Atomic Betty

Season 2 Episode 0

No-L 9

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Dec 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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No-L 9
It's Chrismas time all over the galaxy and everyone is together with their families, Sparky is with his Mom, X-5 is with his Uncle B-1, and Betty is with her Grandma who misses her husbend who was lost on Chrismas 30 years ago. When Maximus starts shrinking planets so he can keep them for himself, Betty is called on duty with Admiral DeGill and some girls along for the ride, then Betty goes and picks up Sparky who's mom comes along for the ride and X-5 who's Uncle B-1 also comes along. Betty and the others go on a search to save the No-L-9 which are a bunch of singing planets and when Betty arrives, she meets and old man on the planet who unknowing to her is also her Grandpa. Betty and everyone abord the ship save the day and Betty and her Grandpa return to Earth for a touching family reunion.moreless

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  • This was a wonderful episode of Atomic Betty, a great addition for holiday specials.

    It sucks that this show has a mediocre rating here on, this show is actually pretty good and this episode topped all the others. This episode had everything a holiday special needed and some more. An episode where the family of the entire heroic cast was together on the mission so not to be alone on the holidays, and I loved the part with Betty's grandfather, I love the part on how he was lost for 30 years, trapped on the No-L-9 and those planets become his new friends during the time he was stranded on them and it was great beeing legendary planets that can sing so he was able to teach them a song he knew.

    This was very heart warming at the end of the episode too like one of my friends said as well, I feel the same way, a family reunion with Betty's Grandpa returning after so long and the song at the end was wonderful, and as it continued on the credits so the show goes out with it. Wonderful hour long episode all around.

    (BTW, I wrote the episode summery for this episode)moreless
  • Tugging at your heartstrings like never before...

    Just when you thought shows like A Charlie Brown Christmas and Santa Claus Is Comin To Town ruled the Christmas Special Roost, here comes The No-L-9. To put it simply, this episode was comic and meaningful. And in my opinion, it carried two lessons that should never be downplayed.

    First and foremost, nobody should ever be alone on Christmas. Christmas is meant to be spent with family and friends. Speninding it alone...well, it just sounds wrong. It's why Zulia and B-1 went along with the crew, and why DeGill brought his girlfriends with him.

    And the other lesson is to always leave a light on for what you believe in the most. When Betty\'s grandma lost her husband 30 years back, it certainly was devastating. Leaving a beacon for him to see was a good representation of leaving a light on for him. She believed he would be back for 30 years, and never got her wish granted; until now, at least. In a way, you can comapre the lesson to the trials and tribulations of Red Sox fans before the team won the World Series in 2004. Fans kept on believing the Sox would win it all for 86 years, just like Betty\'s grandma had to wait 30 years for her husband to come back. And in the end, both got their wish.

    The scene that really brought it all together was when Betty found out she was talking to her Grandpa. That has to be the first time I have seen tears well up in her eyes like that. That scene really does tug at your heartstrings, no matter how many times you see it.

    Overall, best Christmas special I've ever seen. A perfect 10, five stars, and two spirited thumbs up to one of the most heartwarming Christmas specials of 2005.

    Very Truely Yours,

    Double Trouble Tommoreless
  • One of the most touching, funny, and saddest Atomic Betty episodes a good way.

    The makers of "Atomic Betty" have finally released their first hour-long TV movie Christmas special--and just in time for the holidays, as well. I was excited about it, although I admit that I didn't have much hope for the plot--but boy, was I wrong...

    The story is a double-plot--the first is that Maximus, sick of never getting what he wants for Christmas and also acting like the spoiled little kitty he is, decides to start shrinking planets and hanging them on a large Christmas tree, which, of course, calls the attention of Atomic Betty. On Earth, Betty is staying at Granny's farm because her mom has to do more holiday shopping--and Granny tells Betty the story of how her husband--and Betty's grandfather--disappeared thirty years ago while she was saving a planet from Max Sr.--back when he was handsome and sophisticated, not the petty thief that he is nowadays. At first I thought that Maximus was evil because of something that happened during his past, but now I see that the IQ generation has been wreaking havoc on the galaxy for quite some time, now--generation after generation, possibly. While Granny is trying to save the planet, Gramps gets knocked into space. When Granny tries to save him, he declares that she should save the planet instead. A tearjerking moment then follows as she looks toward the planet with tear-filled eyes and charges forth to save it.

    Betty is called forth to save the shrinking planets from Maximus, but ends up with Admiral DeGill on her ship, as well as several of his strikingly beautiful female colleuges. They later go to pick up Sparky, and Zulia, his mother, declares that she come with, too. X-5 is joined by his uncle, B-1, which wracks Betty's nerves quite a bit. She does not act like the sweet little girl she usually is, but instead acts annoyed and slightly out-of-character, showing quite a bit of disrespect toward her fellow peers.

    In the midst of pursuing Maximus, the No-L 9, a cluster of holiday stars that can sing to one-another, catch the cat's attention, and he halts his chasing in order to get the stars for himself. Knowing how valuable the No-L 9 are, the others immediately decide to follow Maximus--and Betty and Sparky end up meeting an old man marooned on one of the stars, trapped there for thirty years with nothing but the No-L 9 to keep him company. When Maximus starts shrinking the stars, Betty and Sparky must leave him behind to go to the rescue--but promise that they'll come back for him later.

    Betty devises a plan to come aboard Maximus's ship and release the No-L 9, but Maximus immediately catches on to her plan and sends an army to attack her. The others then come to the rescue, and we get to see quite an interesting and climactic battle with all the Guardians and their relatives. As in "The Really Big Game", we get to see more DeGill action, along with lots of teamwork and beatings--with just the right amounts of humor thrown in. The scene with Zulia and Sparky was hilarious. In the end, though, Maximus ends up trapping them all, and it's up to the No-L 9 to save them. Maximus is forced to release them and return them to their proper state, thanks to the tremendous amount of energy that they are generating.

    While this is happening, Betty comes back down to the star that she found the old man on, saying that he must get out or he'll burn up. He responds by saying that he has nowhere to go--but, surprisingly, he turns out to be Betty's grandfather! A touching moment follows between the little girl and her grandpa, when Sparky interrupts, telling them to get away from the stars before their energy becomes too powerful.

    Betty later apologizes for being so annoyed before, and agrees that Christmas should be spent with family, no matter what the cost. Everyone is sent back home, Betty last, and Granny is finally re-united with her husband at long last. A touching finale then follows with a beautiful song, showing the No-L 9 in the sky and making everyone feel warm and happy. This part nearly made me cry, especially the fact that the song was so beautiful, combined with the love that the characters shared with one-another. The only thing that could've made this better is a happier ending for Minimus and Maximus--sure, Maximus did something wrong, but he didn't deserve to be shaken up by his own cat-monster, neither did poor Minimus--who was upset yet again over who knows what, the poor things.

    But overall, I really enjoyed it. Best Christmas special I've ever seen since the animated classics like "Rudolph" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".moreless
  • Good filler. You find out Betty's grandma was a Galactic Guardian as well!

    Maximus is shrinking planets to use as ornaments on his tree. So if it shrinks a planet to ornament size, think how it'll shrink a a Galactic Guardian's ship! Betty has to escape Maximus, and save the No L-9 planet system. A good episode I think. Especially when her grandma tells how she used to have been a Galactic Guardian. Good plot for a holiday special!
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William Shatner

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