A.T.O.M - Alpha Teens on Machines

Disney XD (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Serpent's Tale
      The Serpent's Tale
      Episode 52
      coming soon
    • Full Circle
      Full Circle
      Episode 51
      Garrett manages to decode one of Lee's transmissions, allowing the team to finally locate Lee's base. But once they get there, they face off against an enhanced Mu-Team...
    • Serving Two Masters
      Axel has a premonition that the Jo-Lan temple is trouble. Once the team arrive, a man claiming to be Sebastian Manning's teacher offers his assistance. But all is not what it seems.
    • Hyper Reality
      Hyper Reality
      Episode 49
      The Teens encounter a new foe called The Racer. His hobby? Stealing one-of-a-kind vehicles!
    • Secret Admirer
      Secret Admirer
      Episode 48
      coming soon
    • The Oddest Couple
      The Oddest Couple
      Episode 47
      Hawk is sent to stop Wrecka from stealing a shipment of Thurlium, a mutation enhancing chemical. However, both are captured by Magness, who wants the thurlium in order to increase her magnetic powers a hundred-fold, and the two enemies are forced to work together to stop her.
    • Zoo Story
      Zoo Story
      Episode 46
      Mr. Lee captures the Hybridon (From "Camping With The Enemy") and injects it with a solution that makes it even more ferocious. Meanwhile, Hawk falls for Nicole, one of Lioness' Capoiera students.
    • Survival Skills
      Survival Skills
      Episode 45
      A bounty hunter wishes to capture the ATOM team as part of his game collection. Luring them with a false hope that Axel's father is alive, it's the team pitted against the hunter as they survive the jungle.
    • Fathers and Sons
      Fathers and Sons
      Episode 44
      During an encounter with Dragon, Axel removes the ninja's mask, and discovers the face of Sebastian Manning! Meanwhile, Hawk's Hollywood actor father, Kip Hawkes, comes to visit.
    • High Frontier
      High Frontier
      Episode 43
      While Garret is performing tests on the Landmark space station, Lee and his Mu-Team attack! Lee's plan: to make an army of hybrid plant/humans!
    • Critical Mass
      Critical Mass
      Episode 42
      coming soon
    • The Mu-Toys
      The Mu-Toys
      Episode 41
      The teens volunteer to be Santa Claus and his elves at the local mall. However, the toys they give out are not what they seem. The toys are actually mini-robots designed to control the minds of the delegates visiting Landmark City.
    • The Girls From Brazil
      Lioness's cousin, Lesa is captured so the team travel to Brazil to save her.
    • Programmed
      Episode 39
      While searching through Mr. Lee's soon-to-be destroyed mansion, Axel discovers a canister with a map written by his father, directing him to his home town. Meanwhile, Lee captures Dragon and creates a cybernetic clone of the warrior to destroy Axel with!
    • Fathers and Daughters
      Lioness's neglectful rocker father comes to visit, hoping to mend fences with his daughter. Meanwhile, Magness is planning a major heist, at the very concert the Alpha Teens are attending!
    • The Kraken Awakens
      The Kraken Awakens
      Episode 37
      During a turbulent storm, a captain is busy conducting some research when the Mu-team assaults and kidnaps the scientist. It turns out to be Rachel's father, and she seeks the help of Shark and his friends to save him. It's a seafaring journey when Shark reunites with an old friend that taught him all about the sea, and the trail leads to a guarded oil derrick.moreless
    • Perchance to Dream
      Perchance to Dream
      Episode 36
      When Mr. Lee breaks Re-Combo out of prison Re- Combo invades the dreams of the A.T.O.M. team.
    • A Shock to the System
      coming soon
    • Paine Relief
      Paine Relief
      Episode 34
      Paine receives a death threat in prison, and Axel and Shark reluctantly agree to be his bodyguards. It's not long before Paine is driven to paranoia and fear, and Axel takes whatever the risks to find out about his father.
    • Camping with the Enemy
      When King takes the team camping for his birthday, it soon becomes clear that they are not alone in the forest! It seems that one of Re-Combo's previous creations is on the loose, and it's up to the team to capture it.
    • Brain Drain
      Brain Drain
      Episode 32
      In an attempt to perfect his hard-light vehicle design, Lee invades a school for exceptionally intelligent kids, kidnapping King's little brother Duke in the process.
    • Resurrection
      Episode 31
      Lioness is asked to give a public speech at a fundraiser, which she has an unresolved fear of public speaking. Lee lures Axel into a trap and sends the Mu-Team, including a thought to be dead Tilian, to ambush him.
    • From Beneath The Sea
      Shark lands a job as a lifeguard where he meets a beautiful scientist named Rachel. Unfortunately Lee has Rayza, Shark’s mutant clone, kidnap Rachel. Hawk is taught the basics of swimming as he and the other members of the Alpha Teens are attacked by his clone, Stingfly.
    • Movin' On Down
      Movin' On Down
      Episode 29
      The team are in trouble when Wrecka and Firekat show up when they're shopping for the Aquatics Centre, and when the two follow them home, it's go time. Who will triumph - the original thing, or the improved copies?
    • Revelation
      Episode 28
      Axel discovers Mr. Lee's ties to the creature that attacked him, "Tilian", and is horrified as Lee reveals that the team were merely pawns all along in his grander schemes to create the ultimate life-form that will eventually keep humanity docile. The team rebound stronger than ever with the aid of Garrison and engage in a grueling conflict with Tilian that leaves it's mark on Lee...a new battle is about to unfold over Landmark City.moreless
    • Deception
      Episode 27
      The Alpha Teens are fired from their jobs with Lee and kicked out of their home! Faced with the prospect of "real jobs" and the prospect of being homeless, things get worse when a strange hybrid creature named Tilian comes after Axel, intent on killing him... Will the gang find a new home? Will Axel survive? And just what does Mr Lee have to do with Tilian?moreless
  • Season 1