Atomic Betty

Season 3 Episode 11

A Hard Day's Fight/If the Shoe Fits

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Oct 17, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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A Hard Day's Fight/If the Shoe Fits
A Hard Day's Fight: Betty, Sparky, and X-5, as the band Jackamoose, finish a music video, to be shared only amongst themselves. However, Sparky decides to publish their music video (with an album cover reminiscent of Abbey Road), which becomes a massive hit. Admiral DeGill is shocked at a large group of intergalactic fans of Jackamoose converging on Moose Jaw, and orders Betty and company to fix the problem they have caused, as the fans may compromise the security of Galactic Guardian headquarters. To do so, they announce a farewell concert to be held in the school gymnasium. Maximus makes note of this, and notices that the music Jackamoose is playing was plagiarized. Arriving on Earth, Maximus, after a brief confrontation, convinces Betty of the truth; Sparky had indeed plagiarized Maximus' lyrics - it was a song that he knew as a child while watching Maximus perform the music on 3-V. Betty, however, is unconvinced that Maximus was the original author, so Maximus decides to perform the music himself, which causes the fans' attentions to turn to Maximus. Maximus and Minimus make a hasty retreat, as they are chased away from Earth by their new fans. (Villain: Maximus IQ) If the Shoe Fits: Betty is ordered by Admiral DeGill to broker a peace agreement between the Galactic Guardians and an alien race. To ease communications, X-5 invents a translation box, allowing Betty to communicate with the alien race. However, she accidentally leaves the box at home, instead taking a box with Sparky's disco shoes. Meanwhile, Purrsy toys with the box, and gains the ability to speak, freaking out Betty's mother. Back with the alien race, Betty discovers that she does not have the translation box with her, but Sparky reassures her that the treaty will be signed, having taken a course on how to speak the alien language. However, he makes a diplomatic faux pas when he tries to compliment the alien leader, and the two are forced to make a hasty retreat. Back home, Betty manages to round up Purrsy and gets X-5 to repair the machine so to take away the ability to speak. Meanwhile, the aliens have found their way to Moose Jaw and are appearing to wreak havoc. Fortunately, X-5 manages to fix the translation box and use it on the alien race, and they discover that in their culture, compliments are taken as insults and vice-versa, explaining Sparky's faux pas. Betty manages to parlay this fact into a new treaty, and the aliens leave Moose Jaw in peace. (Villain: nobody) Ending Sketch: Crash-Test Noah: Animal In-Stinks - Noah tests a collar that allows the wearer to adopt the mannerisms of any animal.moreless

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