Atomic Betty

Season 1 Episode 23

Like Father, Like Scum / Planet Stinxx

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Apr 24, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • The first peek behind the entire IQ a total-gross out pollution episode.

    Okay, I'll admit it, these aren't my FAVORITE episodes in the series, but they were still wonderful, nonetheless. I was really expecting more from them, but I was still vaguely satisfied with what I saw.

    "Like Father, Like Scum" features the first time you get to see someone out of the IQ family, which I enjoyed--if there's one thing I enjoy most, it's supervillains with a past, and this definitely brings up the past throughout the entire episode. Maximus hires two old men, former cronies of his father, to bust his father, Max Sr., out of prison. Unlike the "No-L 9" episode, Max Sr. is not the handsome, lionlike, sophisticated creature that he is anymore--either the years have done a number on him or Maximus's mother had a secret that she didn't share. Instead, he is a petty thief with a Chicago-style accent, hair and clothing--all the way down to the comb in his back pocket. Maximus expects a wonderful reunion with his long-gone father, but instead Max Sr. treats him like crud, calling him a "worthless runt" and smacking him around, bringing up a strange thought about child abuse that--well, let's not get into THAT. The point is, Max Sr. acts like a complete ingrate throughout the episode, which upsets Maximus and Minimus, as well (to the point where the small creature blurts out that Max Sr. doesn't deserve someone as good as Maximus and that he does). Maximus, determined to win his father's love and respect, decides to go after the one thing his father could never steal: the Golden Yolk, a highly precious prize. He goes after it, calling Atomic Betty to attention.

    On Earth, meanwhile, Penelope and Betty are competing about who gets to win the "Having the Most Badges" badge on their Ranger Girl uniforms, and Betty's mother decides to take them shopping to earn the "Shopping Badge"--much to Betty's chagrin. She acts very annoyed due to the fact that her own mother gets along with her worst nemesis, but must shove aside her issues in order to stop Maximus. Surprisingly, she doesn't have to fight at all--Max Sr.'s ignorance ends up stopping Maximus, and Maximus, still holding a grudge against his father, leaves him behind, allowing Atomic Betty and her crew to arrest him and the others and send them back into prison. Maximus continues to send him postcards--but they're major burnings, each and every one of them. Personally, I think the creep deserved it for treating Maximus like that, but that's only me. On Earth, Betty and Penelope tie for badges when Betty, with her quick thinking, brings up the idea of the Recycling Badge.

    "Planet Stinxx"--well, let's just say that if you're going to watch this, it's best to not eat anything while you do. It starts out nice enough--Sparky and X-5 are having a picnic on another planet when a mass of garbage suddenly strikes the planet, burying it in toxic waste. Atomic Betty is called to attention when this happens, and is shot into space, where she, Sparky, and X-5 meet Mylord Orus, a Jabba-the-Hutt type being who is as filthy as his reputation states, and who sprays garbage whenever he talks. He loves filth and anything that rolls in it, and has created a new army with the creatures on the planet he has polluted, which have mutated due to their extreme sensitivity. He tells them of his master plan--to pollute the entire galaxy with garbage--and Betty and the team must stop him before the entire universe becomes a complete wasteland--and yeah, that was a bad pun, sorry.

    Meanwhile, on Earth, Noah has written a really cheesy love poem about Betty--and has signed it, as well. When he loses it, he desperately tries to get it back using all means necessary, including kicking Penelope in the head with a soccer ball, stealing Duncan's skateboard, running over an old man's foot, and God-knows-what various other things that wind up with an angry mob chasing after him. When Betty finds the poem, she is so dirty from saving the planet from garbage that she smudged out the signature. Noah quickly covers up his secret by claiming that Duncan wrote it about Penelope, and Betty seems to buy it--even though she IS suspicious when the mob starts chasing Noah again.

    The best part about this episode was probably Sparky's constant remarks about "Sudsey". Don't stay mudsey, clean with Sudsey! God, that cracked me up...especially the part at the end, where they save the planet. Well, Sparky WAS half-right, I suppose...