Atomic Betty

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)


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  • That girl bears resemblance to the redheaded girl from garbage named "Sidekick". What the.... ?!

    Let's sum this.

    Plot: Atomic Betty, a nerd, is a superhero that saves the world from Maximus. That's all folks.

    Characters: Atomic Betty bears resemblance to the redheaded girl (I don't know her name) from the crap cartoon named Sidekick. EDIT: Or Sidekick resembles this, as Sidekick is newer. Now if these two are somewhat related, then trash this cartoon! Sidekick just sucks at everything, and this too. If that cartoon is just ripping this off, then I don't care. Maximus is one of the generic villains that has only one agenda. Megamind would kick his a*s. Everyone is annoying and stereotypical, and generic. The aliens are also boring and dull. Voice acting is average.

    Humor/Action value: No value at all. They suck at these two things.

    Art: Art is okay, animation is a pile of puke.

    Overall: 0.5. This show just makes me go "Gordon Freeman" around, whacking crowbar to random stuff. Hehe just joking. Terrible. Should be ignored.