A.T.O.M - Alpha Teens on Machines

Season 1 Episode 26


Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Apr 15, 2006 on Disney XD
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As the anniversary of his father's death approaches, Axel becomes more determined then ever to take down Paine.
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  • Now is 10 years after Axel's father killed in an explosion. That's why he is more agresive. After stopped Paine's last plan, he promised the next time will be their last meet. Will Paine keep his promise to Axel?moreless

    It's a realy good episode to finish a season.

    Action, mystries and questions. It's shocked me when

    Paine told he didn't make any explosion, so he didn't

    kill Axel's father. And here is the question: If it wasn't

    Paine, who killed Axel's father, than who was? In the

    end we should think there will bea season 2. But at the

    first time, when I saw the end, nad Mr Lee's creature,

    and his last words, that Axel's power is now higher,

    I thought his creature a Jo Lan power absorb monster.

    But it's only a clone, unfortunetly. And this clone's

    nmae is Tilian. Question: Who's clone it? And what is

    Mr Lee's true face?moreless
  • Paine's had the last straw and he probably he got really fed up with Axel and said "Hey why don't I get this over with and get rid of Axel." but what he doesn't know is that yes it will be the end for someone other than Axel.Himself.moreless

    I so luv this episode it shows how much Axel and Lioness care for each other.Because first when he came back to the Aquatic center he was fuming about something which I can't really remember but Lioness was trying to calm him down but he pushed her away and told them to leave and she was probably the saddest one there.But in the end she gave him back the photo frame of them together and he pulled her into a tight hug and she was blushing furiously.Anyway it all worked out(That is so sweet so I really really hope they get together in series2 and if you missed it on saturday 2 septmber,06 you should try and catch it sometime it was way good but anyway.xxbyemoreless
  • Paine thinks it's time for a little payback and targets Axel and his home.

    It was awsome!!!! i absolutely luved it!! they leave you with such a cliff hanger! i mean do Axel and Lioness get together (i only say this cuz i want them to be together) and wat\'s with Magnus (i can\'t remember her name) getting all mad about? Wat about Dragon? Wat\'s his connection with Axel? who really knows (besides the people who make the ATOM show)? i don\'t know im just bablin cuz i need at least 100 wrds sooo yea me!!!!!! o by the way i just started a story on my blog so read it and tell me wat u think my email is Peapop101@aol.commoreless
  • It realy showed ewmotion between axel and lioness.

    I thought the episode was so cute . it was so obviouse at the end that axel like lioness. I think that it could have used to be a lillel longer, Like at least a two part episode. Also I thought it would have ben cool if the team all saw that they were being cloned. it makes me wonder if there clones are ment to be bad guys becuse mabey the only reason they were hired to become a.t.o.m was becuse there boss wanted to take over the world. so he needed 5 powerful teens to clone toi do it with. IT realy makes me want to see the next season. the fact that axel was so out of control in this epiosde seemed just a little over the top but it was good because it sowed that he and lioness so totally dig each other. I wonder if they will ever tell each other in the second season. well i guess i will know so enough . I also thought that axels way of getting rid of the team ( even if for there protedction) was a little harsh especialy for poor lioness. cant wait till next seasonmoreless
  • I thought this episode was amazing because it wasn't only an emotion epi for axel but it made clear that Lioness totally has a crush on him and its just awsome and i cant wait for the second season.moreless

    In my opinion i thought this episode was a bit quick and i thought that the whole story should have been made in to a 4 part episode for Axel. Im happy Paine in jail and all but what do you think would happen next, personally, i beleive Magnus would be cool taking over the world but paine is way better.

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