMDR VERMONT that he put an end to Callie. While all are out GRAMPA builds a motorbike in the kitchen. GILES' INNER CHILD becomes the go-between for GILES and OCTAVIA. SILVER LINING and BAD MOOD appear on The SOPHIE Show. They are not going to reveal their identities to the nation, but BAD MOOD does admit that she could never keep her identity secret from the man she married. ANTONIA scans and enlarges an ancient picture of a totem pole that has the image of BEANIE with the initials A.H. on a headband. She calls DORSEY, but he is too busy entertaining a guest. DOROTHY makes her moves on CMDR VERMONT while his family are out, and she makes him wear the Big D's glove. His gloved hand makes an attack for his own neck. ANTONIA collects her spy supplies from the Mallmart, where SILVER LINING and BAD MOOD have again rendezvoused. BAD MOOD wants him to turn to the dark side, but he is torn between her and doing right. Under a sprinkler of rain GILES and OCTAVIA are reunited. ANTONIA breaks in to DORSEY's house and discovers him in his alien state munching on mice. She has made a very big mistake. From
    • Episode Twenty Three
      OCTAVIA despises GILES for getting involved in the mob, but DOROTHY is pleased and whips up some home cooking for MR NITE. JOSH still takes OCTAVIA's bad mood as being literal, while BEANIE tries to come out of the closet to everyone to say he's an alien. ANTONIA's crush on DORSEY blooms. VIOLET has a plan to get the school back from the Mob. But will DORSEY loan her the money? DOROTHY shows CMDR VERMONT proof that he's the ‘Big D'. CMDR VERMONT denies it, but there's only one sure way to find out… GILES' INNER CHILD is proud; his very own boy's gonna be a made guy. But GILES wants to quit. He's feeling bad about OCTAVIA. BEANIE researches his alien identity. But he's researching fictional aliens that don't exist. BEANIE is scared. What if he's a fictional alien that doesn't exist? Big Boss, CONSTANTINE, is going to make GILES a made guy. GILES rejects the offer… and signs his own death warrant. CMDR VERMONT and DOROTHY break into the Hells Biker HQ, and unleash the jeans. CMDR VERMONT tries them on. They fit!! GRAMPA smells trouble when DOROTHY returns. Where has she been?! GRAMPA can't boss her around; she's not his little girl any more. But was she ever a little girl?? GILES wakes to an unpleasant surprise from the Mob. While GILES's feet are stuck in cement, his INNER CHILD splits. DORSEY will lend VIOLET the money to buy back the school if she does him a favour. VITA is overjoyed at VIOLET's return. GRAMPA is the Grand Papa! He rarks up the HELLS BIKERS for letting someone sneak in and try on ‘Big D's jeans. They all know how dangerous it would be if the truth got out… Bad Mood and Silver Lining appear on SOPHIE's show. The moral is clear good is good and bad is bad. GILES and OCTAVIA make-up, then break-up. So OCTAVIA thinks he's a nerd, and has a crush on a dumb superhero, does she? DORSEY and VIOLET pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. ANTONIA is distraught. She works feverishly to try and solve the Lost City of Atlantis mystery for him. She finds a clue with a riddle inscribed. An H and an A will show the way. GILES, JET and BEANIE try to find BEANIE's true identity. They find a picture of BEANIE standing near a big H. What could it mean? From
    • Episode Twenty Two
      Episode Twenty Two
      Episode 22
      DOROTHY quizzes GRAMPA about her past. GRAMPA is evasive. The charming MR NITE appoints VITA as the new school principal. She imposes standards of educational excellence. The students are shocked. MR NITE is impressed with GILES; he offers to teach him the Business. But first he sends GILES on an errand … BEANIE tries to be human, but it's freaking JET out. GILES is finding out more about the mob all the time. OCTAVIA encourages him, thinking that he is ‘Silver Lining' undercover. SOPHIE appoints herself Teen-Moral Counsellor, and unemployed VIOLET smells a money-making scheme. ANTONIA finds Excalibur in the stone. DON helps her remove it. JET can't take any more of BEANIE trying to act human. DORSEY isn't impressed with ANTONIA's find. He only cares about the Lost City of Atlantis. VIOLET will manage SOPHIE's career as a chat-show-advice teen-queen. For a cut in the profits of course. There's a spy chopper overhead, and a lot of paranoid pilgrims with secrets. GILES and OCTAVIA go to dinner at BEANIE and JET's. But JET's annoyed at BEANIE's behaviour. She doesn't want to live in a sit-com! While GILES and OCTAVIA wait for the mob's delivery, OCTAVIA spots the ‘Silver Lining'.. so it can't be GILES!! She's horrified that GILES is working for the mob for real not undercover. They argue and break up. GILES delivers the package, and MR NITE reveals a darker side. He doesn't even like VITA. VITA overhears, and is devastated. JOSH finds OCTAVIA in a Bad Mood. Bad Mood? Is OCTAVIA trying to tell him what he thinks she's trying to tell him? No. But JOSH puts two and two together anyway. SOPHIE hosts her very own chat-show. DOROTHY finds the prom gown from the photo. CMDR VERMONT returns, and sees her in the dress. He is terrified and confused. It's happening again!! From
    • Episode Twenty One
      Episode Twenty One
      Episode 21
      As VIOLET lost the school on the roulette table everyone is packing up the school. Teary eyed DON tells BEANIE and JET that they all have to move out of the basement. GILES gets a job at the diner. SOPHIE digs dirt for the Agency. DOROTHY tells GRAMPA that she thinks she's been brainwashed. She remembers nothing from before GILES was born. Meanwhile GRAMPA is sending signals to MRS VERMONT for a secret car park rendezvous. ANTONIA and DORSEY go on a boat trip to search for Atlantis. GRAMPA tells MRS VERMONT that DOROTHY (or DENNIS) is too close to the truth. MRS VERMONT must get the envelope off of OCTAVIA. OCTAVIA is attempting to extract information from her father. CMDR VERMONT learns that DORSEY is in search of Atlantis in a boat. BEANIE decides to make a beach house for JET out of shells. JET is suitably sceptical. VIOLET, SOPHIE and DON are all working at the diner with GILES. Bad Mood makes an appearance at the diner, while Silver Lining comforts a distressed OCTAVIA, who thinks Silver Lining is GILES. DORSEY & ANTONIA discover the locater device that DORSEY got from the aliens bears the initials A.H. What could that mean? Indeed… BEANIE has built a tardis-like beach-side mansion. JET is surprised how ‘normal' the interior is. Bad Mood holds up the diner so she can see Silver Lining again. Silver Lining finds Bad Mood, just as she wanted. They nearly kiss, but he leaves. We discover Bad Mood is SABRINA. VIOLET makes a deal with LEW SIFFER so she can buy the school back. MRS VERMONT gets the envelope off of OCTAVIA, telling her that she will take it to the police and let them deal with it. But OCTAVIA discovers MRS VERMONT and GRAMPA burning it in the backyard. MRS VERMONT turns nasty. BEANIE gets a job at the diner and makes a new style pasta sauce out of soap powder, which is accidentally fed to mob boss MR NITE. GILES decides to save BEANIE when MR NITE asks who made the sauce by saying that he did. MR NITE loves it, and he takes GILES with him – he's got an offer for GILES that he can't refuse. From
    • Episode Twenty
      Episode Twenty
      Episode 20
      After OCTAVIA helped bust BEANIE out of hospital, she helps GILES get JET and BEANIE to Las Vegas so they can get married. They stay at a hotel called, ‘Lost City of Atlantis' which also happens to be where the Atlantis High class field trip is staying. For ANTONIA and DORESEY this means more Atlantis investigations. DOROTHY pesters GRAMPA to say who BIG D was. GRAMPA won't say. CMDR VERMONT is dazed and confused at the news from OCTAVIA about his past, or lack there of. ANTONIA convinces DORSEY to go under disguise to find out more about Atlantis. He adopts a 007-ish persona. Q recruits SOPHIE to help with the agency's mission. VIOLET attacks the gaming tables, but gets on a losing streak. The wedding party wait in the waiting room of the chapel. OCTAVIA tells JET she thinks GILES is the Silver Lining. JOSH gets a call telling him that Bad Mood has attacked again. DOROTHY attempts to bribe GRAMPA out of silence with an apple pie. But GRAMPA has escaped so that he can talk to MRS VERMONT. BEANIE thinks that marrying JET will be his first step to becoming normal. GILES tries to convince him that he only needs to be himself. JOSH discovers that the other Bad Mood is a woman. VIOLET's losing streak continues, whereas DORSEY is on a roll. VIOLET strikes a deal with the casino owner and bets Atlantis High on the roulette wheel. She loses the school. ELVIS marries JET and BEANIE. The Silver Lining comes face to face with Bad Mood. There is a mutual attraction, but Bad Mood pulls away at the last minute. OCTAVIA tells GILES that she no longer knows who her father and mother are. GILES feels guilty as he discovered the manilla envelope information with SABRINA. OCTAVIA leaves to find herself. JET and BEANIE begin their honeymoon under the real moon. From
    • Episode Nineteen
      Episode Nineteen
      Episode 19
      JOSH is startled by reports of ‘Bad Mood' stealing women's lingerie. Can he commit crimes without his knowledge? JET and GILES must save BEANIE. But the hospital is only letting in emergencies! JET fakes a contagious disease. But Soldier RODRIGUEZ isn't falling for that old line. Meanwhile, OCTAVIA ponders how she's going to a) make GILES speak to her again and b) get her father to release BEANIE. The manilla envelope catches her eye… She strikes a deal with SABRINA. If OCTAVIA stops SOPHIE's vamping then SABRINA'll keep quiet about the envelope. JET and GILES continue to fake injuries. They seize their chance when SOPHIE reaches ‘R' in her phonebook vampathon. Concerned about his mental state, Silver Lining visits DR LEGGZ. The manilla envelope leads OCTAVIA to the Hells Biker Retirement Community. DOROTHY has arrived already. HELLS BIKER reveals Cassie and Callie were sisters, and the Big D was the daddy of them all. The only thing he left behind was a pair of intoxicating jeans. GILES and JET disguise themselves as doctors, but are spotted and herded towards the operating theatre. JOSH checks his closet for womens' lingerie. SOPHIE reaches the last name in the phonebook; SHANE ZABRINSKY. VIOLET's worried until she realises a TV station is offering one million dollars to broadcast the encounter. OCTAVIA shows her dad the manilla envelope, then rushes to save BEANIE, JET and GILES. She arrives in the nick of time to operate on the patient, DON. Afterall, she has the medical credentials. JOSH, on the lookout for ‘Bad Mood', meets COACH SHANE at the Boutique. They're oblivious as ‘Bad Mood' strikes. GILES makes OCTAVIA give him one good reason why he should trust her. ‘Cos she knows how to get BEANIE out of the hospital, and he doesn't. It's good enough. OCTAVIA blackmails her father. Either he releases BEANIE or she takes the manilla envelope to the media. SABRINA unleashes the jean odour and SOPHIE changes back to her old self mid-seduction. COACH SHANE becomes a hero to the nation. JET promises to marry BEANIE. Las Vegas here they come! From
    • Episode Eighteen
      Episode Eighteen
      Episode 18
      While Sunset Cove awakes to serious bad hair pollution, GILES and JET continue the search for their missing alien friend. Reporters swoop down on their newest scoop; is GILES an alien? The town gets it's first proper criminal; looks like a job for ‘The Silver Lining'. But can good really triumph over evil? Especially when the criminal is none other than ‘Bad Mood', JOSH's very own supervillain alter-ego. GRAMPA watches the news reports alleging that GILES is an alien. JET and GILES finally locate BEANIE; he's in his room, unconscious. They have to get him to a hospital. OCTAVIA is startled by her heart-racing reaction to ‘The Silver Lining'. SOPHIE, the supervamp, works her way through the phonebook. BEANIE is wheeled into the hospital's E.R. He is signed in under a false name - Giles. Somehow JET must find the money to pay for BEANIE's operation, before it's too late. GRAMPA calls the alien hotline and dobs in GILES for ten minutes and two ad breaks of fame. JET employs the help of SABRINA to raise funds for BEANIE's op. Meanwhile, OCTAVIA consults a doctor about her reaction to ‘The Silver Lining'. The prognosis is terminal; DOCTOR PROCTOR's career is over. ‘Bad Mood' holds the world to ransom. Either they answer his demands, whatever they may be, or the entire world economy will collapse. Looks like another job for ‘The Silver Lining'. BEANIE hangs on by a thread, while GRAMPA and DOROTHY go head to head on national TV over the alien allegations. GRAMPA tells all that GILES is an alien. DOCTOR PROCTOR puts two and two together. OCTAVIA confides in JOSH about her attraction to ‘The Silver Lining'. JOSH consults his superhero manual, but it's against the rules to reveal his true identity to the love of his life. He hears a news report that ‘Bad Mood' has struck again. Is his own ‘Bad Mood' out of control? CMDR VERMONT forms a ring of steel around the hospital. BEANIE is trapped.. From
    • Episode Seventeen
      Episode Seventeen
      Episode 17
      OCTAVIA tells GILES the Agency are trying to eliminate him; his life is in danger! But GILES refuses to listen – how can he ever believe anything she says? Sunset Cove is in the grip of alien fever. Reporters quiz VIOLET about SOPHIE's abduction. Word is that she's.. changed. With all the Trekkies about JET has a difficult time trying to find her pointy-eared BEANIE. SOPHIE the Supervamp hasn't forgotten GILES jilted her at the altar. She considers it a lucky break. Otherwise she might've been stuck with the speccy little creep for a lifetime. JOSH tries to cope with the humiliation of being dumped by OCTAVIA. COACH SHANE doesn't help. GILES confides in JET. He loves OCTAVIA but love isn't a one-way street. JET's sad about BEANIE. GILES vows to help find him. While SABRINA is rattled by the new competition from psycho SOPHIE, CMDR VERMONT is determined to catch the abductee. Nevermind that she's not an alien. He can't afford to take any chances. DORSEY & ANTONIA continue to try and find the Lost City. SOPHIE and SABRINA go head to head. COACH SHANE and VIOLET provide commentary on the match. GILES and JET discover BEANIE's photo album. All the evidence suggests he could be thousands of years old! SABRINA loses the supervamp competition. She's devastated. ETHELRED, JOSH's Viking Ancestor, visits him in a dream. Together they assemble a flat-packed shelf unit. This exercise teaches JOSH a valuable lesson. The MONTANAS didn't make their money from doing good – they made it by being con men. And that is the tradition that JOSH must follow.. JOSH wakes, horrified. Q reprimands OCTAVIA for wilfully thwarting the efforts of a fellow agent in the execution of his execution. But OCTAVIA urges Q to let GILES be. From
    • Episode Sixteen
      Episode Sixteen
      Episode 16
      GILES and OCTAVIA make a bid for freedom via the local bus. DOROTHY is livid. GILES isn't going to get away so easily! She and GRAMPA embark upon a door-to-door search. But GILES isn't the only one whose gone A.W.O.L. JET searches for BEANIE who is sad about not being able to marry her. SABRINA relishes her role as the new Mrs Josh Montana and spends up large with all his money. The ALIENS rejoice. They're normal size again, back in their spaceship, in space, and they're alive!! They never want to go back to Earth.. and have a devious plan to abort their Lost City of Atlantis quest. But will DORSEY agree? An ACCOUNTANT, with only 24 hours to live, hijacks the bus, forcing the driver to take him on a speedy wild ride to see the wonders of the world. DORSEY reports to the aliens that he's had news of an Urgu Star Wasp heading for Earth. Urgu's have blue acid blood.. and an appetite for Fnorians. The aliens are scared, especially when the spaceship detects an alien presence onboard. CMDR VERMONT hunts the aliens with his new alien scanner. BEANIE wanders alone, sad at being different. If only someone would tell him what he is. The aliens prepare to be eliminated by the Urgu – but their intruder is not Urgu.. it's SOPHIE, with Mr Fluffy Muffin. OCTAVIA tells GILES the truth about working for the Agency. GILES is shocked, and angry. So she's been lying to him all this time! SABRINA's spending jeopardises the world's financial markets. The aliens can't take anymore of SOPHIE's presence; XERON has an evil idea… LEW SIFFER helps JOSH terminate his marriage to SABRINA. The aliens decide to leave, but DORSEY is determined to stay and complete the mission. The aliens terrorise the people by lowflying, then beam SOPHIE back to Earth.. with a few not so subtle changes. And the ACCOUNTANT finds himself on another wild ride. From
    • Episode Fifteen
      Episode Fifteen
      Episode 15
      Wedding day has arrived, and only JET and BEANIE seem happy. VIOLET, still in mega debt, transforms the gym for a wedding. The Vermont's garden has also been wedding-a-fied. JOSH collects OCTAVIA so they can get the results of their legally required blood tests. BEANIE and JET's blood tests are approved – but only just. SOPHIE, with a little help from her friend, gets GILES and her blood approved too. SABRINA is still busy digging dirt on the Vermont's. ANTONIA reports her Atlantis findings to DORSEY. CMDR VERMONT discovers a dress in his wardrobe, and he asks OCTAVIA to wear it on her wedding day. The aliens arrive back at the Vermont's, ‘return to sender'. From inside the cakebox they see ANTONIA next to what they think is the Lost City of Atlantis. Is their mission complete..? JET and BEANIE are preparing for their big day – their own way. SABRINA intercepts OCTAVIA just before she is about to walk up the aisle and gives her some crucial information. There are some speedy costume changes which CMDR VERMONT does not see. BEANIE and JET arrive at their wedding venue. DON will marry them. VIOLET presides over SOPHIE and GILES sponsor-heavy wedding. GILES wishes that it was OCTAVIA walking up the aisle to him. The aliens can see DORSEY at the Vermont/Montana wedding and they try to call out to him. DORSEY, however, sees the Lost City of Atlantis in cake form and attacks it. The entire congregation is waiting for GILES to say "I do", but GRAMPA gives him a sign in wool: "Run". He runs. ‘OCTAVIA' and JOSH marry – but it isn't OCTAVIA. It's SABRINA. SOPHIE storms the wedding looking for runaway groom GILES. When she finds he isn't there her poltergeist lets rip. The powerful force causes the aliens to be returned to normal size. They are photographed, then take off in their ship… with Sophie. The PHLEBOTOMIST interrupts the JET/BEANIE wedding to stop it as BEANIE's blood is not human. JET can't see what the problem is. Meanwhile GILES and OCTAVIA passionately meet in the crashing surf, then catch a bus to who knows where... From
    • Episode Fourteen
      Episode Fourteen
      Episode 14
      GILES wakes from a nightmare to find Mr Fluffy Muffin, a stuffed toy bunny, gifted by SOPHIE, in his room. GILES gets the feeling he's being watched. JOSH is brimming with joy about his upcoming wedding to OCTAVIA. GILES tells SOPHIE he doesn't want to be her boyfriend. Her poltergeist is activated, but SOPHIE claims she has no control over it… GILES and SABRINA dig the dirt on the VERMONTS. But who are the mystery people in the photo? GILES hides from SOPHIE. The bunny tracks him down. OCTAVIA is depressed. She doesn't want to marry JOSH. CMDR and MRS VERMONT, and DOROTHY, reminisce about their own marriages – but do any of them remember? And why do they hear the distant hum of motorbike engines?? GILES returns home to find SOPHIE chatting with DOROTHY and GRAMPA. They're going to be one big happy family! GILES trashes the bunny. BEANIE confesses he wants to marry JET. GILES counsels him. BEANIE has to tell JET how he feels. At school the next day, SOPHIE staples Mr Fluffy Muffin to GILES's top. And BEANIE proposes to JET. Under a number of conditions she finally agrees. DON helps GILES destroy the bunny. DORSEY sets homework - to find the Lost City of Atlantis. ANTONIA volunteers to become his research assistant. The bunny returns. GILES tells the whole school over the tannoy that he isn't marrying SOPHIE. SOPHIE gets mad, then even. OCTAVIA tells JOSH she can't marry him. JOSH still doesn't get it. GILES realises that SOPHIE is behind GRAMPA's disappearance. He calls in BEANIE and JET to help find him. Q warns OCTAVIA – if she doesn't marry JOSH then bad things will happen to GILES. The PSYCHIC is no help. And the bunny boiling doesn't work either. To get GRAMPA back GILES makes the ultimate sacrifice. From
    • Episode Thirteen
      Episode Thirteen
      Episode 13
      SOPHIE sends a note to GILES. GILES pretends he didn't get the note. But SOPHIE knows he did – she was watching. VIOLET is inundated with paperwork since VITA left, and SABRINA's scam is suffering. DORSEY faces GENERAL YEN and HAJ. He failed his mission, and thus jeopardised the future of his planet. DORSEY pleads with the Generals to let him stay and find the Lost City of Atlantis.. or die in the attempt. The Generals will consider his request. ANTONIA is concerned about MR DORSEY – he appears preoccupied. VIOLET calls DON to help with the computer and the mess she is in. JET advises GILES to be a man and make SOPHIE understand that he doesn't want to be her boyfriend. GILES dons a disguise instead. COACH SHANE gives JOSH advice for meeting OCTAVIA's parents. The three Fs: fulsome flattery and flowers. SABRINA seeks GILES' help to break up OCTAVIA and JOSH. If they can find out the VERMONTs' big secret it'll eliminate OCTAVIA's chances with the MONTANAs. But OCTAVIA doesn't want to marry JOSH anyway. Q warns her not to jeopardise her future with the Agency. GILES and SABRINA dig dirt on the VERMONTS, while someone spies. SOPHIE bakes apple pie. DOROTHY is impressed, but GRAMPA is sceptical. GILES is just scared. MRS VERMONT and CMDR VERMONT are impressed with their future son-in-law, JOSH MONTANA. JET is antimarriage. BEANIE is disappointed. SABRINA and GILES find that CMDR VERMONT doesn't exist on any population census. Who is this man? The Generals make their ruling on DORSEY. He must find the Lost City of Atlantis – if he fails there will be no mercy. SABRINA's scam has come to an end. She now has only one outfit left to wear! GILES finally gives SOPHIE the hard word. SOPHIE understands completely – so does Mr Fluffy Muffin. GILES gets the feeling he's said the wrong thing. From
    • Episode Twelve
      Episode Twelve
      Episode 12
      GILES awakes to Happiness Week – but he is far from happy. His heart is broken by OCTAVIA and SOPHIE assumes he is her boyfriend. DORSEY is miserable too – if he can't achieve his objective then this whole area of the universe will be wiped out forever. Luckily he comes across "emergency plan B". VIOLET happily makes a bet with LEW SIFFER on the big game at extreme odds against Atlantis High. GILES, attempting at being a verb, tries to tell OCTAVIA that JOSH isn't the man for her – but he is thwarted. DOROTHY slips a slide in to CMDR VERMONT's slide show. He briefs his men on what they know so far, and concludes that they need to stake out Atlantis High. PRIVATE FLYTE, who communicates with pigeons, will go undercover. JOSH gets the wrong message from OCTAVIA's explanation of their kiss in episode 11. COACH SHANE wants GILES on the football team. And VITA reveals her love to COACH SHANE with disastrous results. VIOLET announces to assembly that there will be a big football game that afternoon. COACH SHANE hijacks English class to run through the rhythmic game plan. GILES will be quarter back. With reptilian DNA and an egg ready DORSEY activates the compiler. While DORSEY is out of the room PRIVATE FLYTE investigates DORSEY's machine and accidentally lets a pigeon enter the compiler. Only reptilian DNA was allowed for the process to work correctly. As DORSEY's contaminated egg is incubating it begins to glow and crack. COACH SHANE's football game plan is to dance the entire game. The opposition are LEW SIFFER's dark side. The game begins with the dark side taking a big early lead. VIOLET is quietly happy. DORSEY is horrified by what comes out of his egg. A giant Godzilla-like pigeon swoops down on the football match, distracting the dark side and allowing GILES to score a touchdown. This paves the way for an Atlantis High victory. VIOLET is sour The giant pigeon is hosed down by CMDR VERMONT and his men as they scan the sky for pigeon work from PRIVATE FLYTE. GILES furtively follows OCTAVIA to Q's HQ and learns that a marriage is on the cards. Just not his. From
    • Episode Eleven
      Episode Eleven
      Episode 11
      GILES mourns his lost kiss. If he doesn't take decisive action soon then he'll lose his opportunity with OCTAVIA. He devises a strategy.. but it's all gibberish. GILES' INNER CHILD suggests he adopts the standard ploy of the emotionally illiterate – i.e. buy her a gift. OCTAVIA is worried. Will GILES buy her a suitable gift? She consults Television's UNCLE LEW. CMDR VERMONT thinks the aliens are at the TV studio, and sends in his soldiers to seek and destroy SOPHIE mourns the loss of both ANTONY and her poltergeist. GILES tells her to get a new boyfriend. Is he coming on to her? No. But SOPHIE's adamant he is. Handyman DON promotes School Safety Week, and his ineptness at the job has results strikingly similar to SOPHIE's Poltergeist. GILES learns that JOSH has beaten him to the gift-buying ploy. Fortunately OCTAVIA is not particularly impressed by the balls of Nantucket. GILES realises that next time he mightn't be so lucky – he has to think of a gift for her, and fast. DORSEY has failed his mission. He's in the depths of despair. He can see only one way out of his despair – he must pay for his failure with his life. GILES decides to trust his own judgement and find OCTAVIA a gift. SOPHIE thinks he's buying a gift for her. DON helps and GILES is forced to buy a broken teddy. DORSEY is ready to leave this world, when he spots a familiar-looking Crocodile. He takes his new friend to the nearest bar. DOROTHY, the barmaid, is concerned at the Science Teacher's behaviour. She reports him to VIOLET, who sends him to DR LEGGZ. GILES decides to tell OCTAVIA his true feelings for her. But DOROTHY turns up with the gift. OCTAVIA loves the teddy! She's about to confess her true feelings for GILES, when Q warns her off. She must finish it with GILES or her father is ruined. She tells GILES she's in love with another. GILES is heartbroken. SOPHIE thinks that her poltergeist has returned and that it's telling her to move on to GILES!! From
    • Episode Ten
      Episode Ten
      Episode 10
      Both GILES and OCTAVIA obsess about their near kiss at the end of Ep 9. BEANIE's feelings for JET are blooming but he is speechless. ANTONIA is unlucky in love and sings that to the world. SABRINA organises a Date-JOSH competition through her column on the website. JOSH wants OCTAVIA to sign an entry form so that she'll win. But SABRINA's small print renders everyone's entry bar hers as invalid. To protect his love from falling into JOSH's arms GILES sides with SABRINA's ruling. SABRINA wins the competition. GILES gives BEANIE a few tips on using romantic flashbacks. SABRINA furtively returns to her trailer home, and her life of squalor. GILES' INNER CHILD counsels him about OCTAVIA – GILES should stop being a wuss. And too many flashbacks could alter his grip on reality. GILES gets real and his INNER CHILD disappears. So why are their soldiers in his bedroom? GILES is freaked. BEANIE seeks advice about love. GRAMPA shows him a documentary on bower birds. BEANIE is inspired. LEW SIFFER draws up a prenup contract for SABRINA's marry-JOSH scheme. She's currently involved in a catalogue scam with VIOLET. SABRINA wants a way out of her life of squalor via rich JOSH, whilst VIOLET gains a protégé and a cut of the profits. GILES tells JET that BEANIE is in love with her. JET is wowed. At the restaurant, DOROTHY, CMDR VERMONT and OCTAVIA share a celebration meal. DOROTHY and CMDR VERMONT realise they have something in common – but what? SABRINA and JOSH have their big date. SABRINA tries to get JOSH to sign the contract but things keep getting in the way. Time is running out. DORSEY gets tanked at the bar, and VITA dines with a blow-up version of COACH SHANE. GILES infiltrates the restaurant trying to get a message to OCTAVIA, but is foiled by an AGENCY WAITER. BEANIE makes a bower bird nest on JET's desk. SABRINA is left alone, in her underwear, while JOSH makes a rapid exit to a Silver Lining Emergency. GILES sympathises with SABRINA. They've both been abandoned - their dreams shattered. GILES's misery is amplified by the twittering love-birds, JET and BEANIE. From
    • Episode Nine
      Episode Nine
      Episode 9
      SABRINA accuses GILES of cheating with the election, but GILES is convinced his campaign was clean. Afterall OCTAVIA wouldn't be involved with anything that wasn't totally squeaky clean, would she? Q informs OCTAVIA that she must have a party to create a diversion so that Agency Operatives can search the VERMONT's house. CMDR VERMONT is under suspicion of having made contact with the ALIEN forces. But OCTAVIA doesn't know how to have a party. MRS VERMONT is thrilled – she'll organise everything. The ALIENS are pleased to see DORSEY, but DORSEY isn't pleased to see the fly. SABRINA models her outfits for the party during Science class. OCTAVIA invites DORSEY to the party. Fancy dress is optional. DORSEY decides to go as he really is. CMDR VERMONT wants a secure perimeter. Soldiers plant a minefield in his garden. Q tells the NINJAS to infiltrate the VERMONT house as guests in fancy dress - and to bring back COMMANDER VERMONT's clothes. OCTAVIA doesn't realise that they've got the party all wrong. SABRINA waits for the real party to arrive. JOSH swats the pesky fly (and the ALIEN spaceship). SOPHIE creampies him – and the ALIENS get stuck on the cake. DOROTHY has déjà vu with alien-DORSEY. DON does tricks with marshmallows. GILES wonders about the NINJAS. VIOLET moves in on COACH SHANE, but VITA foils her seduction. There's a kitchen crisis. JOSH rushes to change into his superhero cossie. But as he's changing, his clothes are stolen by NINJAS. SABRINA leaves, seriously disappointed. But BEANIE and JET have a good time. The last bit of cake (with the ALIENS) is boxed to send to AUNT MAY out West. GILES learns more of OCTAVIA's brilliance – but why is she still at school? OCTAVIA and GILES almost kiss… From
    • Episode Eight
      Episode Eight
      Episode 8
      The Editor of the school website mysteriously vanishes. DORSEY works feverishly trying to locate the ALIENS. The ALIEN ship is caught in a spider's web in the Vermont's Garden. There will be an election to replace the missing Editor. GILES is nominated. But by who? – could SABRINA really have nominated him just so she'd have someone easy to beat? GILES decides not to stand but JET convinces him he can't quit. Besides. OCTAVIA is extremely impressed that GILES is running for the job. DOROTHY doesn't want GILES to blow his big chance – he's got a tradition of no-hoping to continue. She takes him to therapy with DR LEGGZ. SABRINA blackmails VIOLET. If she doesn't get help with her campaign then SABRINA will stop supplying VIOLET with the stylie clothes. GILES finds himself in a no-win situation. If he stands he loses.. if he doesn't he loses. SABRINA commandeers the cheerleadering squad for her election campaign, while MRS VERMONT commandeers her husband's platoon. The SPIDER approaches the ALIENS. They're scared. At the last moment they are saved when VERMONT's stick slashes the spider's web. GILES decides to stay in the election, but the outlook is dismal. OCTAVIA is depressed. CMDR VERMONT cheers her up by helping with GILES campaign. They employ bribery and other devious tactics. On election day, GILES is neck n neck with SABRINA. OCTAVIA admits that she was the one that nominated GILES for Editor of the school website. GILES is stunned. JOSH as the SILVER LINING guards the ballot boxes – but not very well. Time to count the votes. BEANIE casts the deciding vote. GILES wins!! And so without his knowing, GILES becomes a mole for THE AGENCY... From
    • Episode Seven
      Episode Seven
      Episode 7
      The ALIENs are buzzing. A veiled ANTONIA mourns ANTONY's departure. So does SOPHIE. The ALIENS activate their ‘last distress signal', which in turn activates DORSEY's blinker. CMDR VERMONT and his platoon also pick up on the distress signal. SOPHIE tries to activate her poltergeist to get back at ANTONIA for driving ANTONY away. But the poltergeist is ghostly quiet. BEANIE steals round things that look like flying saucers. The ALIENS find themselves in the garbage. DORSEY and CMDR VERMONT try to track the signal discreetly. The fly buzzes off. GILES finds BEANIE stealing the hubcaps off a police car. OFFICER COSTELLO is excited – an actual crime. GILES is taken away to be locked up. OCTAVIA uses her brilliance to conclude that there is a logical explanation for GILES jailing. JOSH is hellbent on solving the crime and exposing GILES for the true criminal he is. The platoon blow their opportunity to get the ALIENS. JET explains the concept of jail to BEANIE. They have to get GILES out. OCTAVIA gives her sympathy to DOROTHY re GILES. GRAMPA's got a plan to get GILES out. Sherlock JOSH tries to find GILES's hubcap thief accomplices. HELLS BIKERS– of course! GRAMPA knits GILES a cake containing a vast assortment of electrical implements to break out. There's just one problem – no power socket. OCTAVIA convinces the shoes that GILES is useful. She's not developing "feelings" for him, is she? OFFICER COSTELLO is devastated when the Hexagon orders him to release the hubcap criminal, GILES. He watches as the limelight pans to another cop who has arrested COMMANDER VERMONT. JOSH finally locates the HELLS BIKERS – and is beaten up once again. GILES is free!! From
    • Episode Six
      Episode Six
      Episode 6
      The aliens, VORTEX, NEBULA and XERON have washed up on the beach. In spite of the success of last episode's Romeo and Juliet GILES is back to square one. He is not fitting in at Atlantis High. DOROTHY is "cleaning" the Vermont's house. ANTONIA gets a break-up note from ANTONY. ANTONY confides to GILES that ANTONIA is doing his head in – literally. GILES wants to help them/her/him/it by splitting them up. He convinces ANTONY that he needs to leave Sunset Cove. This upsets SOPHIE and her pal. JOSH is advertising his Silver Hotline. He has no new messages. Q tells OCTAVIA that her father knows more than he thinks. DORSEY has not heard from the aliens for a week. He despairs. The Beach Volley Ball final is held. Cheerleader ANTONIA is upset. GILES, JET, BEANIE and DON try to console her with food. Meanwhile the miniaturised spaceship on the beach has been picked up by the volley ball. The aliens are thrown back and forth. Back at the Vermont's residence DOROTHY has found an old photo of MRS. VERMONT. Unbeknownst to her she is being watched. The pizza takes too long to order so GILES and the gang decide to take ANTONIA shopping. SOPHIE, still upset at ANTONY's departure, causes a gust of wind that picks up the volley ball (with the aliens) and flings it at SABRINA's bikini bottom. SABRINA now has an annoying itch and goes to get some cream. OCTAVIA is caught and sent to the store for cigars. GILES and co. arrive at the store to find crazed ANTONY with a dangerous frozen chicken. Everyone is hostage. The store owner secretly dials the Silver Lining. The aliens distress signal is operating again, attracting the attention of DORSEY and VERMONT. GILES convinces ANTONY that if he changes to ANTONIA then he will not be arrested. A fly bugs SABRINA and it picks up the aliens. The military storm the supermarket hoping to trace the signal. JOSH the superhero makes a smashing appearance… a tad too late. ANTONY is sent off in to the sunset by a farewell party… that includes ANTONIA… ??!! From
    • Episode Five
      Episode Five
      Episode 5
      GILES is thrilled – he has two friends at his new school GRAMPA notices a lot of strange military people digging up the ground. But the big news of the day is Atlantis High's forthcoming production; ‘Romeo and Juliet'. GILES would give anything to play Romeo and impress OCTAVIA. The aliens, VORTEX, NEBULA and XERON are lost inside KISSINGER-THE-DOG. VIOLET appoints COACH SHANE to direct the school production. Casting begins. SOPHIE wants ANTONY to audition for Romeo, so she can be Juliet. SABRINA recoils at the idea – as if. GILES auditions but the competition is tough – JOSH in particular. VIOLET realises that the play's violence will need to be toned down for the sponsor's sake. She asks GILES to butcher the script. Both DORSEY and VERMONT's camp are separately tracking the aliens signal. They are followed by AGENCY operatives who are followed by LEW SIFFER, who is followed by KISSINGER-THE-DOG (and the aliens). OCTAVIA reports to Q. He wants her to find out the meaning of the extraterrestrial messages they've detected. JET explains the concept of love to BEANIE. Someone mistakes them for boyfriend and girlfriend. Me thinks JET doth protest too much. COACH SHANE tells JOSH the game plan. JOSH will be Romeo, but SABRINA can't be Juliet – she'd steal the spotlight and that'd be a major downer. GILES is scathing of the decision. ANTONIA arrives late and finds ANTONY gone. She sobs and gets the part of Juliet. The aliens are on the move inside the dog. They surface again in the Vermont's Garden, are trodden on by CMDR. VERMONT, then hosed off and white water raft down the sewer. GILES delivers the condensed play. He is now worried about the audience and OCTAVIA's reaction to the 15 minute Shakespeare. DON's backstage ladder trips up JOSH. Who will now play Romeo? VIOLET, DOROTHY and GRAMPA attempt to convince GILES that he is the man for the job. Meanwhile, it seems that ANTONY has upset ANTONIA so much that she can't go on and play Juliet. GILES is pushed on stage to see OCTAVIA playing the part of JULIET. He is thrilled. The play ends happily with a wedding, and the audience applaud the author. Success at last? From
    • Episode Four
      Episode Four
      Episode 4
      OCTAVIA has orders to eliminate GILES, who is now terrified of going to school. DOROTHY thinks she knows why - it's hot and he'll have to wear skimpies. But there's no getting out of it. Aliens, VORTEX, NEBULA, and XERON, hurtle towards Earth in their spaceship. GILES confides in JET – OCTAVIA wants him dead, but JET dismisses the idea. BEANIE is intrigued by JET's frisbee. She relents and lets him keep it. While GILES avoids the sinister OCTAVIA, he learns that BEANIE lives in the Boiler Room. JET is way impressed. They discover BEANIE has been at Atlantis High for a long time. But for how long? As CMDR. VERMONT and his troops try to locate the enemy, a soldier is fatally wounded on a soda-run. A HUNK pleads with SABRINA not to dump him. She gets GILES to video the scene and has the HUNK do a retake, but dumps him anyway. The HUNK sobs buckets. This merely reinforces another of JET's conspiracy theories; shallow relationships are encouraged by tissue manufacturers to boost profits. DORSEY scans the sky, while OCTAVIA spies on him. She reports back to her mysterious employer, using a mysterious code. GILES and JET check out BEANIE's files. He's been in the same grade for 36 years! And if he doesn't pass his exams this year then he's out. JET and GILES must help him. But how? OCTAVIA catches GILES unawares – and she has a knife! With ANTONY's assistance, ANTONIA, GILES, and JET sneak into the Principal's Office to steal the exam answers. To GILES surprise, OCTAVIA doesn't eliminate him, but wants to share a hobby instead. DORSEY readies for the aliens, and plants a landing beacon in his back garden. OCTAVIA watches him. BEANIE takes the exam disk and instantly memorises the answers. Mid-class both he and DORSEY begin to act very strangely. CMDR VERMONT and his men track a strange signal, as the aliens make their descent. But something's wrong – and the aliens are miniaturising!! The power runs out.. and the beacon shuts down. The Alien Spaceship is lost.. in KISSINGER-THE-DOG's yawn. From
    • Episode Three
      Episode Three
      Episode 3
      GILES is miraculously washed ashore. Not that the medics care; they're busy reviving a rich old man who's fallen victim to SABRINA. While GILES recovers, DOROTHY tells him he probably imagined the whole OCTAVIA-periscope incident. Afterall it's a confusing time; shifting to a new school… etc. When GRANDPA starts up about mysterious DENNIS, DOROTHY abruptly ends the conversation. A new school day, sponsored by Reb-elz Coolwear (R.C.). JOSH asks OCTAVIA out. She declines; they're too different. He likes comic-book superheroes whereas she prefers reality. JOSH defends the fight against evil but OCTAVIA tells him he wouldn't know evil if it walked up and bit him. GILES is shocked by OCTAVIA's aloof attitude. He nearly drowned trying to save her! She denies all knowledge of the periscope. R.C. Marketing Director, MR LEW SIFFER announces the upcoming launch of the new line. SABRINA models the range. ANTONIA's sold. It must be cool if SABRINA's wearing it. As LEW SIFFER outlines the correct way of wearing R.C., GILES, pestering OCTAVIA about a periscope, disrupts assembly and is promptly sent to VIOLET's office. Meanwhile, JOSH is on a quest to find ‘evil'. COACH SHANE has an idea. ANTONIA pleads with SABRINA to let her wear the R.C, but SABRINA says no. She fumes at GILES for stealing her scene. JOSH continues his search for ‘evil'. ANTONIA, JET and ANTONY are no help. SOPHIE suggests the ultimate evil channel. MR DORSEY has the aliens observing earth costumes through the Science Room TV. JOSH and SOPHIE steal in and switch to ultimate evil channel (sponsored by R.C); they see evil people that look like beekeepers. The aliens use their matter-generating module to get R.C. GILES skips class to talk to someone, but the only person available is BEANIE. DOROTHY's worried to see her son with the weird kid. She gives GILES a card for therapist, DR. LEGGZ. JOSH, the superhero, combats evil bee-keepers. JET tells GILES her conspiracy theories about R.C., and toasters. GILES is sent to the guidance counsellor. MR QUENTIN tells GILES; "if the cap fits wear it". GILES takes it as a sign to embrace R.C. Happy at last, he heads for the Launch. But SABRINA is horrified. She doesn't want to look like GILES. The launch is ruined. And if that isn't bad enough, GILES learns that OCTAVIA has a secret! From
    • Episode Two
      Episode Two
      Episode 2
      As GILES recollects his fleeting moment of passion with OCTAVIA, a spaceship of mice-munching aliens are watching his every move. BEANIE gets a helping hand/eye as he passes through SHANE and VIOLET'S cool detector at school. ANTONY and ANTONIA have broken up. GILES gets a dismal cool rating from the detector, but at least OCTAVIA wasn't there to see… he spoke too soon, as she has arrived. His miracle arrives when SOPHIE's poltergeist is offended by ANTONY and causes havoc. ANTONY and ANTONIA, separately of course, involve reluctant GILES in their relationship issues. BEANIE has been sketching showerheads again. GILES and JOSH squabble over who will pick up OCTAVIA'S dropped textbook. OCTAVIA spurns JOSH'S advances and hopes to see GILES at the beach party. But the beach is a horror to GILES. And is he sexy enough for her? In science class GILES is the only one able to verbally answer MR DORSEY'S question as to which one species can consciously alter it's appearance to attract a mate. DOROTHY advises GILES to get in touch with his INNER CHILD to solve his attitude towards his body. This leads GILES to consider letting go of his younger self and move on. SOPHIE'S temper and poltergeist appear when GILES tells her that ANTONY does not like her. COACH SHANE gives GILES a bottle of pills to help him in his quest for a decent body. But his body is a temple. JET offers to swap the pills for some of her own additives. GILES relents and takes her ointment, which promises he will look "great". He rubs it on his chest, but it doesn't seem to work. Meanwhile JET gets pumped up after taking the pills she gained in the exchange. Beach party day arrives but GILES can't go topless with a "green" chest! INNER CHILD suggests he take OCTAVIA elsewhere. GILES is looking for OCTAVIA when DOROTHY exits from her "cleaning job" at the Vermont's house. That's odd. MRS VERMONT says she is already at the beach. GILES faces his fear and goes to the beach party. JOSH and ANTONY tease him about wearing a shirt, so he takes it off wishing for super powers. They all laugh at his green chest, but at least OCTAVIA wasn't there to see the teasing… then he spies her out to sea. Is she in trouble? GILES, a non-swimmer, paddles to rescue her in an inflatable. OCTAVIA is nowhere to be seen in the sea. Has she been eaten by twin sharks? A periscope with OCTAVIA'S eye in it appears then punctures GILES' inflatable. GILES can't swim! MR DORSEY watches from the beach – he wants to tell his side of the story. From
    • Episode One
      Episode One
      Episode 1
      GILES & his Mom, DOROTHY are moving to the coast. Sunset Cove turns out to be depressingly perfect (despite the A.W.O.L. radiation bomb), but GILES is soon captivated when he sees the girl in purple. He starts his new school, and is saved from a CHARITY COLLECTOR by SOPHIE (& her poltergeist). As he visits the Principal's office, a suspicious character gravitates towards his unaccompanied bag. GILES is put up a couple of grades, and while VITA (VIOLET's secretary) informs him of the fundamental school rule, VIOLET (The Principal) has a plastic-surgery crisis. GILES' entrance wakes MR DORSEY's science class. They're even more annoyed when SOPHIE arrives with her poltergeist and a mouse which escapes… into GILES' bag. During the commotion, he spots MR DORSEY swallowing a tail. While GILES gets zapped… SOPHIE discovers a fluffy pink G-string in his bag. Though he pleads innocence, GILES has broken the fundamental school rule. He's immediately ostracised. Just when things can't get any worse, they do. DOROTHY's new job is at the school canteen. And GILES meets JET, a food additive addict. Only after he's introduced her to fresh food, and she's gone to rip the scab off reality, does he learn of her allergies. JOSH'll hold GILES personally responsible for the consequences. GILES finds a secret passage leading to the Girls' changing rooms. There he spies a bag identical to his own, and the girl without the purple dress. He also discovers BEANIE drawing shower-heads. BEANIE swears GILES to secrecy. In return he gives GILES an address (to source the mystery underwear and clear GILES' good name). As GILES stakes out the address, he hears JET's stolen the detonator for the missing bomb. He convinces the CHARITY COLLECTOR (who lives at the house) to help him when a masked superhero, wearing pink G-string, threatens to haul the collector in for an out of date license. GILES discovers that the masked hero is… JOSH!! He threatens to expose JOSH as a wearer of a pink leotard unless the unmasked hero helps find JET. GILES follows the fruit peel, and finds the bomb's been detonated. JET demands pentasodium triphosphate, and only then will she hand over the detonator. OCTAVIA appears; an exchange is made – but where is the key to the detonator? GILES & OCTAVIA find the key in a crate of underwear. A mystery is solved. GILES is happy (OCTAVIA kisses him), and VIOLET is pleased to find her imported lingerie. The one school rule is cancelled. MR DORSEY reports back to base - it's time for phase two. From