Atomic Betty

Season 3 Episode 12

It Came from Hollywood / Lulu on the Loose / Infantor

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Oct 18, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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It Came from Hollywood / Lulu on the Loose / Infantor
It Came from Hollywood: Betty discovers that everyone, including Chaz, Noah, Duncan, and the Osborne twins, are flocking to downtown Moose Jaw in an attempt to be cast as extras in a new Hollywood space flick, starring starlet Delta Aurora as a space heroine. Sparky also auditions, and wins the part of Aurora's sidekick, while X-5 and Betty (to her disdain, as she did not audition) are put into crew roles (X-5 as a caterer and Betty as Aurora's gofer). As the filming progresses, Sparky accidentally discharges a real Galactic Guardian weapon (believing it to be a prop), destroying Maximus' citadel; Maximus believes it to be the work of the movie's villain, Ultimo, who, in the film, declares himself to be the supreme evil overlord. Unaware of the fact that Ultimo is merely a character in a film, Maximus arrives on Earth, intent on destroying Ultimo; Betty is forced to lock Aurora in her trailer and the actor portraying Ultimo in a porta-potty before having X-5 rig a prop spaceship to fly into outer space, luring Maximus away from Earth. With Maximus gone, the filming continues. (Villain: Maximus IQ)

Lulu on the Loose: Noah's father has attracted a media circus over the appearance of crop circles on her farm, citing it as proof aliens living in Moose Jaw. Meanwhile, Beatrixo is showing her alien pet, Lulu, to Betty and her crew (including Noah). Lulu is an alien creature similar to a goat in appearance who Beatrixo had saved some time in the past, and had been living on Earth since; Lulu's walking pattern as she eats creates the crop circles. Beatrixo warns everyone that Lulu cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, as it makes her "cranky" and change her appearance into a larger green monster. After a number of encounters where Noah's father nearly discovers Lulu in her green form, only to have her revert back into goat form by the time he is able to round up the media, Betty solicits the help of Admiral DeGill; he tells her that the only way to bring Lulu under control is if they find Lulu's mother. Borrowing the Century Warbler, Betty manages to find Lulu's mother using X-5's holographic camera, and the mother is brought back to Earth. As Noah's father makes another attempt at convincing the media that aliens exist, the reunited family are taken back home on the Century Warbler, as Noah's father is foiled once again; Betty having convinced the media that the crop circles are mere publicity stunts for her new band, the "Green Aliens From Outer Space". (Villain: nobody)

The DeGill Show Infantor: - The special guest is Infantor, who, when he tries to threaten DeGill, is sent packing by X-5, who had disguised himself as the chair that Infantor had been.moreless

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