Atomic Betty

Season 1 Episode 12

Battle of the Bots / Martian Makeover

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Nov 28, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Battle of the Bots / Martian Makeover
Battle of the Bots: Betty and the gang need to rescue an obnoxious empress from Maximus. Meanwhile, Betty's basketball team are losing the game at school. Betty returns just in time to score the winning point for her team.

Martian Makeover: Betty is on a mission to escort a princess to her wedding to the leader of a tribe who has been at war. This marriage will end the war; when they arrive, they discover that the leader of the opposing tribe wants to cancel the wedding because he has been monitoring Betty and he wants to marry her. Meanwhile on Earth, Duncan has a crush on Penelope and Noah agrees to help him get Penelope. In exchange, Duncan will stop bullying him.moreless

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  • Battle it out.

    An interesting episode choice, very interesting.

    Battle of the Bots

    Quite creative, the princess was awful and she reminded me of Penelope. An awful priss and afraid of everything. I can't quite get over the fact that she wanted Maximus to kidnap her and it was a twist the note that Betty got in the box. I started laughing so hard when that happened. Very unexpected but also expected. Oh my, I almost cried from laughing so hard. Must've been a relief for Betty- she lost the princess that they didn't want. Excuse me, she was an empress, sorry. I can't imagine her being a very good one though.

    Introducing X-5's uncle was a sweet touch and it shows some family pieces of the other characters which always helps you understand and connect to them better. His uncle was quite a military character but that made it even more exciting and more like a real war scene.

    Betty managed to save the day in the end and get back home to save the basketball game. I sort of liked how it flipped between Betty and Noah. Penelope was a real girly girl in this episode which is one thing I can't abide, but it increasing loathing of Penelope so bring it on! The subplot overall was weak but that made the episode not quite properly fit together yet it was still great. When they can do that you know they've done a good job.

    Martian Makeover

    This also had a bit of an X-5 focus but this time on his love life. The other robot was sweet but a little too much of a resemblance for my taste. They should have given her, her own personality and look instead of scrambling up and girl-ifying pieces of X-5. She was still a good character though and I commend that.

    The bridegroom was absolutely revolting. When he said he liked Betty I could have puked. Gross! But it was a little short of romance when the two ended up falling in love anyway. It would have been better if they looked and sounded better but never mind, life isn't always perfect and neither is Atomic Betty.

    Sparky once again saves them with something rather stupid that he did. It can get rather annoying though, and in this case it was more annoying than funny. They need a new idea for stuff like this.

    Subplot was funny, very funny with all the outfits Duncan had to go in. Once again, Noah must fend for himself which I like seeing happening often. So funny that Penelope was the only one who didn't like Duncan after the makeover. Atleast Noah doesn't get bullied anymore, yay!

    Overall, and eight out of ten for both episodes. Not too shabby but I felt that the war plot for both was a bit strong. Plus, there were just some small things within the episodes.moreless

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