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  • I want hosts that have personalities & knowledge about the video game industry. AOTS! use to be my favorite show, now I can barely stand it. G4 needs to fire Olivia Munn and Zach Selwyn immediately and bring back Sarah Lane and Brendan

    Co-host Olivia Munn is nice to look at, but that's it!
    She shouldn't be hosting "Attack of the Show" or any show for that matter. Somebody get her a job at Macy's, the girl was born a deparement store mannequin. G4 needs to bring back Sarah Lane!
    Bring back Sarah Lane!
    Bring back Sarah Lane!

    Bring Brendan Moran back while you're at it. His "replacement" Zach Selwyn is insane (clinically). Selwyn needs to tone it down. Selwyn: shouting everything you say doesn't hide the fact that you're talentless. You belong on ESPN not G4. Take Munn with you. Olivia Munn and Zach Selwyn need to be given the boot. Munn can be a mannequin and Selwyn can be committed.
  • Raunchy, raunchy, raunchy

    If you like G4 and Attack of the Show!, you're probably a horny teenager (or you still act like one). I loved TechTV when I first discovered it. There was all kinds of programming fare for a techo-gamer-geek like me. Then, they decided to revamp everything (I guess) and target the pimply, pubescent, potty-humor crowd and they totally lost me. It was insulting. Now the entire channel is so friggin raunchy, I can't even watch it with my kids around. This include not only the original programming, but the commercial spots and promos as well. The whole network seems geared toward titillating horny teenage boys. Everything is cleavage and juvenile sexual innuendo. 25 years ago I would have loved it (I guess), but I find the whole thing shallow and tiresome. This includes Attack of the Show!, arguably thier flagship program. Too bad they didn't keep TechTV separate. Now the only reason I *ever* watch this channel is to see Ninja Warrior. RAUNCHY, RAUNCHY, RAUNCHY.
  • Not good


    This show offers a lot in the ways of technology, but is behind on around the net consistantly. Thanks to being a web geek, i already have seen the videos they throw up a week later. I also really hate the phony, non gamer host women. Watching half naked women bounce around is a waste of time especially if they arent even all that decent and have no real knowledge. The "antics" and banter are rarely funny and bad writing. Just not for a true nerd. Ill watch X-play for my gaming reviews and peruse forums for my information rather than watch that half assed attempt at humor and interest.

  • I used to like this show..... I recently just got that channel back G4. I noticed the amount of suck has changed...

    Lost the show for about a year. Now I have a different cable service and I have it back.
    Ok, the first thing I noticed was the amount of liberal feces coming from their mouths. The constant badgering about bush and how great obama is was disgusting. I already have jon stewart and colbert jamming that crap into my ears. Next I noticed how the show changed into more of an artsy fartsy show promoting stupid bands that I have never heard of and dont give two turds about. Then they get into forcing stupid memes on their audience which is mostly tweens who think they are genius nerds, and potheads. They have a special 420 episode where they talk about weed all day and regularly talk about it on the show. I tuned in to watch a show about technology and video games, not to hear a liberal MTV message. Just hearing them talk about stuff that they do not know anything about is incredibly irritating. I CANNOT STAND to hear FAIL or EPIC one more time. Those two phrases make me want to vomit.
  • I miss these guys.

    I miss watching this show. Seeing as DirectTV no longer affiliates themselves with G4, I've had to resort to watching old re-runs on hulu and whatnot in order to get my fix. Sadly, the cast of characters has changed, and so has the general feel of the entire show; I remember when it was more about the fun than it was about bringing in new people ALL THE TIME. Still, it remains a good, and entertaining show. Why, I get my electronic news from it; I just recently learned of these new apps for students off of it, and am now making great use of them. So, Attack of the Show will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Best entertainment show ever made.

    This is so better than all of those stupid and boring news shows like Nick News and those very boring stupid shows on CNN.It has all of things I love on those floting words on the bottom.It has all the entertainmet you will love like Movies and Video Games.So much better.G4 is such a genius.They created a show which is twice as better than any other terrible news show and no,I am not a nerd.It tells you any news and any other thing that you would like to hear.This is like one of my favorite shows ever like Whacked Out videos on G4.I hate the movies they put on there and the shows that are not reailty.But this show is such the biggest news genius ever.
  • I love this show..

    This show is basically a daily mix of all things internet, trendy and electronic...I saw the host once, Olivia Munn, and found her to be very likable and personal, as well as having a great sense of timing and humor. She is also very easy on the eyes! Kevin Perriera bounced off of her personality perfectly. The only problem I had with the entire 60 minutes is when they cut to a girl with an accent who cannot be understood when she speaks... she needs to enunciate a little better so that she doesn't bring the show's pacing to a grinding halt.
  • A hilarious show with great writing and even better chemistry between the host. It really is the only* news you need to know...

    Attack of The Show or AOTS as it is lovingly called by its fans is a "news" show that specifically talks about gaming, electronics, technology and all the other things that the tecno-generation really care about.

    The two main host: Kevin Perreira and Olivia Munn work excellent together offering barrels of laughs while still keeping the show informative. While sometimes the show can seem low-budget the humor works just as well. The two put together various skits and strings of humorous moments as they dish out the dirt from all your favorite gadgets, games, and programs. All in all AOTS really is the closest program to an actual news broadcast that I may ever watch in my life. They always offer exactly what I am interested in and keep me entertained through the entire hour.
  • The source for everything you care about

    In Australia we don't get most of the TV shows that the US gets, but i am glad we got this one. Besides the the fact that Olivia is hot, this show is actually good. The dynamic between Kevin and Olivia, has clearly evolved over the years, and because of that you get to see them to crazy things, allot of which is unscripted and unpredictable. I'm sure they don't even know what there gonna do till they do it.
    If your a Tech savy person, who likes all things geeky, then you should love this show. From gadgets to widgets this show explores just about every thing, that you care about of course.
  • Attack of the Show is a great show! And can be very funny!

    Attack of the Show is an awesome show!! It keeps you up to date with all the latest electronics, web sites, videos, video games and what ever else you can think of!!! Olivia and Kevin are hilarious!! And they do some pretty outrageous stuff on the show!! And I will admit they do have some dirty stuff on the show too. One time they even had Kitten Warrior which was Ninja Warrior except with kittens. It was so cute!!! Olivia Munn even dislocated her shoulder while on the show. Of course she was doing something insane... and slipped in the baby oil. It is a good show and definitely worth a watch.
  • Attack Of The Show a.k.a AOTS is the news for all your tech, gaming, and general news. Kevin Perrera and the always beautiful Olivia Munn are the hosts of the show.

    Depending on the day of the week. They cover sertain field of the Tech/comic/gaming/political/Movie world. Tuesdays is Dvduesday where they review new dvds that have been released during the week. Fresh Ink is hosted by Blaire Butler and she discusses the most recent comics that have been released. The Loop is where Kevin talks one on one with other tech, gaming, comic, political, movie experts about daily issues concerning the overall community. There are many fun skits and the show is very informative when it comes to almost anything. Layla Keighly (i don't know how to spell her name), who is also stikingly pretty, delivers the feed headlines in which the top headlines of the tech world are discussed. Just watch a couple of shows and u will get hooked immeadiately
  • Attack of the Show is a Show for all the stuff you care about. Like Games, Movies, Music and Shows.

    My 81st Review after: "Lazy Town"

    This show is Pretty Good. It has some good stuff in When I;m bored. I'm Bored all the time and I sometimes watch it on G4. I like X-Play Better. This show I'm gonna review short will get a B+. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: B 7.5/10.0 Solid. Very nice and in High Quatily.

    Graphics: C 6.0/10.0 It's a little Blurry.

    Sound: A 8.0/10.0 Great Original Soundtrack.

    Dialouge: A+ 9.0/10.0 Great scripts and to make it Funnier they have Cursing in Bleep Sounds.

    Lasting Appeal: B 7.0/10.0 What the *beep* Can I say? it has a Solid Lasting Appeal.

    Overall: B+ 7.8/10.0 This show can go a little uphill more. That's all I have to say. It is however pretty short so I'm just gonna cut this. Good Day Everyone.
  • A great show with tons of cool news. They have comic-con on aots. They went to places like Tokyo and conventions. Olivia Munn is one of the hottest G4TV hostess and Kevin Pereria is a cool dude.

    A great show featuring conventions. It had such events as AOTS in Tokyo and Conventions like Comic-Con. They also have had E3 and The Halo 3 Countdown on there too.

    They feature cool segments like "dvduesday" and "in your pants". They even show cool new internet videos that are all the rage in pop culture. I even found out about the aqua teen hunger force from their interview with the creators. Frylock became a woman which I now remember was told in the AOTS interview. I think Olivia Munn is good at interviews too and showing off her body into the wonder woman costume.

    A great show,and we shall always miss the 1st hostess who quit to get married to another one of the hosts.
  • I have to say, AOTS was good...

    It really was a good TV show, before they went into their new set and ideas of new segments, the show was great. Not as great as the original Screen Savers, but it was a good fun show.

    Now, the show is terrible. They put so much emphasys on this whole 'Attack' crap. They get rid of all of their good segments, and good people to bring in skanks and potty mouths, (hahaha, potty mouths). The Lush, the LAN Party, the IRC Chatroom, the couch, made Attack of the Show good, I say bring back some of these elements, get a better set and you're rolling!

    Overall, this show was good, but now it is a bitter disappointment. I'm sorry G4, but I do not like the new Attack of the Show.
  • Attack of the show is the best for gaming information what more can i say I watch AOTS everyday even the reruns in case i miss it if i had an ipod it would be on my podcast

    Attack Of The Show is the best it the only source for stuff that we care about(as the put it).They have every thing from game reviews to sex advice,Kevin and Olivia should get an award for this.If the show would be cancelled i would be crush.Kevin is my idol he makes me want to get into television hosting.Olivia is beautiful....I cant get enouhg of this especially DVDuesday it gives us information on whather to buy movies or rent. Gadget Pron Wil o'neal is the best on new gadgets thats hot and upcoming.My personal favorite Game Break tells us background and glithces about games.
  • This show could get pretty boring very soon if you already know what they are talking about but sometimes this show is interesting sometimes and seems as if it is going somewhere.

    Pretty much you aren't gonna like what they say about your favorite game console whether it's the Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3. Yep like example the poll they had before: Is PS3 a failure let me answer that not really ever since the cost went higher than I expected it to be doesn't make it a failure. PS3 is a good console But the one thing I can't stand is the hosts why do they act so stupid all the time? I hosted on a show once but it wasn't on TV. But even my hosting skills could be better than Kevin's and Olivia's. So that pretty much is my review for Attack of the Show!
  • I watch this show evrey day, and it is pretty damn entertaining :D

    This show is pretty good. It can make you laugh, as it is very humorous. Also, you can star at the babe Olivia Munn. This show is also a good resource for news, because a segment in the show called "The Feed" with Layla Kaylee brings the most recent news to you hot off the press. The show is great if you like video games aswell, because the show features nearly daily segments on the newest Video Games and news. The only downfall of this show is that it is only on the channel G4, which not evreyone gets. Overall, i would recomend this to anyone that wants a good laugh or anyone interested in videogames.
  • Love it or hate it, AOTS is not the screen savers, its something New and I love it.

    Great over all Geek show, from Gaming to TV and everything else.
    It might bug people to think this was the screen savers at one time, but now it is its own show, they have re done everything.
    No signs of it being the screen savers, witch to me is Wonderful its time for people to see it as its own thing.
    The cast and crew are great, No reason to dislike anyone on the show unless maybe in “The Loop” segment but that will only be guest’s.
    Kevin P does a wonderful job as the leader of the show but others do a fine job too.
    Wil brings us great Tech info in the short air time he gets.
    Chris Gore is without a doubt the best person to appear on the show, with his DVD reviews, plus his appearances on the loop. And other quick pop ns.
    Only problem this show has is it gives so much in so little time.
    People should forget that this was once called the Screen savers and realize it is now its own bread of sexy…It is Attack of the Show! Now with more retardedly awesome segments.
  • An awesome show, on everything we care about...

    I watch the show now and again, to find new news on the PS3 and the Wii. Theres other reasons why i watch the show as well, like all the comedy plays and enteresting junk that they do. Some people don't really like the show for some odd reason, i don't know why causei find it to be pretty interesting. Its one of my favorite shows on Tech Tv (There isn't all that many to begain with, cause Call For Help is alway on). its about the only news show that i can watch, cause they talk about things that interest me.
  • Why did they have to change from The Screensavers?

    Attack of the Show is certainly going downhill fast. When I started watching it, it was called The Screensavers. It was great then. But then, they changed the name, along with all of my favorite people on the show, and basically the entire show. I remember the good ol\\\' days with Kevin Rose and Sarah Lane. Brendan was new at the time, but even he was better than the cast now.
    It\\\'s a shame, really. G4TV was created for video games, and video games alone. Now, it\\\'s G4, and in an effort to get higher ratings, throw away all of the good shows about video games. X Play is the ONLY show about video games still around, on a channel that has one purpose, video games. It\\\'s ridiculous. Filter is no longer about games, Icons is no longer about game makers.

    So, this is more of a review of G4 in general. Attack of the Show isn\\\'t a bad show, it\\\'s just that I watch VH1 for stuff like that, and G4 for video game info, but now there\\\'s nothing to watch.
  • Bring back the screen savers!!!!

    Attack of the show sucks. The show that had the time slot before it was a show that helped people, showed new things and was funny.

    NOW, attack of the show offers what?

    Nothing to do with help as far as computers. Help with \"in your pants\" WTF is that? How is that related to PCs? You need help with \"in your pants\" you need to turn the TV off and get out more often.

    The hosts, either they are mentaly challenged or true geeks, either way I do not find then entertaining (except the show that Kevin tryed to get whats her name to swallow a raw egg... proving she is a spitter and will not or can not swallow. What a shame. Cause she is the ONLY good thing about the show. Not to bright, good body, nice figure.. BOOBIES!!!)

    Lastley, any information that is usefull or interesting can never be found on the show notes or anything simular. Heck, the first search result for the show takes you to a MYSPACE site. THAT says it all in my opinion. Kill atos and replace it with a show that helps the mind not numbs it.
  • This is one of the coolest shows I've seen.

    This is one of the coolest shows I've seen. This show tells me I that I need to know and all I want to know. It has info about Video Games, TV, and movies. It lets me know which movies to buy. When the new movies are coming out. When the new games are coming out.What to look out for. What not to look out for. When kind of new TV shows are coming out soon. And how do some things effect the world. They also have talks and thing if it is really important. And sometimes (more like all the time) they goof around.
  • This show sucks more cock than Kevin Pereira.

    I used to love this show. It was the type of show you could watch with friends and have a good time. They talked about things that I liked. The host chemistry was awesome and everything seemed to flow so naturally.

    Not anymore.

    This show sucks. I have no clue as to how people can enjoy this show. Everything from the new hosts to the news ticker pisses me off about it. Guess what, guys. You aren't MTV and you never will be. Attack of the Show is terrible. I just don't understand how a show that was once my favorite, could become such a worthless piece of crap.

    Congratulations, G4.
  • The perfect dose of live hysterics I've ever seen.

    The things they do on a live show couldn't get any better than Attack of the Show. I mean, where are you going to get a couple of tv show hosts to completely chug down a few raw eggs and then puke it all back up. Yeah, I miss the dorky yet satisfyingly enjoyable skits that they all used to do, I guess that's what X-Play is for then, right? I wonder how the former hosts are doing on their year long travel extravaganza?
  • An updated review for an updated show.

    First off, I still make it a point to catch the show daily. Call it habit at this point. But now there are times now where I can mute segments that don't interest me(Car talk, sports talk).

    Kevin is still Kevin. I'll always think that the guy has a future as a host of something ahead of him. anybody, has potential. She's still learning, of course. But as it is everything she does comes off as so scripted. Sarah comparisons are futile, but she made things seem a lot more natural. Layla has grown on me and is fine where she is. And Zach is a step above Brendan Moran and seems more comfortable than Brendan ever did.

    New segments like the Loop and Around the Net are welcome, but ones like Olivia's Rack and sometimes In Your Pants aren't all that necessary and It Came From Ebay has run it's course to me. Old reliables like Fresh Ink and DVD Duesday are still solid.

    All in all...the show I fell in love with a year ago has turned into something that I wonder why I watch sometimes, but the good is still there if you're willing to wait around for it. This version of the show is still in it's infancy and I'm sure it'll get a little better in another few months.
  • Man I got a second thought... it might be good for the skits... after they change!

    My Last review: I hate this guy! The host is my natural emeny and if you want me to like a show you never give me a host like this one. All 3 are boring and not even funny when they think they are. Wow it used to have more keeping it togther. Now the thing holding it togther are the people who have enough time to hit themselve with a bat on the head one million times then jump off a cliff.

    My new review: I have a new liking to this show. The feed is better than ever! This show is slowly improving to my liking since E3 2006. Thanks guys you cheered up my life!
  • best show ever...

    on G4. X-Play is pretty good, but this show just has so much variety. The hosts are also AMAZING. i guess i should say; the hosts were amazing. sarah lane is gone and brendon moran is gone, both were great, but Kevin P. isn\'t too shaby himself. actually Kevin P. is one of the funniest guys i don\'t know. everything he says is just hilarious. everything on AOTS is fun and entertaining (except for the occasional boring guest) but anything that involves the hosts of the show is GREAT. this is one the best shows on TV. period. watch it. now.
  • After the loss of two co-hosts and the addition of a horrid replacement…Kevin is the only positive thing left.

    A show that I used to respect…a show that I used to watch religiously…Wow, it’s weird how fast something can take a turn for the worse. Towards the beginning of April ‘06, AOTS began its downward spiral into the world of “TV show suckfest” after Sarah and Brendan left (albeit for a legitimate reason). Kevin Pereira, the now only positive aspect of the show, has been left with the impossible goal of hosting an hour’s worth of “meh” television and somehow making it entertaining. Oh, and he also has to deal with the WORST co-host in the history of co-hosts…Olivia Munn. Sarah Lane brought the show some much-needed credibility. Apart from that, she played off of Kevin’s quirks perfectly. Olivia Munn, then, can be described as a polar opposite – something only brought in to keep the boys drooling as to not notice the severely deteriorating quality of the overall program. On a network that is supposed to be surrounded by video games, it’s hard to understand why more and more shows are leaving that path. AOTS used to be one to rely on, at least in certain portions, but now…not so much.

    With more changes in store after this year’s E3, my hopes are still one level above squashed as I pray that the changes will be for the better. I just fear that the damage may have already been done. No one will agree with me of course, probably because they are the aforementioned males who like seeing a ditzy chick try to shove her cleavage in Kevin’s face…but that’s alright with me. Because in the end, when more people see the light, I will be able to say I was one of the first.
  • Attack Of The Show (AOTS) is quite enjoyable considering i first found it at like 5am one morning when i couldnt sleep.

    Attack of the show is quite i decent show it has alot of tech and \"nerd\" style info from hollywood to comic books, video games, dvd reviews and just cool and weird things.

    It also has some quite funny comedy skits and if there not funny just very interesting like the recent one a take on the sapranos called the marios funny stuff.

    Overall Attack of The Show is great veiwing.
  • Cool tech stuff pretty funny

    This is a great show that used to be the screen savers, its name is realy stupid but I realy like this show its about the only thing left on G4 to keep me watching because Star Trek, reruns of X-Play, Cheat, and reruns of Arena are killing me. Overall this is a show I would suggest to people who like tech stuff and its funny at times then sometimes it can fall flat on its face.
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