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  • Not a Kim Possible ripoff

    Atomic Betty is a fast paced action and adventure show about a 12 year old girl named Betty Barrett who is also a galactic guardian who fights villains with a pair of comical sidekicks. Even more she has to deal with everyday earth issues such as family, crushes, bullies, friends, and other expectations. It is sort of like a mix of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Kim Possible, American Dragon, and a touch of Buck Rogers and Star Wars. I really wished that some of the story arcs were finished up better such as Paloma and her younger sister/guardian. I recommend this over Power Puff Girls or Johnny Test.
  • Ok show but very boring - not sure why i was so obsessed with it :/

    I really really enjoyed this show back in 2004 when i was 8, i was a huge fan, i had nearly all the toys and everything. But has i got older, the episodes began to get very boring, repetitive and the characters were getting unbearable! the two main ones were Sparky and Penelope Lang omfg. I but i really enjoyed the teenage/adult Betty since i always wondered how she would look in the future. The show really went down hill until Regeena and Chaz showed up!
  • Terrific

  • Liked it when I was a little girl but....

    Not anymore,

    Sorry but this show just isn't any good never was,

    Idk why I liked it in the first place.

    It's TERRIBLE!
  • Atomic Betty

    I want Atomic Betty Back on Boomerang please and Just Take Almost Naked Animals off of Boomerang

    please i hate that show
  • Why hate on this show?

    So what? They hired a 12-year old to protect the universe. Yeah that was a bad idea, but what do you expect when the agency leader is a fish? Nonetheless, Atomic Betty was an enjoyable cartoon, a true classic in my eyes. I first saw this show on Cartoon Network back in 2004, I have faint memories on it but all I know is that I really enjoyed it. Atomic Betty wasn't the greatest show, it did get a little boring and it even copied material from other shows, but it was fun. There was some humor and it was pretty clever in each episode. CN ditched this show after a few episodes, but the Hub picked it up until the very end, which was nice. I was really impressed with those CGI effects they used for the Ships and Planets, I always found that quite appealing. Its nice to look up upon, especially when animation has gotten worse for cartoons. (Especially CN) I must also mention that theme song for the first season, epic.
  • this show is so bad

    hopefully it is not on the air anymore It was so bad it I wish it was not on the air or (I wish I never saw it) anyone who like this must like the pony shows like my little pony we'll I do not Like it but if you like it thats okay
  • That girl bears resemblance to the redheaded girl from garbage named "Sidekick". What the.... ?!

    Let's sum this.

    Plot: Atomic Betty, a nerd, is a superhero that saves the world from Maximus. That's all folks.

    Characters: Atomic Betty bears resemblance to the redheaded girl (I don't know her name) from the crap cartoon named Sidekick. EDIT: Or Sidekick resembles this, as Sidekick is newer. Now if these two are somewhat related, then trash this cartoon! Sidekick just sucks at everything, and this too. If that cartoon is just ripping this off, then I don't care. Maximus is one of the generic villains that has only one agenda. Megamind would kick his a*s. Everyone is annoying and stereotypical, and generic. The aliens are also boring and dull. Voice acting is average.

    Humor/Action value: No value at all. They suck at these two things.

    Art: Art is okay, animation is a pile of puke.

    Overall: 0.5. This show just makes me go "Gordon Freeman" around, whacking crowbar to random stuff. Hehe just joking. Terrible. Should be ignored.
  • I really used to like this show as a kid,but now,not anymore

    As a teenager now,I look upon the things I liked as a kid,and most of them I hate now. Atomic Betty is a huge example of that. The show is about a girl named Betty who is secretly a galactic guardian who defends the Earth from evil bad guys and Maximus,the main villian. Like I said,I really did like this show,but looking at it now,it's a piece of crap. The animation is passable,as it looks so colorful,and some of the action sequences are decent.. But the characters are one of the main problems of the show. Betty is just a stereotypical girl who goes through the most stereotypical things. Noah is annoying,and of course,is the generic"crush on girl" character. Penolope is just a selfish character who is the generic "I'm rich,so that makes me better than you" character. The bully is just a generic idiotic mean kid. Sparky is super annoying,not funny at all,and acts too much like Scrappy Doo. X5 is decent,and acts way better than Sparky. Maximus is a villian who is just as generic as the others,and is not even wise. Minimus seems like the only good character,besides x5,because he isn't as generic as Maximus. However,Maximus is always pushing him,and was even about to eat him one time! As for the voice acting,it's OK,but characters like Sparky and Penolope are ruining it. Every episode is just the same thing. Betty has something to do,but a mission interrupts her. Overall,while AB is not really mind-hurting bad,but it's just unoriginal,and really is poorly done.
  • I don't know about you, but I think this show is awesome!

    This show is like, really awesome! About a girl named Betty who lives a double life, one as a school girl, and the other as Atomic Betty, a superhero in outer space who, with her friends, Sparky and X-9, fight evil and save the day. Need I remind you that Maximus is really Betty's stupid cat? I also like the theme song, which is really catchy, and really cool! I don't think this show airs on Cartoon Network anymore, but it should come back on, because it's really awesome! I hope they come with more episodes, too! Really good show! Bring it back!
  • Not only is Atomic Betty a very generic show that has been done before, it steal from a better show

    Remember the show Buzz Lightyear of Star Command? Well, Atomic Betty decided to walk all over it and make a mockery of it. Atomic Betty is a show about a girl named Betty who is a typical nerd, but is actually a defender of space and fights evil aliens that are trying to take over the universe. As if the premise wasn't boring enough and bad, lets take a look at the rip offs. The defenders are called Galaxy Guardians are just a knock off of Space Ranger. the robot, can't remember name, is like XR. The villain, Maximus, is a rip off of Zurg, he even has robots like Zurg did. How cheap do these creators have to be?! It's just Buzz Lightyear all over again, except not as great. As for the artwork, it does have some interesting planets, but nothing new, and the animation feels stiff sometimes. The humor is just very cheesy and will make you groan and do a face palm. The plots are very bland and are forgettable. All the villains are just generic and stereotypical and the same goes for the heroes as well, there is no characterization at all. This show should never have aired at all and it rips off a better show about galaxy defenders. In the future, if you want a human to deal with evil aliens, give Duke Nukem a call, NOT Atomic Betty.
  • And I thought Atomic Betty was cool.

    Ok, I have to admit-I only thought this show was cool because it was on Fridays. Now I'm just wishing SOMETHING was on, even this crappy show. The animation is sorta nice, but the plot that went with it was ripped off of Buzz Lightyear, a much better show from Disney. I was about 6? when Betty came on, and I wanted nothing more than to stomach this garbage and get it over with (believe me, I've stomached garbage-shows) and I stomached this one...

    ...the animation was a plus, though...what can I say? The plot did suck, but the animation made up for it.
  • Atomic Betty is another example of a show that could've been a great show, but poor execution and other problems make Atomic Betty another show that is better of left in outer space.


    Like the title, I really wanted to like this show, but this show is should've been launched into outer space anyway.

    Atomic Betty is about a normal grade school student who lives a double life of saving the galaxy from evil aliens with her freinds while living a normal life on earth. Now, the first problem is the plot; it has been done to death a kazillion times before in the past. Usually, a good show would take an overused plotline and make it fresh by adding in new, interesting stuff. But this show adds nothing new or interesting to the plot.

    Characters: The characters themselves are completely bland and one dimensional.

    ~Betty is just a typical ginger girl who is the leader and is in boys.

    ~Sparky is Betty's green alien cadet. He's supposed to be one of the comic relief characters, but fails in every way possible.

    ~X-5 is the robot of the robot of the group. He's another comic relief guy, but just like Sparky, he's unfunny.

    All of the other characters are no better at all. Noah is just another guy who fails to be funny. And his love interest in Betty in the later seasons just fails completely too. Penelope is another "Fancy Smancy" and rich jerk stereotype.~Villains: Maximus is a complete idiot, and so is all of the other villains.

    The only good character is Minimus, Maximus's wise partner, but even he can't save the show.

    The Humor: The humor itself (like I said before) is completely atrocious and you facepalm every time a "joke" appears.

    Plots: The plots themselves are forgettable and are all boring.

    The action scenes: The scenes are okay for the most but, but there's too much screen time for Betty and not enough time for the others.

    Now on to the good points of the show:

    The Art Style: The art style is beautiful. It's clean and crisp. It's vibrant and the characters looks great. However, the animation is stiff though.

    Voice acting: The voice acting is great. Everyone sounds the way the characters are supposed to sound. Tajja Isen also did a great job as Betty.

    Music: The music itself does sound very catchy and enjoyable. But the stock music can get little grating.


    ~Great Voice Acting
    ~Fantastic Art Style
    ~Catchy Music
    ~Good Character Design

    ~Bad story with nothing new in it
    ~Terrible Characters
    ~Stiff animation
    ~Boring Stories

    Overall, Atomic Betty could've been a good show, but the execution and other problems make Atomic Betty another forgettable show that is better off left in the deep depths of space.


  • This show makes Robot Jones look like 14K.

    No ofense but this show stinks I mean come on a fish general,a cat villan what kind of imbesal would like a show like that!I'm not trying to be mean but she spins around in the air and whala she has super powers?If this show dosen't get of air soon I'm going to see bad things haping.
  • the theme song alone needs to be burned

    I can't stand anything about this show. The concept is overused, the artwork and character-designs suck, and that damn theme song absolutly sucks. This is one of those shows where you either need to be extremely bored, or deaf to enjoy. This is just another entry in Cartoon Network's long line of repeated mistakes.
  • Best show ever seen in my life! Give the show a chance!

    The reason why I gave a 10 for Atomic Betty is that it is an original. If you can see, the background of space in Atomic Betty is in another language. Also, the battles between Atomic Betty and Company and the universe is an original. The braclet wear by both Atomic Betty, and her grandmother is an original, for I have not seen anything like of it in any show. Some episodes does give me different feelings about the show, yet I still say in general this show is the best of them all. I hope one day this show will earn a award for best film. I think that producer Rob Davies, awarded for Emmys, did a fantastic job on this show. Atomic Cartoons, Inc., Breakthrough Films, Inc., and Teleimages, Inc. did a splendid job on this production, and I hope that most of you concur with me. I want to let people to give Atomic Betty a chance.
  • An Awesome space adventure

    You know,I was shocked,surprised and flabbergasted by the negativity I had heard on the Internet; I have watched (and taped) this show, and frankly I find it AWESOME! and also this show on "My Top Series" list (if I HAD one that is). Each episode is top-notch; full of action,adventure and humor too,I have few favorites;though it will be hard to remember which. I love Betty, she is totally COOL, yet very sweet; You know there are now 3 Bettys in my favorite/cartoons :

    Betty Boop,
    Betty Rubble from The Flintstones, and now...

    Atomic Betty, Galactic Gaurdian and Defender of the Cosmos!
  • WHY THE HECK I WATCHED THIS(I didnt)Its stupid and boring

    Man that sucks,this is crap,more than a stupid action ,(which is dum)that there is a crappy humour ,man this show is nothing but B-O-R-I-N-NG Crap.Plz dont mode me for writing this ,but this show is a pice ov a crappy no goodie **** (IF ANYONE MODS ME,I`LL MODE YOU!!! THATS RIGHT !)okay so its noothing special,no so butkicking ,insterad the show is but kicked.Its most likely to be the dumest show eva.

    A A A A A A A T T T T TT T O O O O O O O M M M M M II I I C C C C C betgty sucks,if anyone watchs it,then your dum !
  • Omg this show sucks.

    Atomic Betty.More like Atomic crap!This show is one of the worse shows on Cartoon Network.Its about a girl saving the universe from a cat?A girl(??) save the universe from a cat??Thaz apsolutley stupid!They could of something much better.This show is very boring it will make you fall a sleep in 1/5 seconds.I only watched one episode and I figured out its crap and I never watch it again!Cartoon Network better cancel this show fast becouse it has disatarous results!Dont watch this show its boring,stupid and it will kill ya in a minute!Dont watch it I say!!Its the worset show on Cn ever!
  • Maximus I.Q decides that he wants to shrink the singing planets of No-L 9 to put on his Christmas tree as Ornaments so it becomes up to Atomic Betty to stop him.

    I don't normally watch that show as it is a children's show aimed at younger kids(I do occasionally watch it) but I watched this one and really enjoyed it. It was such a cute and pretty episode. The song the planets sung was absolutely beautiful. I thought I was going to cry when I watched it, especially when Betty and her Grandmother were reunited with her Grandfather, it was, touching and very sweet. I just wish I could find out the name of the song that the planets sung(if any one knows the name of the song I would love to know it), it was really pretty. It was one of the few episodes that I watched and sadly cannot seem to find anywhere to watch again.
  • People need to quit bashing this show. This show is actually decent.

    Atomic Betty is actually an ok show. It's nothing special but it ain't horrible, people need to quit being so negative and immature and actually check this show out. Sure the whole space missions are repetitive but at least they're done better than Kim Possible's missions. Enough with the 1s and 1.5s already. This show used to be on Cartoon Network around 2004/2005 but unfortunately, this show was pulled off CN in early 2006 and the only way American viewers can watch this show is on video websites like Veoh in low VCR quality. However if you're a Canadian resident, check it out on Teletoon. You might like it or you won't. It's not going be the next Kim Possible or Danny Phantom but hey at least it's a watchable show. BTW, to all they Better haters; Get lost, if you don't like this show, then don't watch it, no one is forcing you to watch it so don't even bother writing a negative review with extreme loathing!!
  • I used to say this is cool,but it has gone to far.

    Well,it's kind of a bad show to me.I mean,I used to like this show,but it's just now is what I think is a bad show.The villians are not that good because Maximus is not good of how he looks and his sidekick is really ugly.But X-5 is a cool robot.I just have to say one thing about this show and that is that this show is kind of bad in Cartoon Network.This show is now very bad to me and I grade this show a C because it's because I said it's cool,but not anymore it's cool on Cartoon Network.
  • atomic betty + poorly done = don't watch It's not because it's a girl's show, trust me, read the full review and you'll understand.

    The show sucks and you know why? Well all show you.

    Art 8/10 - the art on this show is clean and sexy. I mean, there were a few errors, but Atomic betty is a hot nerd, but...

    this is the 1 of 2 good things.

    Characters 5/10 - The characters are fine, a normal nerd with a double life as a space hero, a friend with a heart, a south amercian girl, and so far. The characters are fine but its diaglogue is so repititive and is so boring that I watched the show with sounds MUTED!

    Music 2/10 - It is abysmal. It's horrible. The music was fine at the intro and during the show, but the music can get boring and gay real quickly after a few episodes.

    Presentation 3/10 - The story was poorly excuted. It just doesn't make sense. You just fight random known enemies for unknown reasons. Even the love part doesn't make sence at all!

    Animation 6/10 - The animation is not bad, but it can get erradic at times. It's cool, but it wasn't enough.

    Bottom line - This show sucks on ice, despite the sexy art and good animation, this show has my 4th rank of the worst show I showed in my life with poor taste on music, terrible character and diaglogue and bad presentation. Don't watch this show, if you do you'll be making a mistake. Watch captain flamingo, it's better than this s**t. Atomic Betty reporting for poop duty!
  • And I used to like this show


    Yes,you heard it. I used to like Atomic Betty. However,looking at it now,I hate it. So this show is about a girl named Betty,who is a normal girl,but in reality,she is a Galactic Guardian,and defends Earth from aliens and Maximus,the main villain. Now the characters were the true problem of the show. Sparky and X5 were the only characters that got a laugh out of me,but they can't save the show. The other characters were just horrible. Betty is just a girl who has the perfect word to describe her:stereotypical. Noah is just annoying,and Penelope was just a selfish jerk who was just an average rich girl. Maximus was a terrible villain and is always making wisecracks that are not funny. Minimus,his sidekick however,was the best character. He also seemed mistreated by Maximus,and even worse,was about to eat him in one episode! The action sequences were decent,but I hate those epic close ups on Betty most of the time. The humor pretty much fails,and while most of the time,X5 and Sparky were hilraious,they still can't save the show. The artwork is OK,but at least it's not as bad as Johnny Test's animation. Overall,AB is just a disaster,and pretty much should get destroyed by an asteroid in space. And I think the Hub stopped showing this,which I'm glad about.

  • There is nothing much original about this show

    Sorry, but this show hasn't got much going for it IMO. It isn't the worst show, but it definitely ain't the best! It's about a Galactic Guardian who saves the world (plot sound similar to you?) from an evil cat called Maximus I.Q who wants to take over the world. Wow, how original! The animation is pretty good though. At least there's something good about this show. Well, it depends on your tastes. Some people will like to see another superhero female who kicks butt, but I just have seen it far too many times. Like Totally Spies and even Kim Possible (that is a great show).

    Overall, this show isn't terrible, but it needs improvement, and I mean A LOT of it.
  • Another CN's rip-off...

    Unoriginal, weird characters, weird villains, this show is a waste of time, don't watch it.

    Like "Robotboy", "Atomic Betty" is a rip-off ("Kim Possible", "Duck Dodgers" etc...), clearly one of the worst shows on Cartoon Network. Really, don't watch this show, it's boring and the characters are annoying!

    Conclusion: IMO, a complete waste of time...
  • Terribly written.

    The only good things in this show are Betty's cuteness and the animation.

    The opening song is very irritating.

    All of the villains are one-dimensional and evil-for-the-sake-of-being-evil.

    There is a severe lack of jokes, and the few jokes that they have are awful and not funny. Except maybe to toddlers and retards.
  • a boring adventure of girl named betty whos a galactic guardian.

    first of all this is flash animated and flash should stay on internet.second this cartoon is so lame!betty is cute but shes too serious for a little girl and lacks character.and there was no pilote episode so we dont know how she became a galactic guardian.she seems to only have 1 human friend annoying dork noah.and some lame superstar wannabe penelope is allways teasing her but betty never stoods up for herself.and her galactic team mates are stupid.sparky is annoying and looks like barney rubbels which i hate cause i like barney and i dont like him.and the robot is the dullest thing imaginable.aliens look lame and uncreative.and the worst of them all is a "evil cat wizard looking gay villian wanabee.a cat?!uuuu scary!this cartoon was made for profit.there was no humor put in it.the "jokes" make me yawn.there s no love or effort put in this.they did it just for money.dont wach this show!its a waste of time!
  • De ja vu!

    Haven't I seen this somewhere? A girl who is secretly some hero and has to deal with ordinary life at the same time? Sounds like Kim Possible to me. Seriously, the secret identity thing is used way too much, and one big thing that would attract fans is ORIGINALITY. This is anything but original, but some lame rip off of Kim Possible. The girl sort of looks like Kim Possible too. They have green eyes. Her hair is more reddish than brown though. But Kim is way taller than the little midget. Why bother putting this on air? I am not pleased with Cartoon Network.
  • Atomic Betty fights a galatic villan named Maximus along with 2 dim-witted sidekicks.

    What the heck is this!!! First CN ruins Robot Jones, dis-mantles anime , now this. My tv became a swirling vortex of horror. First off, the lack of story. I was left wondering how she became Atomic betty, and why does her Mom look like Dolly Parton. Then the REST of this horrible show. Sparky is hyperactive 99.8 % of the time, the robot sounds like a bad impression of Benstein , and Betty is ...unforgivable. CN should of flushed this down the toilet when they had a chance.
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