A.T.O.M - Alpha Teens on Machines

Season 1 Episode 9

The Final Frontier

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 08, 2005 on Disney XD
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The Final Frontier
Hawk is flying in an air show when the party is crashed by an old friend from his academy days. Meanwhile, Paine hires some new blood to steal a plane from Lee Industries in order to cover Landmark City with a deadly poison.

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  • Let's see... good animation, check. Character development, check. Magnificent bad guy, check. It's final, this is my favorite episode of the series.

    If you didn't guess it yet, this is (in my opinion) THE best episode of the series. From start to finish, it's a thrill to watch. From the greatly animated flight-sequence in the beginning, to the climatic finale, this is the finest example of why I watch the show, and more importantly, why I like Hawk. It starts with Hawk flying in an air-show, where a mystery pilot tries to steal the limelight. After the sequence (Which I already told, is fantastically animated.) we come to know that this Pilot is and old classmate of Hawk, Bogey (Clever name, an unknown radar air contact) who, according to Hawk, has got them both out of the military. After that sequence, it's also apperant that Bogey is a loose cannon, not caring for casualties in his dangerous stunts (Not even his own.) After that, Mr. Lee gives the team an assignment to fly on a hyper-sonic jet of some sorts. (Well... Hawk applied them.), and they get exercises to get ready. It's funny to see the different team members react to things like a strict commander, no-gravity planes and *Gasp* getting up at 5 o'clock. Especially Hawk's enthusiasm is fun to see and addicting. Meanwhile, Paine hires Bogey to hijack the plane and spread some toxin into the sky above Landmark city. Together with Flesh, he breaks into the hangar and succeeds in stealing the plane, but not before he shows some humour in walking up to two guards whistling while waiting for Flesh to knock them out, and trying to kill Hawk in a machine that imitates G-forces. This not only shows that Bogey has some skills considering picking locks and computers (Altough it's possible that Paine provided him the needed information) But also his rivalry with Hawk, as he sees the stunt he pulls with the G-force machine more like a challenge then a way of killing Hawk. When the plane is stolen, Hawk and Axel manage to get on the plane, while the rest of the team infiltrates the ground contact with Spydah, altough that sequence is fun and nicely done (With a really naughty Shark) the true spectacle is in the air. Hawk and Axel manage to sneak up to the cockpit, but are held up by Flesh. The three have a scuffle, Bogey hears it and leaves the controls, causing the plane to go into a free fall (No miracle he got kicked out of the military academy. You do not leave your controls while in mid-air! Even some aerial dimwit like me knows that) Now it's time for the rivals and their showdown. The no-gravity fight sequence is not only thrilling, but funny as well (Axel floating by cross-legged with a grin on his face still cracks me up.) After Bogey has lost the fight, both he and Flesh get out, leaving Hawk and Axel in a crashing plane. They manage to keep a disaster from happening (barely, and they give poor Mr. Lee a big scare.) All's well that ends well, and the episode ends with one of the funniest moments in the series. A great ending for a great episode.moreless
James Arnold Taylor

James Arnold Taylor

Axel Manning

Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan

Ollie Sharker "Shark"

Charlie Schlatter

Charlie Schlatter

Zach Hawkes "Hawk"

Alois Hooge

Alois Hooge

Crey Kingston "King"

Alli Mauzey

Alli Mauzey

Cat Leone "Lioness"

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    • Paine wants to spread concentrated bromine gas into the upper stratisphere. Bromine, which has the highest ozone depletion of any element, would cause a massive hole to be ripped in the ozone layer. The result would be that huge amounts of ultraviolet radiation would come through to Landmark City, making it far too dangerous to live there.

    • The Hypersonic jet can fly in the upper stratisphere and reach speeds surpassing Mach 5.

    • Bogie went to Military Academy with Hawk when they were younger. One day, Bogie crashed into Hawk's plane during their usual competitions, nearly killing them both. At the inquest, Bogie claimed it was entirely Hawk's fault, and they haven't seen each other since that day until now.