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Atomic Betty is a fast paced animated adventure comedy series that features Betty, a little girl with a big secret. To her friends and family, she's the sweet and brainy girl next door, but when the galaxy beckons, she sheds her humdrum persona and becomes: "Atomic Betty, Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos!"

But Betty is not alone in defending the galaxy. With her are her faithful crew members, Sparky, the hyper-enthusiastic, hyper-hungry and just plain hyper co-pilot of the Galactic Starcruiser; and robot X-5, a mobile encyclopedia of the universe. There isn't a planet X-5 doesn't know or an alien species whose customs he can't mimic. While Sparky and X-5 are often at odds and squabbling with one another, when push comes to shove, they're just as protective of each other as they are of Betty. Isn't that what good friends are for? Enemy number one on Betty's list is the ultimate super-villain, the Supreme Overlord, Maximus I.Q. Maximus would love nothing better than to visit Atomic Betty's home world and destroy her once and for all! But for some infuriating reason Atomic Betty has been able to keep her secret base a secret, even from him. One day she'll slip, and when she does, he'll destroy Atomic Betty and everything she stands for... BWAHAHA! Always at Maximus' side is his long-suffering assistant, Minimus P.U. ('Portable-Underling'). Minimus has a prominent 'Swivel-Head', essentially one head with two distinct faces that move back and forth allowing Minimus to be both a sycophant and a grumbler at the same time; giving new meaning to the phrase "two-faced".

But back on Earth, nobody suspects a thing - and that's just the way Betty likes it. If her Mom and Dad knew she was out zooming through the cosmos without a license, she'd be grounded for sure! Still, Betty's beginning to have some suspicions about a secret her Granny might be hiding too. Talk about your family secrets! Betty and Granny just might have some catching up to do – that is if the galaxy's villains will pause long enough to let them. - Atomic Betty Press Kit

Atomic Betty reporting for duty.


Betty - Betty is intelligent, funny, very independent and not afraid to be honest. On Earth, she loves music, using her skateboard, hanging out with her best friend named Noah; or dreaming about the school heartthrob, Dylan. In space, she likes racing her star cruiser and fighting treacherous super-villains. Betty has eclectic interests.

Sparky - Sparky is Atomic Betty's first lieutenant and co-pilot of the Hyper-Galactic Star Cruiser. Sparky is not the brightest alien in the galaxy, but his energy, enthusiasm and loyalty make up for his low IQ. Sparky's bravery is surpassed only by his appetite. There isn't a situation that Sparky cannot eat his way out of.

X-5 - X-5 is a most brilliant robot. He'll tell you everything you need to know about some intergalactic species... and more. As Sparky says, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. A lot of knowledge is just a pain in the butt." Sparky and X-5 love to hate each other.

Supreme Overload, Maximus I.Q. - Look up the heading "Supreme Evil" in the Galactic Yellow Pages, and you will find a picture of Maximus I.Q. Maximus has one dream: to impose his diabolical rule on every sentient being in the Cosmos. Betty despises Maximus because he is constantly breaking the Galactic Guardian rulebook, while Maximus hates Betty because she's always foiling his plans. As Maximus says, "That girl has no respect for evil geniuses!"

Minimus P.U. ('Portable Underling') - Minimus is Maximus's long-suffering right-hand man. He enjoys his job and is unaware of the almost unbearable levels of abuse inflicted upon him by his boss. Minimus's head has two different faces that can alternate back and forth. This lets Minimus be both evil and ignorant at the same time, giving new meaning to "two-faced."

Betty's Parents - Betty's Mother spends the vast majority of her day raving over her beloved pet cat, Purrsy. This is why she appears to never notice that Betty has just returned from a quest in the Cosmos. Her Father is not much help either; only concentrating with another gizmo he is attempting to sell. Betty is aware that her Mother and Father would have a difficult time dealing with the idea that she was fighting ferocious space creatures.

Noah - Noah is a computer nerd who is kind, funny, and Betty's best friend. In fact, he has a bit of a crush on Betty (not that she has noticed). Noah is always the first to defend Betty or cover for Betty... or carry her novels. Noah's a bit of a doormat.

Penelope - Penelope is the snob/bully. She loves shopping, reading teen mags, and ordering around her two sidekicks, Megan and Sarah. Her family is filthy rich, and she's used to getting her way – even if it means stepping all over other people. (In fact, she gets more of a kick in doing that.)

Dylan - The resident heartthrob, Dylan is good-looking, intelligent and athletic. Penelope is crazy about him! As is Betty... although she is afraid to admit that. Dylan finds himself oddly interested in Betty. The fact that she claims bizarre things and leaves at a moment's notice, only makes Dylan more intrigued.

Admiral DeGill - Admiral DeGill is the Commander in Chief of the Galactic Guardians. He is the one responsible for dispatching heroes to thwart the devilish deeds of evildoers. He is a supporter of Betty's extreme abilities. He is aware that Betty is superior to the others and he should; after all, the Admiral's been alive since Sirius, the Dog Star, was still paper training.

Purrsy - Purrsy is a purebreed Siamese cat. Betty's Mom treats him like he's one of her children. Purrsy is a pampered feline who loves nothing more than seeing Betty in trouble, he usually plays a big role in doing so.

Theme Song:

Call me up, I'm your girl, The toughest chick in the alien world, Ain't got time for pink and lace, This girl's built for outer space!

Atomic Betty is a fighting girl! Atomic Betty gonna rock your world! Atomic Betty, 'tomic Betty...

Atomic Betty, a galactic girl! Atomic Betty, gonna save the world! Atomic Betty, 'tomic Betty... (Atomic Betty reporting for duty!)

Performed by Tajja Isen

Awards & Nominations

2005 Annie Awards - Outstanding Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production (Nominated)moreless

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