Atomic Betty

Season 1 Episode 3

Spindly Tam Kanushu / Science Fair

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Sep 26, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Spindly Tam Kanushu / Science Fair
Spindly Tam Kanushu: Betty's old martial arts trainer, The Spindly Tam Kanushu, is captured by Maximus, who wants him to train his Morbidium Blood Munks in the martial arts. Instead Tam secretly trains them to be dancers. Science Fair: Betty and her classmates are participating in a science fair at school, while in space, Maximus attacks the water planet, Aquus, and tries to capture the sea creature inhabitants for use as a discount canned pet food he hopes will take the universe by storm.moreless

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  • Secrets revealed; Betty knows cosmic kung-fu, Maximus is a coward in the water.

    Not too shabby for a 3rd episode. This one really showed some secrets that we never knew before. Read on:

    Spindly Tam Kanushu took a bit of a different road, flashing back to Betty's younger days. The flashback had tinges of the old Kung-Fu series, as well as Star Wars (Betty carrying Tam on her back was similar to Luke Skywalker lugging Yoda.) This kinda shows how Betty got those killer moves. The fight scene near the end got a pretty good rush out of me. And it also offered a nice little segue from action to comedy, where Tam trained Maximus's bloodmonks to dance. Dang, that was funny!

    As for Science Fair...Well, not a whole lot to say, except that Maximus being scared of water got a good laugh out of my system. It's kinda obvious that a cat-themed villan had to have a fear of water. Besides, the #1 rule with all super villans is that they need to have SOME kind of weakness.

    This one hits the bullseye; 10/10.

    Double Trouble Tommoreless
  • This was by no means the best atomic betty episodes but they were not that bad.

    The first episode was a slight dissappointment with little action and adventure, although the conclusion was comical it did not make up for the lack of thrill in the episode. I found the discovery that betty had been trained in martial arts quite expected but interesting all the same. The second episode was a lot better, a classic atomic betty episode. There was action, adventure and humour, the way it should be. Being an atomic betty fan I expect this standard. Though this was one of the better episodes I still found something missing from this episode and because of that I am dissappointed but still good episode.moreless
  • Spindly Tam Vs. Science

    Overall, both of these episodes were a huge disappointment for me.

    Spindly Tam Kanushu

    First major thing wrong is it's hard to pronounce the title. To be a pretty good episode, the viewers shouldn't have to much trouble pronouncing the title, atleast that's my experience so far. However, the title is unique to kudos for that.

    To proceede to the actual episode. Like I said before, it was a major disappointment. From what I read I thought that Tam would be a kick butt martial artist who in the end kicked Maximus' butt. So not! He was much weaker than I thought and though it was funny how he trained the Blood munks to dance, afterwards when he said he was changing his career? Not so hot.

    I honestly cannot comment on the subplot because I do not remember there being one. First off, that is a major minus for not even having a small subplot. However, if there was one it is simply rubbish and not good enough to remember which is even worse.

    Science Fair

    This is a really good subplot. Galactic Guardian finally gets what she deserves- Betty wins the science fair and rightfully so. Another example of space knowledge put to good use- a cross section of Vesuvius Twelve. The explosion at the end was choice and very funny how Noah's mess up saved the day for Betty. Excellent, even if it hardly blended with the main plot atleast Betty mentioned the science fair a few times which is enough tie in, given the fact that it was a good enough plot.

    As for the main plot? It was sick and not in the good way. Maximus used actual living, talking, breathing Aquians to make the pet food. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you can still go a little queasy. At first, I thought the Aquians were just a type of creature - like fish only diffrent. I didn't think that Betty would actually talk to them!

    Their gullibility got annoying. It took atleast what, 16 people to make them realize they had to fight back? Pretty lame but Betty saving them in the end was even more heroic. The way Maximus was tricked in the end was very good, but I think their disguise was a little too easy to see through. X-5's surprise for Maximus in the end was sweet revenge and so simple too. All cat's hate water, and all ships should have fire systems so you put two and two together...

    Overall, I would rate these a 5 out of ten, don't go out of your way to watch it but don't avoid it either. The thing that saved it was x-5 at the end of science fair so catch the last five minutes.moreless

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