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Episode Guide

    • Invading Space / Make a Wish / Sparky vs. Minimus: Who's The Best Dancer?

      Invading Spaces:
      Betty must defend the people of Earth from becoming tacky Earthonian furnishings, and prevent her mother from turning her bedroom into a "Fuzzy Fushia Forest" (Villains: )

      Make a Wish:
      Atomic Rodger accidentally gains the power to grant the wishes of one other person: Betty. With her secret thoughts coming true, Betty starts to lose her mind! (Villain: Atomic Rodger)

      Sparky vs Minimus: Who's The Best Dancer?:
      Sparky and Minimus dance off at a nightclub in Moose Jaw. Both tire out from exhaustion, and the contest is declared a tie.

    • The Big Dig / Wedding Crashers / Galactic Idol
      The Big Dig:
      Betty and the others discover an opal buried under Moosejaw Heights and now the whole town is digging and searching for more. And to make matters worse, Hopper the Chopper and Max Sr. come to Earth to search as well.

      Wedding Crashers
      Betty's grandparents are getting re-married, but the wedding gets interrupted by Betty's evil aunt, Auntie Matter, who wants to kidnap Grandpa and make him her husband. Meanwhile, Betty tries to earn money so she can buy a locket for her grandma as a wedding gift.
      Galactic Idol:
      Maximus is a contestant in a singing "americal idol"-like show by irratating the judges by singing terribly and stealing the trophy at the end.moreless
    • Arrr, It Be 'Olidays / Rodeo Robots / Body Snatchers
      Arr, It Be 'Olidays: Betty and her parents go to a pirate theme park, but everything turns to chaos when Greenbeard and his crew arrive and steal a pirate ship ride, with Betty's parents in it.

      Rodeo Robots: Dr. Cerebral has kidnapped Robo Betty and reprogramed her to attack the real Betty, who is at a rodeo with her family.
      Crash Test Noah: Body Snatchers: Noah tests a machine that is able to read the minds of the Bangoons. The machine works, but Noah is mortified at what he sees.moreless
    • Family Feuds / Girl Power / Elevator Traitor
      Family Feuds : Betty must stop a fight between Infantor and his younger brother before they hurt each other, or someone else. Meanwhile, Betty's mom becomes the new dance teacher at Betty's school.
      Girl Power:
      Pontifidora steals a magical crystal that turns ordinary girls into strong Amazon women and she uses them to get revenge on Admiral Degill. On Earth, Betty and Penelope compete against each other to impress the new girl in school, Regeena.
      Elevator Traitor: Maximus and Minimus attempt to destroy Betty and her crew by posing as pizza deliverymen and planting a bomb in a pizza. However, they are foiled when one of X-5's inventions suddenly activate in an elevator they are all in, switching the pizza box with a bucket of food Sparky was carrying.moreless
    • Night of the living Mummies / Trick or Creep / Stupid Pet Tricks
      Night of the living Mummies:
      Betty goes to a party at the museum where Penelope's dad has named an Egyptian wing after his daughter. But during the party, Penelope stumbles onto a magic necklace that brings all of the mummies in the museum to life.

      Trick or Creep:
      Betty tries to make a monster movie with her friends, but gets interrupted when Maximus invades Earth with an army of pumpkin monsters.
      The DeGill Show: Stupid Pet Tricks:
      Maximus is the special guest, where he coerces Minimus to turn his body around instead of his head.moreless
    • The Doomsday Game / Degill and Son / Who's The Most Extreme?
      The Doomsday Game: Maximus is playing a killer game of croquet - literally! Earth is in danger of being knocked into the sun and all mayhem breaks loose when it looks like the end of the world is near. (Villain: Maximus IQ)
      Degill and Son: Admiral DeGill discovers he has a son with the evil Pontifadora. Bill DeGill is given free rein over Galactic Guardian headquarters, but is his loyalty to his newfound father, or Pontifadora, who is using him to discover the secret location to Galactic Guardian headquarters? (Villains: Pontifidora, Bombshelle, and Iciclia)
      Sparky Vs. Minimus: Who's the Most Extreme?: Sparky and Minimus compete in a series of extreme sports events, which all end in a tie. Minimus concedes defeat when he is forced off of a skydiving plane without a parachute. Unfortunately, Sparky's parachute gets caught in a tree branch hanging from a cliff which makes Minimus the winner.moreless
    • Mini-Maximus / Circus Sparkimus
      Mini-Maximus / Circus Sparkimus
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Maximus sends Minimus to Earth to kidnap Purrsy so Maximus can have his own pet, all while Betty and Purrsey are being "brought closer together" by Betty's mom and a clueless TV psychiatrist.

      Circus Sparkimus:
      Betty's plans to go fishing with her dad are interrupted when Barker, an evil ringmaster, brings her circus to Earth and makes Sparky the main attraction.
      Sparky & Minimus: Who's the Better Rapper?:
      Sparky, accompanied by Betty and X5, raps about his life as a Galactic Guardian, while Minimus, accompanied by Pontifidora and Infantor, rap about being an underling. Sparky wins after Minimus manages to offend Maximus in one of his lines.moreless
    • The Incredible Shrinking Betty / Friends for Eternity
      The Incredible Shrinking Betty: An evil, short villain by the name of Enormo, is able to shrink Betty, Sparky, and X-5 with his Reverso-Magnifying Ray. The trio then end up trapped in the fur of Enormo's large pet dog, Gryphon. The now incredibly small three must battle this newly gigantic enemy and stop Enormo from shrinking everything in the universe! Friends for Eternity: It's Mother's Day on Earth and Betty plans on treating her Mom to a special day, but unfortunately gets called off on a seemingly routine mission to retrieve some crystals on a small remote planet inhabited by a strange little creature named Slirps who has a unique and potentially dangerous connection to the environment surrounding him. Maximus, discovering Betty is held up on this small planet, travels there to try to finish her once and for all.moreless
    • Bold Age / Cat Fight / Flight Simulator
      Bold Age: Maximus' grandfather, Max Sr. Sr. moves into the local retirement home and begins stealing youth from the citizens of Moosejaw Heights. Chaz and Penelope are in the line of fire while visiting their grandmother. (Villains: Maximus IQ, Max Sr., and Max Sr. Sr.)

      Cat Fight: Betty gets caught in the middle of two cat fights: one between two flea- alien ambassadors and the other between her parents. (Villains: Malvoid and Femvoid)

      Crash-Test Noah: Flight Simulator: As part of his cadet training, Noah takes on a flight simulator, and promptly faints from the high velocity travel.moreless
    • Betty Vs. the Giant Killer Ants / Best (Mis)Laid Plans
      Betty Vs. the Giant Killer Ants: On Earth, Dylan thinks Betty is a vegetarian, due to a mix-up at a BBQ. In space, Minimus accidentally spills some growth nectar on his ant farm, which creates an army of giant ants whom which Betty must battle! Best (Mis)Laid Plans: Maximus steals the plans to a prototype Galactic Guardian spaceship. Betty and her crew must infiltrate Maximus's lair to get them back. Meanwhile on Earth, Betty must take the cunning Purrsy to the vet where the precocious feline has a run in with a piranha.moreless
    • Betty's Secret Admirer / Slime of the Century
      Betty's Secret Admirer: Its Valentine's Day and Betty is wondering why she hasn't gotten any Valentine's Day cards from anyone. Meanwhile, someone who appears to be Atomic Roger is committing crimes and leaving signs that she loves Betty. Later, they find that it is actually Roger's twin, Dodger, who is committing the crimes. When she returns to Earth, Dylan and Noah give her Valentine's Day cards. Slime of the Century: Maximus and Sparky's mom are on a date but Sparky thinks that Maximus has kidnapped her. Meanwhile, Betty meets with Noah and he is angry that she is late again they make plains to go to the movies at 4:00. All of a sudden Betty is called out on a mission to find Sparky's mom. When they find out they are on a date Betty and the crew are shocked. Maximus is angry that he has been dating Sparky's mom. Maximus attempts to blast her with a laser, but fails, she gets angry and beats up all of Maximus' soldiers. Betty gets back to earth but is late once again to meeting Noah.moreless
    • Shake Your Booga / Cosmic Comicon / Fool House
      Shake Your Booga:
      Shaka Booga comes to Earth to find her bongo drums that were stolen by Sparky, who gave them to Regeena as a birthday present.

      Cosmic Comicon:
      A comic convention is being held at the mall and everyone is dressed up as characters from Noah's comic book, which is based on Betty's adventures. But then an angry Dr. Cerebral comes to the convention and goes after Regeena who is dressed up like him.
      Fool House:
      Admiral DeGill, Sparky, Maximus, and Minimus are engaged in a card game. X-5, the dealer, is forced to eject Maximus and Minimus after they are caught cheating.moreless
    • A Hard Day's Fight/If the Shoe Fits
      A Hard Day's Fight: Betty, Sparky, and X-5, as the band Jackamoose, finish a music video, to be shared only amongst themselves. However, Sparky decides to publish their music video (with an album cover reminiscent of Abbey Road), which becomes a massive hit. Admiral DeGill is shocked at a large group of intergalactic fans of Jackamoose converging on Moose Jaw, and orders Betty and company to fix the problem they have caused, as the fans may compromise the security of Galactic Guardian headquarters. To do so, they announce a farewell concert to be held in the school gymnasium. Maximus makes note of this, and notices that the music Jackamoose is playing was plagiarized. Arriving on Earth, Maximus, after a brief confrontation, convinces Betty of the truth; Sparky had indeed plagiarized Maximus' lyrics - it was a song that he knew as a child while watching Maximus perform the music on 3-V. Betty, however, is unconvinced that Maximus was the original author, so Maximus decides to perform the music himself, which causes the fans' attentions to turn to Maximus. Maximus and Minimus make a hasty retreat, as they are chased away from Earth by their new fans. (Villain: Maximus IQ) If the Shoe Fits: Betty is ordered by Admiral DeGill to broker a peace agreement between the Galactic Guardians and an alien race. To ease communications, X-5 invents a translation box, allowing Betty to communicate with the alien race. However, she accidentally leaves the box at home, instead taking a box with Sparky's disco shoes. Meanwhile, Purrsy toys with the box, and gains the ability to speak, freaking out Betty's mother. Back with the alien race, Betty discovers that she does not have the translation box with her, but Sparky reassures her that the treaty will be signed, having taken a course on how to speak the alien language. However, he makes a diplomatic faux pas when he tries to compliment the alien leader, and the two are forced to make a hasty retreat. Back home, Betty manages to round up Purrsy and gets X-5 to repair the machine so to take away the ability to speak. Meanwhile, the aliens have found their way to Moose Jaw and are appearing to wreak havoc. Fortunately, X-5 manages to fix the translation box and use it on the alien race, and they discover that in their culture, compliments are taken as insults and vice-versa, explaining Sparky's faux pas. Betty manages to parlay this fact into a new treaty, and the aliens leave Moose Jaw in peace. (Villain: nobody) Ending Sketch: Crash-Test Noah: Animal In-Stinks - Noah tests a collar that allows the wearer to adopt the mannerisms of any animal.moreless
    • Love Bites / Zulia's New Beau / Bizzare Love Triangle
      Love Bites: Maximus infects Betty with a love bug, and she instantly falls in love with Minimus. The bug's hitch a ride back to Earth, and the whole town erupts in Valentine's Day madness! (Villain: Maximus IQ)

      Zulia's New Beau: Sparky's mom, Zulia, has found another winning boyfriend: Plutor from the bad boys gang The X-Rays. Zulia visits Sparky on Earth and brings trouble with her. (Villain: The X-Rays)

      Bizarre Love Triangle: Betty arrives to see Sparky, X-5, and Admiral DeGill watch a webcam video of Noah in one of his romantic fantasies and subsequently laugh at her. A mortified Betty, in response, strands the three in outer space.moreless
    • Self Sabotage / Crass Menagerie
      Self Sabotage / Crass Menagerie
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Self Sabotage: Betty is running a race for her gym class but she is called away on a mission. When she gets to the ship, she finds that Sparky took the ship and X-5 apart for repairs. Sparky quickly puts everything back together, but he doesn't do it right. Betty and the crew need to both fix the ship and stop Maximus' latest scheme and return to Earth in time for Betty to finish the race. Crass Menargie: Sparky and X-5 feel ignored that Betty is letting all the admiration go to her head for being the savor of the galaxy. When Maximus kidnaps Betty, she must turn to her recently scorned friends to save her.moreless
    • Galactic Pirates of the Corralean / The Revenge of Masticula
      Galactic Pirates of the Corralean Betty goes to look for an ancient doomsday device which a pirate stole the treasure map for. However, Maximus then stole the map from the pirates and trouble ensues. In a subplot, Betty and Noah go to her uncles' farm for horse riding. The Revenge of Masticula A villainous shape changing blob comes back for revenge on the trial that condemned it - Admiral DeGill, Sparky's Mom, Spindly Tam Kanushu and Chef Bernadette. Betty must refreeze the blob and save the trial members. In a subplot, Betty's cousin is at the carnival and sneaks into the haunted house without her permission and gets scared.moreless
    • Wizard of Orb / Max-Land
      Wizard of Orb / Max-Land
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      Wizard of Orb: Betty must travel to the planet Mortavio to rescue Good King R-turmex, who has been captured by the evil wizard, Solovem, master of black magic. Meanwhile on Earth, Betty, Noah, Penelope, and others compete in a skateboarding competition. Max-Land: Maximus opens a self-themed amusement park named Max-Land, in which he plans on using the attractions to brainwash all the alien children, thus buying anything Maximus sells them. Meanwhile on Earth, Betty and her Mom visit Betty's Granny in the country where Betty finds a bracelet that might be a clue to Granny's secret identity.moreless
    • Werewolves on Zeebot / Return of the Pharoah
      Werewolves on Zeebot: The Chameleon is at it again to please Maximus, and this time he's using the powers of the Red Moon of Zeebot to turn the citizens into zombified werewolf creatures, in order to get to the Zeebotian Truffle, a very valuable and powerful source of energy. Betty and her crew investigate, as usual...but what happens when the werewolves get to X-5...? Meanwhile on Earth, Betty, her mom, and Purrsey compete in a family costume competition and Noah is forced to substitute for her, making Purrsey suspicious.

      Return of the Pharoah: The Pharoah of the Egyptonions has returned--only this time he's working alone, summoning ships from all across the galaxy in order to form an indestructible monster-bot. Betty and her crew are sent to investigate--but are forced to take along Commander Lamphray, DeGill's Beverly-Hills surfer nephew who had just recently gotten out of the Galactic Guardian Academy. On Earth, Betty, Paloma, and Penelope compete in a chili-eating competition in order to gain a free pass to the coolest amusement park in Moosejaw Heights.moreless
    • No Business Like Snow Business / Infantor Rules!
      No Business Like Snow Business: In order to stop an army of Abomi-Neutrino Snowmen led by Iciclia from destroying the Temple of the Stars on Nordikhan, Betty must use the hockey skills she learned on Earth to fight Iciclia. Spindly Tam also arrives to help the temple monks protect the Nexus Globe. Infanator Rules!: While on Earth, Betty's parents are competing against each other at bowling. Meanwhile, in space, Betty, Sparky, and X-5 get sucked into a "hologame" entitled "Infantor Rules!". They must all battle both the game obstacles and Infantor himself.moreless
    • Twas the Fight Before Xmas / Toy Hystoryia
      Twas the Fight Before Christmas: The Chameleon wants to give Maximus something he's always wanted for Christmas -- the destruction of Atomic Betty! Toy Hystoryia: Evil Infantor kidnaps Santa Claus and takes over the North Pole to get all the toys in the world.
    • Franken Brain / Evil Idol
      Franken Brain / Evil Idol
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      Franken Brain: Betty must stop Dr. Cerebral from creating a giant robot, and must also rescue X-5. Evil Idol: Maximus' greatest villains try to destroy Atomic Betty when she is caught off guard.
    • Like Father, Like Scum / Planet Stinxx
      Like Father, Like Scum: Maximus busts his father out of prison, but his father is ungrateful for it. Now he's out to steal the "golden yolk". Meanwhile on Earth, Betty's mom fills in as leader in Betty's ranger girl troup. She takes them out to the mall where Betty and Penelope compete for the shopping badge. Planet Stinxx: A villain named Mylord Orus has covered the planet Edenia with garbage. Not only that, but he plans to cover the whole galaxy with toxic garbage. On Earth, Noah writes a love poem about Betty and desperately tries to keep it a secret.moreless
    • New Neighbor / Pre-Teen Queen of Outer Space
      New Neighbor: When Nuclea moves into Maximus' territory in space, he wages war against her. Meanwhile, Betty has a new friend, named Paloma who just moved into the neighborhood. When trouble is brewing between Maximus and Nuclea, it's up to Betty to settle their rivalries.

      Pre-Teen Queen of Outer Space: Betty is having trouble ice skating. And to make matters worse, Penelope is making fun of her efforts. Meanwhile in outer space, the robot bees are searching for the most powerful female to be their queen. They abduct Penelope and make her queen of the space bees. How will Betty ever get her back?moreless
    • The Good, the Bad, and the Sparky / Bye-Bye X-5
      The Good, the Bad, and the Sparky:
      On Earth, Betty is trying to sell candy door-to-door. Her father is giving her advice on salesmanship. Meanwhile in space, Sparky becomes a famous movie star, when the famous director Antoine Lucci casts him in his latest movie. But when Maximus becomes involved, the danger becomes reality.

      Bye-Bye X-5:
      Betty's Mom buys a new automatic feeding and grooming machine for Purrsy – and she wants Betty to put it together Betty takes the machine with her to space where her mission is to test a new, technologically advanced spaceship, which comes with its own advanced robot, X-8 ½. Will X-5 be replaced by this new, technologically advanced robot?moreless
    • Power Arrangers / Dream Come True
      Power Arrangers / Dream Come True
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Power Arrangers: Someone is hypnotizing aliens to make them waste energy, and Betty must stop her. Dream Come True: Maximus tries to go into Betty's dreams to learn her home planet.
    • Beach Blanket Betty / Ice Queen / Hairballs in History
      Beach Blanket Betty: A powerful amulet turns Penelope into a supervillain named Lobsterella. Betty has to battle it out with the nastier then usual Penelope, while trying to impress Chaz with her surfing. (Villain: Penelope Lang as Lobsterella)
      Ice Queen: Penelope invites Betty and Regeena to an exclusive spa in the Arctic. Iciclia shows up and is furious to find the spa right where her favorite patch of ice used to be. (Villain: Iciclia)

      Hairballs in History: - Purrsy explains the historical significance of the hairball in architecture.moreless
    • Really Big Game / Substitute
      Really Big Game / Substitute
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Really Big Game: On Earth, Betty and her Dad are competing in a fishing derby with Penelope and her father. In space, Admiral DeGill has been captured by his old nemesis, the big game hunter, Pontifadora the Conquistadora. Betty must help DeGill in time to return to the fishing derby - to beat Penelope!

      Substitute: Sparky and X-5 are kidnapped and replaced by impostors. Betty quickly finds out they are impostors. By then it is too late, the impostors, sent by Maximus, piloted the ship extremely close to a proto-star and they should burn up. Betty rescued X-5 and Sparky and still had time to attempt a dangerous technique to sling shot around the star using its own gravity.moreless
    • Dr. Cerebral and the Stupifactor Ray / Atomic Circus
      Dr. Cerebral and the Stupifactor Ray: Betty tries to stop the evil Dr. Cerebral from turning the smartest minds in the universe into babbling idiots. Atomic Circus: Atomic Betty and her crew take part in a charity circus to stop the Chameleon from stealing the proceeds.
    • Power of the Pharoah / And the Winner is
      Power of the Pharaoh: The alien race that built the pyramids on Earth and other planets has been discovered, and now their secret may fall into Maximus's hands. Betty follows Maximus to the ship where they must battle alien mumies, booby traps, and a big pharaoh. And the Winner Is: Maximus is going to get an award for a destructive weapon he built called The Overloader. Betty has to go monitor the convention, when Maximus is unhappy with his award he unleashes his weapon on the ship. Betty with the unexpected help of one of the pageant contestants attempts to stop Maximus.moreless
    • Bracelet Yourself (Part 1)/ Bracelet Yourself (Part 2)
      Bracelet Yourself (Part 1): During gym class, Betty has to put away her Galactic Guardian bracelet in her locker. But, then, Penelope finds Betty's bracelet and claims it to be hers! Meanwhile in space, Maximus is having a birthday party and he receives a transmission from Duncan who stole the bracelet from Penelope, which leads him to set a course to destroy Earth! Will the bracelet ever get recovered? Bracelet Yourself (Part 2): The search for the bracelet continues, and Betty has gone to great lengths to retrieve it, but with no luck, even by enlisting the help of Sparky to get it back. But, with Maximus on his way to destroy Earth, is there a lot of time left for Betty to get her bracelet back?!moreless
    • The Great Race / Poached Egg
      The Great Race / Poached Egg
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      The Great Race: Maximus has invented a new explosive device called "The Shredder," that has the power to destroy the Solar System. Back on Earth, Betty has an after-school date with the new boy in her class, Dylan. Now, Betty is in a real race against time, she must defuse the Shredder in time to save her galaxy and return back to Earth for her date! Poached Egg: Maximus's personal chef, Chef Bernadette quits his job, therefore Maximus orders Minimus to make him Omelette of Piraxian Rhino Egg. There us only one such egg left in existence. Betty must stop Minimus from poaching the last egg. Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty is blamed for starting a food fight at school. Will Noah's video evidence be enough to clear her name?moreless
    • The Trouble With Triplets / Spider Betty
      The Trouble With Triplets: Maximus uses DNA from Betty to create "better" versions of her that reek havoc on the galaxy, while Betty gets blamed for the destruction and is pursued by the authorities. Betty must stop Maximus and her clones and return to Earth in time to clog dance at the Heritage Days celebration.

      Spider Betty: Betty battles a giant spider in space and her bratty cousin, Kyle, on Earth.moreless
    • No-L 9
      No-L 9
      It's Chrismas time all over the galaxy and everyone is together with their families, Sparky is with his Mom, X-5 is with his Uncle B-1, and Betty is with her Grandma who misses her husbend who was lost on Chrismas 30 years ago. When Maximus starts shrinking planets so he can keep them for himself, Betty is called on duty with Admiral DeGill and some girls along for the ride, then Betty goes and picks up Sparky who's mom comes along for the ride and X-5 who's Uncle B-1 also comes along. Betty and the others go on a search to save the No-L-9 which are a bunch of singing planets and when Betty arrives, she meets and old man on the planet who unknowing to her is also her Grandpa. Betty and everyone abord the ship save the day and Betty and her Grandpa return to Earth for a touching family reunion.moreless
    • Who's The Baby Now? / Spliced / Who Can Pick Up the Most Girls?
      Who's The Baby Now?: Betty must stop Infantor, who has created a new device that can turn people into babies. But she finds it difficult as she is also trying to help Noah with his Galactic Guardian training.
      Spliced: Spindly Tam has accidently crossed his D.N.A with a alien soo-soo fly and he's now on a rampage, turning people into spliced freaks. Regeena sees the freaks and starts thinking that they were taken right out of the horror movie she and Betty saw.
      Sparky vs. Minimus: Who Can Pick Up the Most Girls?: Sparky's attempts at being a ladies' man fail after being punched out by Penelope, while Minimus wins by literally catching Penelope and Regeena in a net.moreless
    • Auntie Matter / Oy, Robot
      Auntie Matter / Oy, Robot
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Auntie Matter: While at a visit to Granny's farm, Betty is called away on a mission and discovers that the villain--a woman who has the power to convert herself into a black hole--is actually her great aunt! She's back to get Betty's grandma for imprisoning her in the first place, and nothing can stop her. It's up to Granny to save the day in a very unusual way. Oy, Robot: Dr. Cerebral has obtained a new robot and is converting organic lifeforms into robots, believing that they are superior and cleaner. Betty has to stop him before he turns the entire galaxy into robots--but what happens when Sparky becomes a robot as well?moreless
    • Betty and the Beast / Mirror of Morganna / Moosejaw Undercover: Diffuse It!
      Betty and the Beast: An alien creature finds its way into Moosejaw Lake, and the town goes crazy trying to get a look at their very own lake monster: "Moosie". (Villain: "Moosie") Mirror of Morgana: An evil witch uses a powerful mirror to trap the townspeople and unleash their mirror opposites. It's up to Betty and Good Witch Penelope to save Moosejaw Heights. (Villain: Morgana) Ending Sketch: Sparky and Minimus: Moosejaw Undercover: Diffuse it! - Sparky and Minimus are at Betty's house, appearing at first glance to disarm an explosive device. However, when Betty enters, she is shocked by their actual work of giving Betty's mother a "Moose Jaw Undercover Makeover".moreless
    • It Came from Hollywood / Lulu on the Loose / Infantor
      It Came from Hollywood: Betty discovers that everyone, including Chaz, Noah, Duncan, and the Osborne twins, are flocking to downtown Moose Jaw in an attempt to be cast as extras in a new Hollywood space flick, starring starlet Delta Aurora as a space heroine. Sparky also auditions, and wins the part of Aurora's sidekick, while X-5 and Betty (to her disdain, as she did not audition) are put into crew roles (X-5 as a caterer and Betty as Aurora's gofer). As the filming progresses, Sparky accidentally discharges a real Galactic Guardian weapon (believing it to be a prop), destroying Maximus' citadel; Maximus believes it to be the work of the movie's villain, Ultimo, who, in the film, declares himself to be the supreme evil overlord. Unaware of the fact that Ultimo is merely a character in a film, Maximus arrives on Earth, intent on destroying Ultimo; Betty is forced to lock Aurora in her trailer and the actor portraying Ultimo in a porta-potty before having X-5 rig a prop spaceship to fly into outer space, luring Maximus away from Earth. With Maximus gone, the filming continues. (Villain: Maximus IQ)

      Lulu on the Loose: Noah's father has attracted a media circus over the appearance of crop circles on her farm, citing it as proof aliens living in Moose Jaw. Meanwhile, Beatrixo is showing her alien pet, Lulu, to Betty and her crew (including Noah). Lulu is an alien creature similar to a goat in appearance who Beatrixo had saved some time in the past, and had been living on Earth since; Lulu's walking pattern as she eats creates the crop circles. Beatrixo warns everyone that Lulu cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, as it makes her "cranky" and change her appearance into a larger green monster. After a number of encounters where Noah's father nearly discovers Lulu in her green form, only to have her revert back into goat form by the time he is able to round up the media, Betty solicits the help of Admiral DeGill; he tells her that the only way to bring Lulu under control is if they find Lulu's mother. Borrowing the Century Warbler, Betty manages to find Lulu's mother using X-5's holographic camera, and the mother is brought back to Earth. As Noah's father makes another attempt at convincing the media that aliens exist, the reunited family are taken back home on the Century Warbler, as Noah's father is foiled once again; Betty having convinced the media that the crop circles are mere publicity stunts for her new band, the "Green Aliens From Outer Space". (Villain: nobody)

      The DeGill Show Infantor: - The special guest is Infantor, who, when he tries to threaten DeGill, is sent packing by X-5, who had disguised himself as the chair that Infantor had been.moreless
    • The Doppelganger / Cosmic Cake
      The Doppelganger / Cosmic Cake
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      The Doppelganger: Betty and Noah get lost in a mirror maze at an amusement park when Betty gets called for a mission. She has to deliver a precious substance. She has to look out for a disgruntled spy called the Chameleon, who is trying to steal it, the Chameleon takes many forms to try to get it but is foiled every time, Betty later discovers that the precious substance is just... taco sauce! Cosmic Cake: Penelope is having a birthday party, but Betty gets called away for a mission. It turns out that Maximus is having a birthday too, but anyone who eats his cake becomes a servant of Maximus. Betty has to crash the party and steal the cake before anyone eats it.moreless
    • Spindly Tam Kanushu / Science Fair
      Spindly Tam Kanushu: Betty's old martial arts trainer, The Spindly Tam Kanushu, is captured by Maximus, who wants him to train his Morbidium Blood Munks in the martial arts. Instead Tam secretly trains them to be dancers. Science Fair: Betty and her classmates are participating in a science fair at school, while in space, Maximus attacks the water planet, Aquus, and tries to capture the sea creature inhabitants for use as a discount canned pet food he hopes will take the universe by storm.moreless
    • But the Cat Came Back! / Lost in Spa
      But the Cat Came Back!: Purrsy keeps sneaking into Betty's room and messing it up while she is away on space missions. Betty finally scares him away - with the help of an alien dragon - in time to accompany Noah to the dance. Lost in Spa: Admiral DeGill is captured by Maximus while on his regular half-day spa treatment on the planet Mermidia. Betty must rescue DeGill, and try not to run into nasty yoga instructor! Meanwhile, Betty is frog-sitting for Noah on Earth.moreless
    • Ferried Treasure / X-Rays
      Ferried Treasure / X-Rays
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Ferried Treasure: Betty and the crew have an important mission--towing a large diamond across a dangerous galaxy in order to avoid galactic warfare--but Sparky is gone, on a cruise. He soon finds out that the so-called "cruise-ship" is actually Greenbeard's pirate ship! Greenbeard claims to have "gone straight", but once Sparky tells him about the diamond, he is determined to have it. On Earth, Betty has found a model replica of her spaceship at a yard sale that she really enjoys, but can't afford the money to buy it. The X-Rays: Admiral DeGill calls Betty, Sparky and X-5 to attention after his office has been trashed--apparently by a space-gang called "The X-Rays". DeGill wants them to go undercover as rebels and find out what they're up to. Being an X-Ray is fun, at first...but what happens when the group of punks decide to interfere with Maximus? Meanwhile, on Earth, Duncan has developed a crush on Paloma due to her kindness towards him and won't leave her alone, so she resolves her own special way.moreless
    • April Fools Overtune / Crimes of Fashion / Atomic Betty Auditions
      April Fools Overtune:
      It's April Fools Day on Earth, and Sparky gets a little carried away with his pranks because he wants be like the host of his favourite show "Prank'd". But then, the host comes to Earth to stop Sparky because he thinks he's trying to steal his show. And to make matters worse, Maximus follows the host to get revenge on him for pulling a nasty prank on him.

      Crimes of Fashion:
      Bombshell creates a bunch of Mood suits that hypnotize anyone who wears them and uses them to help her commit a whole bunch of crimes. Betty and Noah are the only ones not wearing the suits, so now it's up to them to stop Bombshell before it's too late.
      Atomic Betty Auditions:
      Sparky auditions for the role of "Sparky" for Atomic Betty.moreless
    • Scent of a Blugo / Star-crossed Lovers / Body Snatchers Part 2
      Scent of a Blugo:
      A professional wrestling show arrives in Moose Jaw on "Minion Day", the day each year where Maximus acts as Minimus' underling. While at the show, Maximus unleashes a deadly Blugo on Betty using an unusual perfume. Our heroes tag-team it in the ring, all while Regeena cheers in the stands and Noah tries to distract her. (Villain: Maximus IQ)

      Star-crossed Lovers:
      Star-crossed lovers from feuding kingdoms seek refuge with the Guardians after their parents forbid them to marry. Betty finds herself in a similar situation with Chaz. (Villain: Feuding families)
      Crash Test Noah: Body Snatchers Part 2:
      Noah tests a new prototype of the Bangoon mind-reading machine. However, the machine switches the bodies of Noah and X-5 instead. Noah takes the opportunity to exact revenge.moreless
    • Atomic Roger / Toxic Talent
      Atomic Roger / Toxic Talent
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Atomic Roger:
      After Betty gets an embarrassing haircut from her mom, she gets called on a mission to stop Maximus from stealing the galaxy's gold resources to build a golden statue of himself. Although another Galactic Guardian, Atomic Roger, keeps arriving and saving the day before she can and stealing all the glory. Will Betty be lose the role of the Galaxy's greatest Galactic Guardian to Atomic Roger?
      Toxic Talent:
      Maximus is using sound waves to torture the residents of Coolosia - could this be connected to the horrible sound at Betty's school's Talent Show?moreless
    • Mad Maximus/ Cheerleaders of Doom
      Mad Maximus/ Cheerleaders of Doom
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Mad Maximus: Spindly Tam asks Betty to protect the Beluvian Box, which houses a powerful demon. A "Mad Max" style race unfolds as Maximus, Dr. Cerebral, and Pontifadora all pursue the box. On Earth, Betty, Paloma, Noah and the Osbourne brothers explore the gorge.

      Cheerleaders of Doom: The evil Betty triplets are back, now as cheerleaders who can hypnotize people with their cheers. On Earth, Penelope is appointed hall monitor and lets the power go to her head.moreless
    • Takes One To Know One (Part 1)/ Takes One To Know One (Part 2)
      Takes One To Know One (Part 1) : Betty inadvertently sees Paloma get beamed into space and begins to jump to conclusions. But are they that far from the truth? Whilst Betty uncovers the truth, Noah gets really close to discovering aliens.

      Takes One To Know One (Part 2) : Betty learns a shocking secret about Paloma only to find herself in a race to save her from impending doom before it's too late.moreless
    • Battle of the Bots / Martian Makeover
      Battle of the Bots: Betty and the gang need to rescue an obnoxious empress from Maximus. Meanwhile, Betty's basketball team are losing the game at school. Betty returns just in time to score the winning point for her team.

      Martian Makeover: Betty is on a mission to escort a princess to her wedding to the leader of a tribe who has been at war. This marriage will end the war; when they arrive, they discover that the leader of the opposing tribe wants to cancel the wedding because he has been monitoring Betty and he wants to marry her. Meanwhile on Earth, Duncan has a crush on Penelope and Noah agrees to help him get Penelope. In exchange, Duncan will stop bullying him.moreless
    • Roger, Where Are You?/ Betty The Red / Moosejaw Undercover
      Roger, Where Are You?:
      Atomic Roger comes to Earth with a doomsday device to deilver to Degill. But Purrsy gets his claws on it and thinks it's some kind of giant cat toy. Now Betty must find the device before it goes off.

      Betty The Red:
      After capturing an army of mini warriors, Betty brings them to Earth where they break loose. Now Betty must deal with both the warriors and Penelope, who won't stop making fun of Betty for being a red head.
      Sparky & Minimus: Moosejaw Undercover:
      Sparky and Minimus show that they are the masters of disguise.moreless
    • Attack of the Evil Baby / Space Brains
      Attack of the Evil Baby:
      Betty needs to go to the dentist because she has a cavity, but Admiral DeGill interrupts and sends here on a mission to stop an evil baby from destroying planets.

      Space Brains:
      Minimus gets Sparky involvled in a very dangerous game show in an effort to find out where Betty's Home planet is located. mean while Betty's parents plain to sell her her Comic book collection.moreless
    • Devolution City/ Case of the Missing Kanushu
      Devolution City: A witch doctor uses their powers to devolve civilizations into cave people. Meanwhile, on Earth, Noah tries to prove that nearby crop circles show signs of aliens.

      Case of the Missing Kanushu: Betty is called to Spindley Tam's fortress to investigate his mysterious disappearance whilst, on Earth, Noah discovers a rare coin.moreless
    • No Space Like Home (Part One) / No Space Like Home (Part Two) / Prank'd
      No Space Like Home (Part One): Betty and her crew go off to rescue Noah from Maximus. But when they do, they notice something strange about Noah. Meanwhile, on Earth, Paloma and Juanita try to prove to everyone that there are no aliens.

      No Space Like Home (Part Two): Betty discovers that Noah is really The Chameleon in disguise and he's found out that Betty is from Earth. Betty must now stop The Chameleon from giving the information to Maximus.
      Sparky & X-5: Prank'd: X-5 captures Sparky on video in the shower.moreless
    • When Worlds Collide / The Ghost Ship of Aberdeffia
      When Worlds Collide: It's Halloween and Betty goes trick or treating with Noah. Betty's "costume" is a galactic guardian. Betty get's called away for a mission. The Chameleon is escaping to Earth after stealing the Brain of the Scythian leader. When the kids find Chameleon's ship, they think it's a high tech space ride. The kids overwhelm the chameleon and Betty get's the Brain back, while Sparky stuffs himself with candy.

      The Ghost Ship of Aberdeffia: Betty and her friends are telling ghost stories around the camp fire and Betty tells a story about one of her missions about ghosts. Betty gets called away for a mission to investigate what appears to be a ghost pirate ship that has been terrorizing various ships. Sparky is terrified but X-5 is doubtful. They meet the captain and form a scheme to capture him. Even though the story is real, Penelope doesn't believe it.moreless
    • Solar System Surfin' / Winter Carnival
      Solar System Surfin': Betty learns that Penelope is going to pretend to be Noah's friend to get him to write an essay for him. Before she is able to tell him, Admiral DeGill calls her away on a to go to Ainrofilac Ubilam. On her mission, she discovers a sort of aquatic wild west where sharks are corralled like horses and shark outlaws run amok. Betty must stop the outlaw leader and return in time to warn Noah. Winter Carnival: Betty is running for mayor of the winter carnival against Duncan. Once again she is called away on a mission by Admiral DeGill. She leaves Noah to run her campaign. She arrives on planet Montego B where she must stop Queen Icicla from freezing the tropical planet and adding it to her kingdom.moreless
    • Furball for the Sneeze / Maximus Displeasure
      Furball for the Sneeze: Purrsy mistakenly stows away on Betty's ship as she is off to spy on Maximus' evil meeting and soon is captured by Maximus. Maximus Displeasure: Betty must stop Maximus from dischargeing a biochemical mixture on the galaxy – and returns home to clean up her Mom's garden.moreless
    • The Collector/ Night of the DeGilla Monster
      The Collector: The Collector is bent on stealing a legendary gem. On Earth, Betty's bratty cousin, Kyle pesters Betty's friends about a comic book.

      Night of the DeGilla Monster: Admiral DeGill creates a clone of himself but things don't go as planned when the clone turns on DeGill and teams with Pontifadora! Meanwhile, Betty and her Dad help Mom host a party on Earth.moreless
    • Amulet of Shangri-La-De-Da/ Best Dressed Villain
      Amulet of Shangri-La-De-Da: Betty is called upon to protect an amulet of the ancient bird-people of Shangri-La-De-Da. Meanwhile, Purrsy gets stuck up a tree on Earth.

      Best Dressed Villain: Maximus discovers a new super suit that makes him all powerful. Has Betty finally met her match? Meanwhile, Betty and her friends go to a fair.moreless
    • Reeking Havoc/ Practically Joking
      Reeking Havoc/ Practically Joking
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Reeking Havoc: Betty is called upon to fight against a giant genie whilst Penelope steals Betty's spotlight as lead of her band on Earth while she's away.

      Practically Joking: Betty must find a way to free people who have been captured by a troll who is simply doing it for his own amusement. Meanwhile, Betty must try to find a way to stump Duncan at his own game of pulling pranks.moreless
    • Scribe 2: The ReScribing/ No-Hit Wonders
      Scribe 2: The ReScribing: The Scribe returns from jail, kidnapping a romance novelist as a hostage who, strangely, resembles... Sparky's mother! Meanwhile on Earth, Betty and her Mom join a book club.

      No-Hit Wonders: The Voice, a new villain, is stealing people's voices across the galaxy. Can betty stop him in time before she loses her own voice? On Earth, Betty's school is having a charity dance competition.moreless
    • Hi-Jinxed/ Robo-Betty
      Hi-Jinxed/ Robo-Betty
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Hi-Jinxed: In space a small gnarly imp-like creature named Jinx steals all of the galaxy's good luck, leaving nothing but bad luck in his wake. On Earth, Betty is concerned Penelope and Paloma may be becoming friends.

      Robo-Betty: Betty discovers a lone survivor of an old Guardian spaceship, Captain Lure, and takes the Captain on board her ship but soon they fall pray to a trap set by Maximus. Meanwhile a prototype Robo-Betty ends up at Noah's birthday party.moreless
    • The Brat Pack Attack/ A Fungus Amongus
      The Brat Pack Attack: Infantor forms an army of obedient slaves to do his bidding while, on Earth, Paloma and Betty try to keep Betty's cousin Kyle from getting into trouble at the mall.

      A Fungus Amongus: A former foe, Mylord Orus, escapes from prison with a goal of overthrowing the Galactic Guardian Headquarters. Meanwhile, Betty and Noah must clean up Purrsy's litter box before they can leave for a game later on.moreless
    • The Great SubTRAINean Robbery/ The Minion
      The Great SubTRAINean Robbery:
      Hopper the Chopper returns in an attempt to rob more valuable trains. Can Betty prevent it from happening?
      The Minion:
      Maximus goes on a scout to look for a minion to replace Minimus; will he find the perfect new sidekick? Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty and Paloma team up against Penelope in a soccer competition.
    • Once Bitten, Twice Slimed/ Extreme Makeover
      Once Bitten, Twice Slimed: Zulia unwittingly helps Max Sr escape from prison! Meanwhile, Purrsy is celebrating a birthday.

      Extreme Makeover: An evil villainess named Bombshelle is committing fashion-related crimes across the galaxy while, on Earth, Betty's band shoots their first music video.
    • Good Kitty/ The Gazundheit Factor
      Good Kitty/ The Gazundheit Factor
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      Good Kitty: Maximus mysteriously turns nice and Betty is sent to investigate, while, on Earth, Betty and her family are contemplating a move.

      The Gazundheit Factor: Dr. Cerebral's most recent creation, The Gloob, gets out and goes on a rampage setting course for Earth! Meanwhile, Betty hosts a TV Show.
    • By Virtuoso of Insanity/Switch-mo-tized
      By Virtuoso of Insanity: While taking a bath, Maximus is enraged with Minimus, and when he rears up to strike the little creature, Minimus comments that his voice is beautiful, and asking if he had ever considered a singing career. Maximus decides to take his show on the road, playing at the fanciest theatre in the Galaxy. There's only one thing wrong: His performance speakers are hypnotizing the audience in order to meet his expected standards! Meanwhile, Betty and her band have a gig for a social event (covered by the school paper), but Betty is called away on her mission, leaving the band behind and making them feel as if she has forgotten them. Switch-mo-tized: While volunteering at a magic show, a robot magician named Switchmo switches Sparky and Minimus's bodies--now Sparky is stuck in Minimus's body, and Minimus in Sparky's! After a failed attempt to stop Switchmo, Betty and Maximus are forced to team up in order to stop this mad magician from declaring himself the Supreme Overlord of the Galaxy. Meanwhile on Earth, Penelope wants Betty's locker, so she tries to sabotage it in order to make Principal Peterson think that she isn't maintaining school property well.moreless
    • Nuclea Infected/ The Big Bad Plant from Outer Space
      Nuclea Infected: Nuclea gets infected by a Grey Hole while, on Earth, at the zoo, Noah uncovers a mysterious secret about Paloma.

      The Big Bad Plant from Outer Space: A tiny plant Betty must transport to a planet starts to grow at an alarming rate! Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty does a few chores.

    • Evil Juniors/ As the Worm Turns
      Evil Juniors/ As the Worm Turns
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Evil Juniors: Betty is called off to a mission where she must teach young Galactic Guardians in training the power of responsibility but it's all a front for Maximus' latest scheme to eliminate Betty.

      As the Worm Turns: Maximus is using a powerful telescope-like device to destroy asteroids and even some planets and Betty must stop Maximus before he succeeds in wiping out other planets and eventually the Galactic Guardian HQ.moreless
    • Bee Movie/ Eternal Elixir
      Bee Movie/ Eternal Elixir
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Bee Movie: Queen PeneloBee returns, except this time, she's looking for a mate. Meanwhile, on Earth, it's Jackamoose Appreciation Day all around town.

      Eternal Elixir: Maximus and Nuclea team up to locate an immortality potion. Can Betty beat them to it? Meanwhile, Betty's Mom helps Purrsy stay fit.
    • Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde/ The Market
      Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde:
      When Minimus' head inadvertently switches to "nasty", he turns into a raging monster that may prove to be a formidable foe for Betty. Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty and Paloma meet Noah's parents as well as learn more about them as to their strange careers.
      The Market:
      Betty, X-5, and Sparky are all sold into slavery! Will Betty's quick thinking get them out of this mess? Meanwhile, Paloma tries to rescue a raccoon from Penelope.moreless
    • Pop Goes the Maxx/Sleeping like a Baby
      Pop Goes the Maxx: Maximus has released a new line of soda, going by the name of "Fizzy Maxx", into the galaxy, turning normal citizens into addictive mutants who will do anything for more soda. Meanwhile on Earth, Paloma is pretending to be a medium and ends up successfully predicting all of Noah and Betty's future events. Sleeping Like a Baby: Maximus hasn't been getting much sleep and becomes incredibly grouchy, nearly going to the brink of insanity when loud noises keep him from sleeping. He sets out to eliminate every noise in the galaxy out of his rage--and Betty is stuck babysitting, both on Earth and in space!moreless
    • Galactic Guardians No More!/ License DeGill
      Galactic Guardians No More!: With no new villains on the prow, the Galactic Guardian Headquarters may have to shut down, but is this all part of Maximus' secret scheme? Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty enters a pumpkin pie baking contest.

      License DeGill: Admiral DeGill is brought before the Galactic Guardian Council, and things aren't looking good for him. Can Betty clear his name before it's... too late? Meanwhile, Noah desperately tries to get Betty to go to a movie with him.moreless
    • The Scribe/ Take Two Evils and Call Me In the Morning
      The Scribe: A new super-villain, The Scribe, has banned all books except those by someone named Milton Scrivener. He is also kidnapping all the galaxy's greatest writers and stealing their ideas. On Earth Noah and Paloma reluctantly team up to create a comic book based on Betty.

      Take Two Evils and Call Me in the Morning: Maximus is sick. Minimus takes over his master's evil duties and orders scavenger probes to capture "That girl, Betty". Soon the citadel is overrun with hundreds of Betty’s from all over the galaxy. On Earth its Boys vs. Girls: Ranger Girls vs. Trackfinder Boys.moreless
    • Earth to Roger/Captain Sparky
      Earth to Roger/Captain Sparky
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Earth to Roger: While talking to her friends about the school dance, Betty is horrified to see that Atomic Roger has landed on Earth, thinking he has heard a distress call from Betty--and he's not leaving until Betty learns to appreciate him! In the meantime, however, Betty and her crew must stop Iciclia, who is reflecting the sun of Glacies (which has gone Supernova) onto other planets, causing very destructive results. Captain Sparky: After "accidentally" rescuing a baby, Sparky is declared a hero and is promoted to Captain--with his own ship, crew, and everything! Betty and X-5 try to be happy for their friend, but what happens when Nuclea attempts to drill all the energy out of the Bangoon sun and the two must work together? Meanwhile on Earth, Penelope is filming everyone's most embarrassing moments on videotape, threatening to play it for the whole school the next day. Can Betty find a way to stop her from showing it?moreless
    • Boot Camp Betty / A Finful of Dollars / Hairball Haute Coutre
      Boot Camp Betty:
      Betty goes on a camping trip to get a little R&R. Maximus decides his Blood Monks need a little boot camp training....on Earth. (Villain: Maximus IQ)
      A Finful of Dollars:
      Admiral Degill takes his crew on a much-needed vacation to Tumbleweed Gulch (a cross between the Alberta badlands and the Grand Canyon), but their peace and tranquility is interrupted by Hopper the Chopper on a quest for gold! (Villain: Hopper the Chopper)
      Hairball Haute Coutre:
      Purrsy explains why the hairball has always been in fashion.moreless
    • The Trouble with Triplets; Spider Betty
      Maximus uses DNA from a lock of Betty's hair to create "better" versions of her that wreak havoc on the galaxy - Betty gets blamed for the destruction; Betty battles a giant spider in space and her bratty cousin Kyle on Earth.
    • Hi-Jinxed; Robo-Betty
      Hi-Jinxed; Robo-Betty
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      In space a small, gnarly, imp-like creature named Jinx steals all of the galaxy's good luck, leaving nothing but bad luck in his wake. Betty is concerned Penelope and Paloma may be becoming friends; A prototype Robo-Betty ends up at Noah's birtay party.
    • Reeking Havoc; Practically Joking
      Reeking Havoc; Practically Joking
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      In space Betty battles Schmoz, a genie-like character who lives in a shoe; Betty has to deal with a troll in space who is capturing people for his entertainment, and Duncan on Earth who is pulling practical jokes on the kids at school.
    • The Great Subtrainean Robbery; The Minion
      Hopper the Chopper and his gang are at it again, robbing trains western style beneath the surface of Ainrofilac Ubilam; Maximus looks to replace Minimus in a spoof of a reality show. Betty and Paloma compete against Penelope in soccer.
    • The Collector; Night of Degilla Monster
    • Battle of the Bots; Martian Makeover
      Selfish Empress Nacissitad is kidnapped by Maximus and held for ransom on the computer junkyard planet of Crushton; Betty must preside over an arranged marriage between two warring tribes on the planet Namimbulah.
    • The Attack of the Evil Baby; Space Brains
      Betty's fearful trip to the dentist is interrupted when she is called off to save the galaxy from the evil baby Infantor; Sparky is chosen to participate in a new "Fear Factor" style game show but something is not right. Maximus is behind the game show.
    • She Came from the Future pt. 1 and pt. 2
      It's Betty's birthday and while her friends and family plan a surprise party for her, Betty is busy playing with a new time machine that X-5 built; Maximus steals the machine and sends them all into the future, minus Betty and Noah who manage to escape.
    • The Incredible Shrinking Betty; Friends for Eternity
    • Way of the Weiner; Pimplepalooza
      Way of the Weiner; Pimplepalooza
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      Spindly Tam decides to take a break from the ordinary and gets himself a job at the Moosejaw burger joint, where he finds immense peace; The citizens of Moosejaw Heights have been infected by a most terrible plague - zits.
    • The Doomsday Game
      The Doomsday Game
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      "Maximus is playing a killer game of croquet, literally!
    • By Virtuoso of Insanity; Switchmo-tized
      Maximus wants to be a singer and interrupts a stage production, traps the audience in their seats, forcing them to listen to him sing; An evil magician "Switchmotizes" Sparky and Minimus - now Betty and Maximus must join forces to defeat a common enemy.
    • Power Arrangers; A Dream Come True
      Power Arrangers; A Dream Come True
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      A plot to steal energy from the galaxy pits Betty against Nuclea; Betty is forced to attend a sleepover with Penelope, Megan and Sara; Maximus develops a dream-invading weapon.
    • Elementary, My Dear Minimus / Great Eggspectations / Stakeout
      Elementary, My Dear Minimus: Betty is jealous of Chaz's best friend from private school, Sam. Maximus gets his hands on Betty's drawings of Chaz and attempts to kidnap him for bait. (Villain: Maximus IQ)
      Great Eggspectations: Noah decides he's ready to go on a mission alone, but winds up with more than he can handle after being double crossed by the Collector on an egg hunt. (Villain: the Collector)
      Sparky and Minimus: Moosejaw Undercover: Stakeout: Sparky and Minimus are at a stakeout, where they are spying on Betty's slumber party. However, Betty and Regeena catch them when they make too much noisemoreless
    • Vaudevillains / The Manchurian Guardian / Super Flash
      Vaudevillains: While on a field trip to a local television station, the bus carrying Betty and Sparky is hijacked and taken to an intergalactic 3-V station. As Betty and Sparky realizes what had happened, they discover the cause: the troll Mulock had kidnapped the bus so that Sparky could teach him a new comedy act, which would allow him to pass the audition phase of a Pop Idol-like competition. As Regeena takes the last open audition slot for the show (intending to give it to Betty so her band could audition), Penelope is roped in by a recruiter, who wants her to be part of a game show called Gorblack or No Gorblack (a parody of Deal or No Deal) as a suitcase model. At the same time, Sparky's efforts to teach Mulock is a failure, and is only exasperated when X-5 (having arrived from Earth at Betty's request) criticizes Mulock of having poor comedic timing and poor delivery skills. An angry Mulock chases Betty and her crew through the 3-V station, which ends up with Betty taking the audition ticket that Regeena saved for her. Appearing on stage with Muloch, they manage to belt out a musical number (Muloch singing the odd phrase in Betty's place), which allows Muloch to pass the audition phase. The class is returned to Earth, but not before Penelope discovers that Gorblack or No Gorblack is really about whether the suitcase she was holding contained an alien; when it did, the alien proceeded to attempt to eat her; Penelope manages to escape, but is scarred by the ordeal.(Villain: Nobody)
      The Manchurian Guardian: While battling a group of bloodmonks on Morbidia, Sparky ingests a bowl of Buhdonkian pig snouts (his favorite snack), unaware that it contains a microchip that allows Maximus to remotely mind control Sparky; Maximus intends to use the mind-controlled Sparky to kill Betty. Meanwhile, Betty is nervous over a skateboarding stunt she has to do in order to kick off a town festival. X-5 assures her that her stunt, where she must do a series of hard tricks before setting off a series of fireworks in the air with a torch in her hand, will succeed; to ensure its success X-5 provides her with a magnetic glove (intended to keep the torch on her hand). That night, Maximus' plan is put into action, as he takes control of Sparky and has him take a restricted weapon. X-5, enjoying the festival from a distance, notices Sparky, and alerts Betty to the attempt on her life; Betty subsequently, while in the middle of the stunt, throws the glove at Sparky, knocking him out and destroying the microchips. Betty would complete her stunt without the assistance of the magnetic glove, while Sparky, recovering from a stomachache caused by the glove hitting him, accidentally discharges the weapon, sending rounds into the air which knock out Maximus' citadel, and adding to the fireworks show. (Villain: Maximus IQ)
      Crash Test Noah: Super Flash: Noah tests a new gadget, the Sound Breaker, a belt which gives him enhanced speed. However, his pants promptly fall off when he takes the belt off, and he runs at an even faster speed to cover himself.moreless
    • Fairytale Fate; Ice Monsters
      Fairytale Fate; Ice Monsters
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      The Scribe imprisons Betty and the gang in a book of his mixed-up fairytales after Noah calls the book lame; The Moosjaw Prairie Dawgs are defeated by a mysterious group of unbeatable giants, who turn out to be a team led by Icilica!
    • Eternal Elixir/Bee Movie
      Eternal Elixir/Bee Movie
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      In space Betty is on a quest against Maximus and Nuclea to find an immortality potion. On Earth Mom has Purrsy on an exercise regime; Queen PeneloBee is back, and she's looking for a mate! On Earth it is Jackamoose Appreciation Day in Moosejaw Heights.
    • Extreme Makeover; Once Bitten, Twice Slimed
      Bombshelle, an evil, yet stylish villainess is committing fashion related crimes across the galaxy; Zulia unknowingly helps her prison pen pal, Max Sr., escape from jail. Purrsy is celebrating a birtay on Earth.
    • Noah's Bark; Queen for a Day
      Noah's Bark; Queen for a Day
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      Noah accompanies the Galactic Guardians on a trip to Canus Dogilia and inadvertently insults the inhabitants, causing them to turn him into a dog; Queen Penelobee decides that she wants to move her hive somewhere a little more comfortable: Earth!
    • Invading Spaces; Make a Wish
      Invading Spaces; Make a Wish
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Betty's Mom decides to redecorate the house, but shopping is interrupted by a new pair of super-consumer villains; In an effort to gain eternal youth, Atomic Roger accidentally gains the power to grant the wishes of one other person - Betty.
    • Take Two Evils and Call Me in the Morning; The Scribe
      A new super-villain, The Scribe, has banned all books except those by a Milton Scrivener. He is also kidnapping all the galaxy's greatest writers and stealing their ideas; Maximus is sick. Minimus takes over his master's evil duties.