Atomic Betty

Season 1 Episode 23

Like Father, Like Scum / Planet Stinxx

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Apr 24, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Here are some of the lines to Noah's poem:

      When you Oillie.
      My heart goes jolly.

      I think you're super cool my friend.
      I'll love you to the bitter end.

      Your face is like a pudding cup.
      Sometimes I want to eat you up.

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  • Notes

    • In "Planet Stinxx", when Betty returns to earth, her street clothes are still covered with dirt, despite the fact that she wasn't wearing them at the time she got dirty (And that it has been shown that her street clothes and Glactic Guardian uniform are independent of each other: one does not morph into the other). Oddly some of the stains (most notably the one on her right leg/boot) move (she has a small stain on her left sock after coming back but her right leg is clean)

    • Contradiction: In his rant to Minimus in "Like Father, Like Scum" Maxiumus says "Do you know what it was like to grow up with that man" (or something to that effect). However, in "the No-L Nine" we see that Minimus has known Maxiumus since they both were babies and Max Sr. was raising them, so Minimus should know EXACTLY what it was like to grow up with Max Sr. Although it is possible that being hit by Maximus so many times throughout the years may have caused Minimus to not retain as much memory as he should.

    • Villains: Maximus, Max Sr. and Mylord Orus.

    • Title pictures:

      Like Father, Like Scum: Maximus with a frightened look on his face as a door opens behind him reveling a dark image of his dad
      Planet Stixx: A garbage can filled with raw sewage

    • This marks the first time we are shown that Noah has a crush on Betty.

    • The "Alien Ball" song is played during the end credits.

  • Allusions

    • Max Sr.: I have you now.

      When Max Sr. targets Atomic Betty and prepares to fire from his ship, it's a direct quote from Star Wars.

    • Edenians, Appearance: With thier blue skin, white clothing, Phyrigian caps, and short squat houses, the Edeians and thier village seem to be modeled on the Smurfs