Attack of the Show!

G4 (ended 2013)





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  • Raunchy, raunchy, raunchy

    If you like G4 and Attack of the Show!, you're probably a horny teenager (or you still act like one). I loved TechTV when I first discovered it. There was all kinds of programming fare for a techo-gamer-geek like me. Then, they decided to revamp everything (I guess) and target the pimply, pubescent, potty-humor crowd and they totally lost me. It was insulting. Now the entire channel is so friggin raunchy, I can't even watch it with my kids around. This include not only the original programming, but the commercial spots and promos as well. The whole network seems geared toward titillating horny teenage boys. Everything is cleavage and juvenile sexual innuendo. 25 years ago I would have loved it (I guess), but I find the whole thing shallow and tiresome. This includes Attack of the Show!, arguably thier flagship program. Too bad they didn't keep TechTV separate. Now the only reason I *ever* watch this channel is to see Ninja Warrior. RAUNCHY, RAUNCHY, RAUNCHY.