Attack of the Show!

G4 (ended 2013)





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  • I used to like this show..... I recently just got that channel back G4. I noticed the amount of suck has changed...

    Lost the show for about a year. Now I have a different cable service and I have it back.
    Ok, the first thing I noticed was the amount of liberal feces coming from their mouths. The constant badgering about bush and how great obama is was disgusting. I already have jon stewart and colbert jamming that crap into my ears. Next I noticed how the show changed into more of an artsy fartsy show promoting stupid bands that I have never heard of and dont give two turds about. Then they get into forcing stupid memes on their audience which is mostly tweens who think they are genius nerds, and potheads. They have a special 420 episode where they talk about weed all day and regularly talk about it on the show. I tuned in to watch a show about technology and video games, not to hear a liberal MTV message. Just hearing them talk about stuff that they do not know anything about is incredibly irritating. I CANNOT STAND to hear FAIL or EPIC one more time. Those two phrases make me want to vomit.