Atomic Betty

Season 1 Episode 8

The Great Race / Poached Egg

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Oct 31, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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The Great Race / Poached Egg
The Great Race: Maximus has invented a new explosive device called "The Shredder," that has the power to destroy the Solar System. Back on Earth, Betty has an after-school date with the new boy in her class, Dylan. Now, Betty is in a real race against time, she must defuse the Shredder in time to save her galaxy and return back to Earth for her date! Poached Egg: Maximus's personal chef, Chef Bernadette quits his job, therefore Maximus orders Minimus to make him Omelette of Piraxian Rhino Egg. There us only one such egg left in existence. Betty must stop Minimus from poaching the last egg. Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty is blamed for starting a food fight at school. Will Noah's video evidence be enough to clear her name?moreless

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  • Hang on to your seats, 'cause here we go!

    Alright, I've seen nearly all the episodes of this series, but none of them catch my eye as much as this one. The episode provided a great portion of action and comedy, and showed Betty and her crew, along with Maximus and Minimus, at their very best.

    The Great Race was a real heartstopper. I'd sure hate to agree to go on a date, then stop a wormhole from tearing up the galaxy in time to go on the date; I'd just want to flop down on my bed and sleep it all off. I think Dylan's a great new character. Yeah, I'm all for Noah and Betty being a little more than friends, but Dylan looks like a nice guy. As for the space scenes, that was really what gives the episode its heartstopping edge. Betty and X-5 trying to race back to the Shredder was wicked awesome. It was very high in speed, and good on action. This was the best part of the whole episode.

    Poached Egg took on a bit of a conservational scheme with the egg of one of the last creatures remaining. Maximus, of course, wants it for an omlette; figures, in order for him to get what he wants, he has to try and kill off a species. Betty, Sparky and X-5 trying to rescue the egg was fantastic, but it looks harrowing in real life; getting nearly run over by bunny-crickets and tumbling down a hill isn't exactly my idea of a good time. The whole rescue attempt, as well as the battle, got a good rise outta me. The earth scene was also respectable, with Betty getting accused of starting a food fight. The hockey-obsessed principal was cool, making different references to a hockey game. Fantastic stuff.

    And again, that's 10.

    Double Trouble Tommoreless
  • The great poached egg.

    The Great Race

    This probably has one of the best subplots in the series so far. Frequently switching from Betty to Penelope trying to woo Dylan was awesome, and especially since in the end he ditched her in a second for Betty. It also shows how much Galactic Guardian time can cut into your real life, and almost lose your date. Ouch.

    The main space plot was strong too, and one of Maximus's best inventions yet. Too bad Betty was there or it might actually have worked. I liked how it was left up to Sparky to defuse it, so no one thought that the solar system would survive. Just shows you what he is capable of though, which is alot more than he sometimes gets credit for. Loved the wormhole type thing too.

    This is the perfect title since the whole episode is a race against time. It also shows that while you may have enemies, time is rarely on your side, but that makes it all the more impressive when the good guys win.

    Poached Egg

    A rather disgusting episode. It shows how heartless Maximus is that he would eat the last egg of a species in the galaxy. The worst part was when he was going to eat the little animal though, and that was nasty. However, the little dude stood up for himself without any help from anyone else. Whoohoo!

    The switchie scene where the egg was being passed was very classy and funny. A new twist on something old, and I liked it.I still don't get how the egg managed to survive that drop of it looked like 20 feet but oh well.

    Subplot was good, it ties in with the whole food thing. Noah's video project was hilarious, and in the end it saved Betty. Her Vice Principal was a little harsh for jumping on her like that though. Why did he incriminate her when everyone else was holding food too? And way too sports oriented for my taste, but some other people may like it.

    Overall, an 8 out of ten. Watch it.moreless

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