Atomic Betty

Season 3 Episode 17

The Doomsday Game / Degill and Son / Who's The Most Extreme?

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Jan 10, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • This episode dictates Paloma's true identity. Paloma turns out to be the twin daughter of a powerful demon released by her mother years ago. Through her help, as well as her GG Juanita, Sparky, X-5 and Betty, they defeat the evil villain and save the day!

    With my summary, I would like to first say that this is one of THE most original Atomic Betty episodes ever. I was glued to my seat with each turn and every thing was unexpected. The first unexpected thing I saw was when Paloma was zapped by a beam, similar to what Betty experiences in season two when called by Admiral Degill on a mission. After, the area goes into a concerned state when the possibilty of aliens lurk. meanwhile, Noah tries to track down an alien with an invention that his father created. Besides this, we find out that Juanita is actually a galactic guardian sent along with Paloma to protect her while Paloma is actually the twin daughter of an evil villain. Paloma was actually kidnapped by her own twin sister: Pandora, who is basically the sam in appearance except for yellow eyes, paler skin and light purple hair. However, Juanita, X-5, Betty and Sparky, with Juanita's help find the location of Paloma, while Maximus tags along. This is since Maximus had this Golden Mallard with a key inside to open Pandora's box, which Pandora stole earlier (the mallard). However, in the end, similar to what happens every episode, Atomic Betty saves the day!! However, there is a cliffhanger when Noah is teleported to Maximus' ship and he inadvertedly takes the key to the box with him. Overally I give it 9.4 out of 10, for having everything, except romance. =D