Atomic Betty

Season 1 Episode 25

Twas the Fight Before Xmas / Toy Hystoryia

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM May 08, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • The very first Christmas episode(s) of Atomic Betty--and very special ones, at that.

    I recently watched this awhile ago, and I'm always one for holiday specials--especially the Christmas ones, because they're so heartwarming--heck, if "heartwarming" were a category I'd classify it as that, but unfortunately it isn't. But that's not the point; on with the review:

    The first episode, "Fight Before Christmas" (later re-named "Jingle Brawls") features Betty dressing up as Santa Claus in order to make the local children of Moosejaw Heights happy. However, she gets called away on a mission because the Chameleon has promised Maximus a very special gift--Atomic Betty's complete and total anihillation. Needless to say, Maximus is quite impressed by the Chameleon's cunning and strategic thinking, and Chameleon is trying to butt in and take poor Minimus out of the picture--which the two-headed creature immediately senses and becomes immensely jealous. He and Chameleon spend the entire episode snarling and fighting with one-another, competing over what little affection Maximus has--and Chameleon ends up winning, crushing Minimus's holiday spirit and spirit altogether, at that.

    However, Minimus isn't completely stupid. Deciding to exact his revenge in order to get Maximus back, he sends Sparky the pair of infrared goggles that allow him to see the invisibility bubble that Maximus and Chameleon are plotting their infernal plans in. Once Sparky has found out what's really going on, he warns Betty and X-5, who immediately come up with a logical solution and save the day. Maximus naturally blames the Chameleon for the failure and fires him, taking Minimus back. Minimus is overjoyed and declares that it's his "best Christmas ever"--resuming to caring for the wounded Maximus and taping the Chameleon's mouth shut with wrapping ribbons.

    I found this particular episode very heartwarming, funny, and sad at the same time--the part where Minimus said "But we're a team!", nearly in tears, completely melted my heart. I know, I'm such a big freakin' softie when it comes to that stuff, but Minimus is my favorite, next to Maximus, of course. What Minimus fan WOULDN'T have enjoyed that scene?

    "Toy Historya" involves Infantor becoming greedy at Christmas and hijacking Santa's workshop with help from his Terma-Nannies, taking every single toy for himself and manipulating them to suit his own needs. Betty is summoned to go to the rescue--but at the same time has to help her father buy a good present for her mother. After Sparky and X-5 exchange gifts, the three speed out to Santa's workshop and battle it out one-on-one with Infantor, his deadly army of toys, and his terma-nannies--with help from Santa and his elves, and the new James-Bond style pen that X-5 gave Sparky for Christmas--does everything BUT write. I found that kind of funny, in a way.

    Betty's secret is almost revealed again in this episode when she gives her mother the satellite that Sparky gave X-5 in order to get better television reception, but she quickly blocks the television and creates a diversion for the holidays. Not that it would matter, but oh well...
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