Attack of the Show! - Season 1

G4 (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Attack of the WTF?
    Attack of the WTF?
    Episode 174
    Some segments on Attack of the Show just...bomb. On this Best-Of show, we hold the producers accountable and demand to know: WTF?
  • Attack of the Sketch!
    Attack of the Sketch!
    Episode 173
    A collection of the funniest, most outrageous sketches from Attack of the Show!
  • Attack of the Commentary!
    Watch your favorite Attack of the Show moments with Mystery Science Theater-style commentary from the show's directors and producers.
  • Attack of the Six Degrees!
    Find out how The Ass Server, Lil Poison, Raymond Herrera, Paul Feig and Guitar Hero are connected.
  • Attack of the Underground!
    The cool kids show. All the greatest AOTS segments from underground, re-mix and fringe cultures. Check out Ben Mezrich, Charlie Todd, Brooke Burgess, Aaron Augenblick and Andy Cohn.
  • Attack of the Con!
    Attack of the Con!
    Episode 169
    The greatest moments from Attack of the Show's visits to conventions and other geek-fests, including ComicCon, Robo Games, Penny Arcade and GNerd.
  • Attack of the So!
    Attack of the So!
    Episode 168
    The greatest Brendan Moran pieces in Attack of the Show history: Brendan checks out CostumeCon, Moon Amtrak, Modern Drunkard, Lebowski Fest and Valet #4.
  • Attack of the Sith!
    Attack of the Sith!
    Episode 167
    All the greatest Star Wars moments from Attack of the Show, including Drunk Vader, Army of Clone, Shane Felux and Luke himself, Mark Hamill.
  • Attack of the Nerd!
    Attack of the Nerd!
    Episode 166
    Catch the nerdiest moments in the history of Attack of the Show, including: The World's Largest NES controller, Rob Schrab, Kevin Eastman and Jessica Chobot.
  • Attack of the VIP!
    Attack of the VIP!
    Episode 165
    A collection of the coolest, funniest and most important guests in the history of Attack of the Show. Including Matthew Lillard, The Dude, Bruce Campbell, Tom Green, Morgan Spurlock, and Danica McKellar.
  • Simple Plan, Tiki-bar TV
    The winner of the Game with Fame contest mixes it up digitally with Simple Plan. The creative minds behind Tiki Bar TV stops by to talk about the finer points of cocktail-ology. Kevin delivers a Free Play Friday game worth downloading. Our Boost Mobile Live Music Friday performer is Sputnik Monroe. We've got another Happy Tree Friends. Plus, we reveal our four favorite (and one least favorite) DVDs from 2005, check in with our pal Jimmy the Geek, and Sarah takes the Feed to the streets.moreless
  • Drew McWeeny of Ain't It Cool News
    Drew McWeeny of Ain't it Cool News is in the house, and so is Kat Hinzman, the unofficial queen of User Created. Brendan interviews the cast and crew of The Ringer. Super Import Models Aiko Tanka and Ms. Jerilee swing by to test their fragging skills in the LAN Party. Sarah has a Damn Good Website, and we review the latest titles in our Fresh Ink comic books roundup. Plus, we reveal our four favorite (and one least favorite) gadgets from 2005moreless
  • Julio Torres, Phil Gordon
    Star Wars: Galaxies producer Julio Torres swings by, and Celebrity Poker Showdown host Phil Gordon stops in to show off a few tricks of the trade. We visit the stars and creators of blockbuster flick King Kong. We've got some hot deals with Frugality, and don't forget Happy Tree Friends! Plus, we reveal our four favorite (and one least-favorite) video games from 2005.moreless
  • Loren Coleman
    Loren Coleman
    Episode 161
    Loren Coleman, top cryptozoologist, stops in to talk about undiscovered animals. Kevin will reveal It Came From eBay!, Sarah delivers an alcohol update with The Lush, and's Chris Gore gives us his undivided opinions on DVDuesday. Plus, we reveal our four favorite (and one least-favorite)DVDs from 2005.
  • Cy Tymony, Miki Mia
    Cy Tymony, Miki Mia
    Episode 160
    Cy Tymony, a real-Life MacGyver, swings by to talk about his book, "Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things". Actress Miki Mia from The 40-Year-Old Virgin stops by to wax Brendan. Kevin has a First 50 preview of an upcoming game, and Sarah uncovers more Gems of the Internet. Plus, we reveal our four favorite (and one least-favorite) books from 2005.moreless
  • Aziz Ansari, Chronicles of Narnia
    Aziz Ansari, selected as the 'Hot Stand-Up' in Rolling Stones Hot Issue swings by for a one-on-one. Brendan visits the cast and creator of The Chronicles of Narnia. Plus, Kevin delivers a Free Play Friday game worth downloading, We'll check in with our good friend Jimmy the Geek, and rock out with Boost Mobile Live Music Friday performer Trillville. And Happy Tree Friends, of course.moreless
  • Bill Burns, G.A.M.E (part 2)
    Custom action-figure creator Bill Burns is on hand, and we finish up at G.A.M.E San Francisco by listening attentively to the convention's various musical combos and instrumentalists. Plus, Sarah has a Damn Good Website, Blair Butler delivers the word on hot new comics in Fresh Ink, and it's the LAN Party Battle of the week, with special guest KT-So, a Super Import Model.moreless
  • Paul Marino, G.A.M.E convention
    Paul Marino from the Machinima Film Festival swings by to show us a few of the winners, and we visit the G.A.M.E Convention in San Francisco to check out the video games. Plus we've got hot deals with Frugality, we'll check out the latest User Creations and see if Corrado Can Break It, and don't forget Happy Tree Friends... seriously, don't.moreless
  • Anna Wainscoat, Giant Killer Robots
    Anna Wainscoat, AKA Antonia, swings by to promote her newest FHM spread, effects wizards Giant Killer Robots show off some cool movie-magic. Plus, Kevin will reveal It Came from eBay, Sarah gets shloshed on The Lush, and Chris Gore delivers the digital with DVDuesday.
  • Nicole De Boer, Mark Cotta Vaz, From Satellite
    Actress Nicole De Boer stops by to talk about the Christmas Episode of The Dead Zone. Plus, Mark Cotta Vaz, author of Living Dangerously: The Adventures of Merian C. Cooper, stops by and discusses Cooper, the creator of King Kong. Plus, the band From Satellite rocks, and we got Free Play Friday, Jimmy The Geek's weekly predictions, Happy Tree Friends, and Sarah goes Streetwalking.moreless
  • AI Bar, Happy Tree Friends
    The creators of the Artificially Intelligent Bar prove that computers can help you get drunk. Plus, gamer Tim Hall with a demo of 24 for the PS2, our friends the Happy Tree Friends and Friends, Kevin's Frugality segment showcases the cheapest crap on the Web, and, in User Created, we take a look at how our viewers ruined their families' Thanksgivings.moreless
  • David Carson, Aeon Flux, Chris Gore
    10's David Carson stops by. More Aeon Flux; Chris Gore lets us in on the cream of the DVD crop; Kevin shows off the strangest auctions on Earth in It Came from eBay, and we all get a little tipsy with The Lush.
  • Ask Deirdre, Aeon Flux, Xbox 360 Demo,
    Attack Of The Show takes an in-depth look at whether the Xbox 360 lives up to the hype. Plus, Paramount's Aeon Flux, and we premier "Ask Deirdre," where Wizard Entertainment's Deirdre answers the romance questions of comic book fanboys (and girls). All that plus Kevin's First 50 and Sarah's Gems of the Internet.moreless
  • Digital Dimension, The Ice Harvest, Free-Play Friday
    Ben Gerard, president of Digital Dimension, explains how his visual effects company created the Emmy-winning illusions on Lost. Sarah interviews the cast and crew of the new John Cusack/Billy Bob Thornton movie, The Ice Harvest. And finally, Brendan concludes his epic quest to meet chicks through the AOTS Book Club. Plus, Sarah takes the Feed out onto the streets in Sarah Lane Streetwalker, Kevin delivers a Free-Play Friday game worth downloading, Jimmy the Geek makes his sporting predictions, and it's Boost Mobile Live Music Friday. And don't forget Happy Tree Friends!moreless
  • Robot Uprising, Ice Harvest, LAN Party
    Daniel Wilson, author of How to Survive a Robot Uprising, drops in with a few handy tips on what to do when sentient machines rebel against us. Brendan continues his epic quest to meet chicks through the AOTS Book Club. Plus, Sarah has a Damn Good Website, we'll bring you new titles in our Fresh Ink comic book roundup, and it's the Verizon Broadband Battle LAN party with our special guest, actress Valery Ortiz.moreless
  •, Star Wars Costumes, True Crime
    Jeffrey Moyer of talks about the state of MMOs and what makes for good and bad ones. Brendan journeys to the Fashion Institute of Design & Mechandising to see its display of more than 100 costumes, accessories, and props from all six films in the Star Wars saga. True Crime: Streets of NY producer Simon Ebejer stops by to demo the PS2/Xbox version of the new game. Meanwhile, Brendan continues his epic quest to meet chicks through the AOTS Book Club. Plus, we've got some hot deals with Frugality, and we select our favorites from last week's User Created challenge. And don't forget Happy Tree Friends!moreless
  • Alex Tew, Eddie George, Chris Gore
    Alex Tew, the mastermind behind, arrives from Wiltshire, England to explain how he became a wealthy man by selling some pixels. Former NFL player Eddie George drops to fill us in on his new show, G4's Training Camp, which takes video gamers off their couches and puts them in real-world sports scenarios. Meanwhile, Brendan continues his epic quest to meet chicks through the AOTS Book Club. Plus, Kevin will reveal It Came From eBay!, Sarah delivers an alcohol update with The Lush, and's Chris Gore gives us his undivided opinions on DVDuesday.moreless
  • Gareb Shamus, The Rocketman, Book Club
    Gareb Shamus, founder and CEO of Wizard Entertainment, talks about Toy Fare magazine's 100th issue. We pick our favorite pimping services and add some bling to our page. Brendan ventures to the Minnesota compound of "The Rocketman," Ky Michaelson, to watch him launch stuff. Finally, Brendan attempts to set up an AOTS Book Club to meet chicks. No, really-we mean it this time. Plus, Kevin has a First 50 preview of an upcoming game, and Sarah uncovers more Gems of the Internet.moreless
  • Lil Poison, Pulse Discharge Machine, Fatlip
    The world's "youngest professional gamer," Lil Poison tests the skills of our very own Kevin Pereira in a head-to-head showdown of hand-to-eye coordination. Brendan watches Brian Basura's Pulse Discharge Machine shrink a quarter. And Jimmy the Geek gives us his betting line on the weekend's big games. Plus, Kevin delivers a Free Play Friday game worth downloading, and our Boost Mobile Live Music Friday performer is Fatlip. And don't forget Happy Tree Friends!moreless
  • Smartbomb, Improv Everywhere, LAN Party
    Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby, authors of Smartbomb ("The Quest for Art, Entertainment, and Big Bucks in the Videogame Revolution") give us their perspectives on the rise of video game entertainment and its future. Charlie Todd drops by to explain the reasoning behind his "positive pranks" at Plus, Sarah has a Damn Good Website, we round up some new comic books with Fresh Ink, and it's the Verizon Broadband Battle LAN party with our special guest, actress and model Anna Marie Lytle.moreless
  • CFQ, 50 Cent, GUN
    CFQ, 50 Cent, GUN
    Episode 142
    Sean Jordan, editor of CFQ (Cinefantastique magazine), give us his expert opinions and news on sci-fi television shows. Joel Jewett, president of Neversoft Entertainment, demos the Xbox 360 game GUN. Brendan hits the gritty streets of New York to get the 411 on 50 Cent's first foray into cinema verite, Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. Plus, we've got some hot deals with Frugality, and we select our favorites from last week's User Created challenge. And don't forget Happy Tree Friends!moreless
  • Busting Vegas, Steve Niles, Chris Gore
    Ben Mezrich, author of Busting Vegas, tells us how he and his MIT friends brought down Vegas casinos with a mathematical system that allowed him to rake in millions. Horror comic book writer Steve Niles gives us the backstory to his new Showtime series, Masters of Horror. We return to the car mecca that is the SEMA Show where Brendan goes on a search for the best rim. Plus, Kevin will reveal It Came From eBay!, Sarah delivers an alcohol update with The Lush, and's Chris Gore gives us his undivided opinions on DVDuesday.moreless
  • Phillip Torrone, Guitar Hero, SEMA
    Make magazine's Phillip Torrone shows us some cool DIY projects and how to hack some new gadgets. Harmonix president Alex Rigopulos rips some licks on Guitar Hero, the new rockin' music game for the PlayStation 2. We return to the car mecca that is the SEMA Show for a look at the hottest accessories inside cars these days. Plus, Kevin has a First 50 preview of an upcoming game, and Sarah uncovers more Gems of the Internet.moreless
  • Supernatural, SEMA, Supercreep
    Eric Kripke, writer and executive producer of the WB's Supernatural, talks about his creepy new show about, well, the supernatural. We have another report from SEMA in Las Vegas, taking a look at the convention floor of this automotive specialty products extravaganza. And Jimmy the Geek announces his odds on the weekend's big games based on his scientific videogame projections. Meanwhile, Brendan finally concludes his epic quest to meet chicks through the AOTS Book Club. Plus, Kevin delivers a Free Play Friday game worth downloading, and our Boost Mobile Live Music Friday performer is Supercreep. And don't forget Happy Tree Friends! And, Sarah takes to the streets in Sarah Lane Street Walker.moreless
  • Fangoria, Playboy Mansion, SEMA Show
    Anthony Timpone, editor of Fangoria, gives us some insight on the classic horror film magazine and its new media projects, including feature films and DVD publications. We attend the Playboy Mansion's Haunted House and get frightened by... Bunnies? We deliver a live report from the SEMA show in Las Vegas, the premier automotive specialty products show where car modders and the companies that make them happy meet. And Kevin wraps up his visit to Blizzcon. Meanwhile, Brendan continues his epic quest to meet chicks through the AOTS Book Club. Plus, Sarah has a Damn Good Website, the Comic Book Roundup dissects this week's new releases, and it's the Verizon Broadband Battle LAN party.moreless
  • Kid Beyond, Blizzcon, AOTS Book Club
    Kid Beyond brings his laptop and two-switch pedal to the set and demonstrates how technology brings his beatbox music to life. Kevin descends into the world of Blizzcon, Blizzard Entertainment's celebration of its Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo videogame franchises. Meanwhile, Brendan continues his epic quest to meet chicks through the AOTS Book Club. Plus, we've got some hot deals with Frugality, and we select our favorites from last week's User Created challenge. And don't forget Happy Tree Friends!moreless
  • Droidmaker, Episode III DVD, Chris Gore
    Michael Rubin, author of Droidmaker: George Lucas and the Digital Revolution, gives us an insider's view of how CGI advanced to change the entertainment industry. We go to Skywalker Ranch for the DVD release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and then we help you turn that Episode III DVD you just bought into an immersive, multi-sensory experience. Meanwhile, Brendan continues his epic quest to meet chicks through the AOTS Book Club. Plus, Kevin will reveal It Came From eBay!, Sarah delivers an alcohol update with The Lush, and's Chris Gore gives us his undivided opinions on DVDuesday.moreless
  • Saw II, Robert Hall, Haunted Memories
    It's an AOTS Halloween extravaganza! SAW II director Darren Lynn Bousman stops by for a little horror-movie fun with the new SAW II DVDs. Makeup special effects wizard Robert Hall brings in a few not-so-dead corpses and then provides tips on how to make your own Halloween costume more frighteningly gruesome. Then we have the artist of create some creepy portraits of our lovely hosts. And Brendan attempts to set up an AOTS Book Club to meet chicks. Really. Plus, Kevin has a First 50 preview of an upcoming game, and Sarah uncovers more Gems of the Internet.moreless
  • One-Minute Films, Pulse Discharge Machine, DOOM
    Oren Sarch and Joe Orlowski, founders of the New York Minute Online Film Festival, screen some of the one-minute-long winners entries. We watch Brian Basura shrink quarters with massive amounts of ele...
  • Project Offset, The Lush, Chris Gore
    Sam McGrath, founder and technical director of Project Offset, describes how his three-person team has managed to create its amazing next-gen game engine and its epic fantasy FPS. We show you how to u...
  • Magic Champ, BumShopping, Brendan Bond
    Antonio DeRosa, Magic: The Gathering's U.S. National Championship title-holder, gives us his pro tips on conquering all comers. BumShopping returns as we attempt to beautify pictures of homeless peopl...
  • Stash Magazine, Valhalla Shooting Club, Daphne Loves Derby
    Stash Magazine editor Stephen Price talks about his monthly DVD showcase of animation, VFX, and motion graphics for design and advertising. Brendan treks to the Valhalla Shooting Club in Colorado and ...
  • Matthew Lillard,, LAN Party
    Actor Matthew Lillard (Scream, Without a Paddle and the Scooby-Doo movies) shares with us his Dungeons & Dragons fixation, and talks about a D&D tournament he's leading that benefits The Madisons Foun...
  •, Shadow of the Colossus, User Created webmaster John Martz tells about some of the coolest illustrators and comics on the web. Sony's Kyle Shubel gives us a tour of the much anticipated PlayStation 2 title, Shadow of The Colossus...
  • Sideshow Collectibles, George Romero, Chris Gore
    Legendary horror director George Romero chats with us about his latest zombie epic, Land of the Dead. Hammond and Scott Klauder of Sideshow Collectibles drop in to show off some of their movie collect...
  • Hi*Fructose, Tripping the Rift, Doom
    Tripping the Rift creators Chuck Austen and Chris Moeller discuss their racy, animated series on the Sci-Fi Channel. Editors Attaboy and Annie Owens from "under the counter culture" magazine Hi*Fructo...
  • John Carpenter, Console Hacking, Angel City Outcasts
    We talk to horror director John Carpenter about the narrative power of horror games, especially the game FEAR. Console hacker Ben Heckendorn shows us how he "portableized" the NES, SNES, Genesis, and ...
  • Rocketboom, DIY LCD Projector, LAN Party
    Rocketboom's Amanda Congdon swings by to talk about the world of video blogging and her own news spoof program. Brendan returns to the DARPA Grand Challenge to chat with the victorious self-navigating...
  • Nicole Lyons, ARPA Challenge, Mac TiVo
    Drag racing champion Nicole Lyons -- first African American woman to race in the Pro Stock Division -- talks about building her own race cars. Producer Seth Luisi swings by to demo the latest installm...
  •, Domino, Chris gore
    Avi Muchnick from talks about his image-manipulation contest site and the legalities of remix culture. Sarah interviews the cast and crew of the Tony Scott movie, Domino. Plus, Kevin will...
  •, Kingdom of Heaven, Scratchy iPod
    Mike Kearns and Jeff Ma of discuss their online athlete stock market where fans buy and sell shares of athletes -- and they compete against each other for the strongest portfolio. We trek...
  • iSuppli, F-15 Simulator, Versus the World
    Eric Pratt from iSuppli explains how his analyst firm rips consumer electronics products apart to see how much they actually cost to make. Brendan takes a spin in an F-15 fighter for regular joes--a s...
  • LuLu Eightball, X05, LAN Party
    Illustrator Emily Flake discusses her popular alt-weekly comic strip, Lulu Eightball. We conclude our coverage of Microsoft's X05 event with interviews with Xbox 360 game developers. Brendan investiga...
  • Kevin Eastman, X05, Virtua Tennis
    Kevin Eastman, one of the creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, talks about his new film, his new comics, and what he'll be doing with the mature fantasy/sci-fi comix magazine, Heavy Metal. We rep...
  • X05, SegwayFest 2005, Chris Gore
    AOTS reports from Microsoft's X05 event in Amsterdam, with plenty of trailers for new Xbox 360 games. Brendan rolls into the SegwayFest 2005 convention in Washington DC. Then we head back to the MMOre...
  • Patton Oswalt, The Bedroom PC, Family Guy
    Comedian Patton Oswalt (King of Queens) drops in to put his comic spin on all things geeky. We dare to build the "Bedroom PC." And we attend the premiere party for the new Family Guy DVD, Stewie Griff...
  • Physics Cards, Mallrats, LAN Party
    AGEIA president Mangu Hegde talks about physics-accelerating cards for PCs, and demos one of his products. We attend a 10-year reunion for the cast and crew of Mallrats, and mingle with Kevin Smith, J...
  •, Ultimate Spider-Man, Serenity
    Fightmaster John Nolt from (a weekly online song competition) comes by to discuss the best online songs and demos a few. Senior Producer Jonathan Zamkoff gives us a tour of Ultimate Spid...
  • Steve Sansweet, daz3D, Chris Gore
    Steve Sansweet, content and fan relations director for LucasFilm, also happens to own the largest Star Wars collection in the world. We explore his warehouse of collectibles, then talk to him about St...
  • Virtual Worlds, Tokyo Game Show, Frugality
    Professor Randy Pausche from Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center comes on to talk about virtual worlds and demos the Super Mario Virtual World. We re-invade the Tokyo Game Sho...
  • Ronald D. Moore, Danica McKellar, The Aquabats
    Ronald D. Moore, the producer who revamped Battlestar Galactica into one of the best dramatic series on television, talks about creating sci-fi TV. Meanwhile, The Wonder Years' Winnie Cooper -- and ma...
  • Superman Doc, Tokyo Game Show, LAN Party
    Robb Marroso, director of In a Single Bound (the one and only documentary on Superman), drops in to tell all about the Man of Steel. We head to the Tokyo Game Show and search out some cool toys. We sh...
  • ResFest, Indigo Prophecy, Corpse Bride Exclusive
    Jonathan Wells and Todd Roberts from Res Magazine give us a peek into ResFest 2005, which showcases cool videos, short films, and indie feature films. Atari's Eric Horowitz demos the paranormal thrill...
  • Raymond Herrera, Game Mods, Chris Gore
    Raymond Herrera, drummer for Fear Factory, talks about scoring soundtracks for videogames through his production company, 3volution. We show off some of the newest gaming mods for Half-Life 2, Battlef...
  • Corpse Bride, Indie Games, First 50
    Mike Johnson, co-director of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, gives us an inside look at how this stop-motion animation epic was created. Russell Carroll from comes by to review the latest an...
  • Manga Workshop, Brendan Bond, Pepper
    Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges, creators of the graphic novel series Peach Fuzz, stop by to demo projects from their book, "Digital Manga Workshop." And Brendan Bond utilizes the latest spy gadgetry i...
  • Bang the Machine, American McGhee, LAN Party
    Director Tamara Katepoo and producer Peter Kang discuss clips from Bang the Machine, their Documentary about Street Fighter tournament players from around the world. Name-above-the-title game designer...
  • Regina Lynn, WinHoldEm pokerbot, User Created
    Regina Lynn, author of The Sexual Revolution 2.0, talks about sex, gadgets, sex, and that internet thingy that we use to get sex. Meanwhile, Kristy Kauppila auctioned off her 21st birthday on eBay-and...
  • Kira Soltanovich, Ying Yang Twins, Chris Gore
    Comedian Kira Soltanovich, host of Girls Behaving Badly, kicks off AOTS' "Attack of the Girls Week" with some devious pranks. Party rap kingpins the Ying Yang Twins give us a crunky performance to rem...
  • mental_floss Magazine, Retro Controllers, User Created
    Will Pearson and Mangesh Hattikudur, editors of mental_floss magazine, describe the challenges of starting up your own magazine that's devoted to being smart. We play with Retro Zone USB Game controll...
  • Major League Gaming, Official Star Trek Convention, Chris Gore
    Major League Gaming director Sundance DiGiovanni talks about the world of competitive video game playing in his company's national tournaments for Halo 2 and Tekken 5. Brendan attends the massive 4th ...
  • Steve Borock, EFF, LAN Party
    Professional comics grader Steve Borock of Comics Guaranty gives us his inside scoop on upcoming collectible comics, new artists, and new series we should keep an eye on. The Electronic Frontier Found...
  • Pump It Up, Matty Rich, Penny Arcade Expo
    America's top Pump It Up player, pro dancer James "Smidget" Devito, comes on the show off his Pump it Up moves. Matty Rich, filmmaker and creative director of 187 Ride or Die, gives us a tour of his n...
  • Official Star Trek Con, Spying Guide, Chris Gore
    Brendan attends the massive 4th Annual Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. We present another chapter of the AOTS Spying Guide, this time delving into anonymous contact. And we check out the S...
  • PopGadget, Spying Guide, First Blog Post From
    PopGadget founder Mia Kim discusses her lifestyle blog which is aimed towards female gadget users. We present the first chapter of the AOTS Spying Guide on how to gather info on people from a distance...
  • Darknet, Adult Big Wheel, Live Music
    J. D. Lasica, author of "Darknet: Hollywood's War Against the Digital Generation" and co-founder of, talks about the entertainment industry's quiet consolidation of media rights. We trick...
  • Full Contact Poker, Duck Hunt Gun, LAN Party
    Full Contact Poker blogger Daniel Negreanu talks about living the life of a professional poker player. We pimp out a Duck Hunt sniper gun, and go behind the scenes of director Terry Gilliam's new movi...
  • Spike and Mike, City of Villains, DVD Panoramas
    Craig Decker, founder Spike and Mike Film Festival, guides us through the world of "sick and twisted" animation. Jack Emmert, lead designer for the popular RPG City of Heroes, demos his latest creatio...
  • Al Lowe,, Chris Gore
    Al Lowe, who helped put sex in video games with Leisure Suit Larry, gives his views on the current political controversy over "Hot Coffee." And we attempt to download episodes of Attack of the Show fr...
  • Blind Gaming, iPod Doom, First 50
    Blind gamers Ryan Conroy and Brice Mellen school us with their video gaming skills, then engage in the world's first Sightless Gamer Mortal Kombat Challenge! We show you how to play Doom on your iPod....
  • Kaiju, Seth Schiesel, TSAR
    The monsters of Kaiju -- think pro wrestling meets guys in Godzilla costumes -- invade the studio to show us some of their pummeling moves. New York Times gaming columnist Seth Schiesel talks about th...
  • Toy Robots, QuakeCon, LAN Party
    Japanese toy robot collectors Tim Brisko and Robert Duban swing by to show off a few specimens as featured in their new book, Super #1 Robot. We have fun with some chalices. Yeah, chalices. Then we he...
  • Broken Saints, QuakeCon, User Created
    Brooke Burgess, creator of the online graphic novel Broken Saints, explains how he produced his amazing 12-hour mini-series in Flash. We head over to the annual QuakeCon in Dallas to watch thousands o...
  • Wikipedia, Bike Messengers, Chris Gore
    Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, talks about the collaborative, online encyclopedia -- and you get to decide the direction of the show, wiki-style. We make some phone calls with the FlashPhone F..
  • David Kushner, San Andreas Visit, Batman Training
    David Kushner, author of the definitive book on iD Software's John Romero and John Carmack (Masters of Doom), discusses his new tome on Magic the Gathering, Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids. Brenda...
  • Web 'Toon Awards, Picture Podcasts, The High Speed Scene
    Mark Mekkes of the Web Cartoonists Choice Awards gives us a run-down of this year's winners. We show you how to enhance your podcasts with pictures. And Sarah talks with the casts of The Great Raid an...
  • Roger Cross, Hairy Photos, LAN Party
    Actor Roger Cross discusses in real-time his work on the action-terror series 24, as well as his guest-starring role on The 4400. We show you how to apply facial hair onto photos of your unsuspecting ...
  • Hot Waffles, First 50, Happy Tree Friends
    Geek musical group Hot Waffles performs its hot hits, such as "George Lucas Raped Our Childhood" or "GTA: Vice City Blues." Plus, Kevin has a First 50 preview of an upcoming game, we've got some hot d...
  •, Blogging Landmark #2, Hot Karl
    Chris Null, the founder of, tells us how to become a professional film critic and get paid for reviewing movies. We achieve another internet landmark with a new episode of "First Blog P...
  • Star Trek Poetry, Funky Chalices, Julie Stoffer
    Master Star Trek geek Mike DeMerritt--former assistant director on Star Trek Voyager and Enterprise--gives us a dramatic reading of his Star Trek poetry. We have some fun with chalices. Yeah, chalices...
  • Archie McPhee, The Joker Joke-Off, Bike Messengers
    David Wahl from Archie McPhee comes by with the latest wacky products from the renowned novelty store. We take a critical look at all the candidates to play The Joker in the next Batman movie. We head...
  • This Spartan Life, Lawnmower Racing, Chris Gore
    This Spartan Life producer Chris Burke (AKA host Damian Lacedaemion) gives us an interview over Xbox Live to discuss his talk show, which uses the Halo 2 engine. Brendan ventures to Knoxville, Tenness...
  • Drew Curtis, Dan the Bar Man, Ultimate Gaming Machine
    Drew Curtis of gives us a pop culture update with his rundown of Fark's most recent big stories. Brendan follows Dan the Bar Man on his epic quest to blog from 1,000 different bars in New Yor...
  • White Wolf RPGs, Lollapalooza, 8-Bit
    Justin Achilli, White Wolf's manager of Editing & Development, talks about their "modern gothic" role playing games such as World of Darkness. We return to Lollapalooza for more music madness. We also...
  • ODVD Games, Lollapalooza, Chris Gore
    Chris Kantrowitz, vice president of ODVD Games, talks about his DVD-based board game, Shout About Movies. We hit Lollapalooza to witness the spectacle that is a live alt music festival. We show you ho...
  • The Filthy Critic, Alienware's Area-51m, Happy Tree Friends
    Matt Weatherford,'s "The Filthy Critic," unleashes his notably filthy vocabulary on Hollywood's mediocre movies. We check out Alienware's super-fast notebook PC, the Area-51m 7700, to se...
  • Rob Schrab, Video Games Live, Extra Blue Kind
    Rob Schrab of gives us a live demo of how to make a laser effect for your own movies without costly software. We attend Video Games Live, a concert tour featuring video game soundtrack ...
  • Evan and Gareth, Comic-Con, LAN Party
    Videobloggers Evan and Gareth tell us about their cross-country research for The Guy's Playbook for Women. We shake up the Samsung SC-X105L, an image stablizing digital video camera. We'll show you ho...
  • Greg Hastings, Halo 2 Champ, Comic-Con
    Pro paintballer Greg Hastings takes a few shots at some unlucky AOTS staffers and then shows off his new game from Activision, Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball. Halo 2 US Champion Terry Lindle discu...
  • Chris Adams, Comic-Con, Chris Gore
    Chris Adams, president of LAMSA Weapons Systems, brings in some sneaky tactical gear most commonly used by law enforcement or the military. We file our first report from Comic-Con in San Diego, the bi...
  • Jeff Smith, Ergodes DX1, Happy Tree Friends
    Jeff Smith, the creator of the Bone comics, makes a post-Comic-Con visit to talk about his graphic novel and the video game being based on it from Telltale Games. We take a long, hard look at the Ergo...
  • Phillip Torrone, PSP Drum Machine, Kerowack
    Phillip Torrone, the master modder who runs MAKE Magazine's blog, shows us some cool user-submitted projects. Our resident secret agent, Brendan Bond, checks out some hot new gadgets. And we show you ...
  • Murderball, Fretlight, Comic Life
    Quad rugby athlete Andy Cohen discusses the new documentary Murderball, which examines the highly competitive (and often brutal) sport played by quadriplegics in wheelchairs. We learn to play any song...
  • Morgan Spurlock, Death Jr., Amtrak Mooning
    Morgan Spurlock, the documentary filmmaker behind Super Size Me, talks about his new series 30 Days and his new book, Don't Eat This Book. Chris Charla, senior producer at Konami/Digital Eclipse, walk...
  •, Pink Five, Chris Gore
    David Thorpe, a writer from, talks about his popular columns, Your Band Sucks and Fashion SWAT. Brendan goes behind the scenes on a shoot for the Star Wars fan film, Return of Pink ...
  • MC Chris, Wedding Crashers, Happy Tree Friends
    MC Chris talks about being the voice behind Adult Swim characters like MC Pee Pants on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Hesh on Sealab 2021--and then he performs some of his own raps. Kevin talks with the c...
  • MobiTV, Online Music Stores, Mardo
    Paul Scanlan, co-founder of MobiTV, gives us a demo of the new service that delivers live TV to your cell phone. It's an online music store throw-down as we compare the features, usability, and select...
  • Roadtrip Nation, Beer Floats, iPod Video
    Nathan Gebhard, co-founder of Roadtrip Nation, talks about his public television reality show that features nine college students as they travel across the U.S. in green RV's, interviewing eclectic pe...
  • Ejovi Nuwere, Fantastic 4, User Created
    Security expert Ejovi Nuwere of talks about hacking, cracking, and security issues. We try out the first Bluetooth-enabled cordless phone, the Uniden ELBT 595. Sarah talks to the cast an...
  • Prangstgrup, Roller Cycle, Chris Gore
    Michael Barry and Gabriel "Gabe" Leidman talk about performing and writing for Prangstgrup, a guerrilla comedy group at Columbia University that videotapes their elaborate pranks and posts them on the..
  • Contagious Media Showdown, Sirius' Replay, LAN Party
    Technologist Paul Berry announces the latest winners of The Contagious Media Showdown by EyeBeam, which rewards the most popular viral marketing websites. We give a listen to Sirius' new Replay featur...
  • Ondi Timoner, PSP Accessories, Fake Fingerprints
    Filmmaker Ondi Timoner talks about her seven years shooting DIG!, the feature-length documentary that intimately captures the lives of two indie-rock bands, the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy ...
  • Jessica Chobot, NextFest 2005, Chris Gore
    Jessica Chobot, video game columnist for (not to mention a renowned licker of the Sony PSP), discusses the trials and tribulations of being a "girl gamer." We witness the launch of ...
  • BitTorrent Downloading, War of the Worlds, Flash Game Faves
    We give you some sneaky tips on how to protect your privacy by downloading BitTorrents anonymously. Sarah chats up the cast and crew of Steven Spielberg's latest alien epic, War of the Worlds. And we ...
  • Aaron Augenblick, Adam West, Pitbull
    Aaron Augenblick, the animation director for "Shorties Watching Shorties" and creator of all of the cartoons for "Wonder Showzen," talks about the world of Flash cartoon production. We go to see Batma...
  • Will O'Neal, deviantART Summit, Land of the Dead
    Will O'Neal, senior editor for cell phones and handhelds at's renowned products review site, gives us the low-down on his latest reviews. We attend The First Annual deviantART Summit, a huge ...
  • Jason Kottke, AWOL Vaporizer, Civilization IV
    Web designer Jason Kottke--who quit his regular job to become a full-time blogger at the ins and outs of blogging for a living. We attempt to find a great digital camera for under...
  • Cakeboy,, Chris Gore
    Joe Escalante and Warren Fitzgerald (bassist and guitarist for O.C. punk legends The Vandals) discuss the film they created, Cakeboy--the offbeat tale of an erotic-cake baker who becomes a roadie for ...
  • Simon Fields, Ear-Clip MP3 Player, Happy Tree Friends
    Mad geek scientist and "Gonzo Gizmos" author Simon Fields brings some of his sci-toys with him to the show. Will it be the Laser Voice Communicator? The Van de Graaf generator? Or his Expanding Marshm...
  • Lloyd Kaufman, Game with Fame, The Lift
    We invite the irrepressible visionary of Troma Films, Lloyd Kaufman, to give us his tales of adventure at the Cannes Film Festival. We'll feature some lucky gamers who'll be racing against Brit rocker...
  • Eric Nakamura, Dial-A-Song, LAN Party
    Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot gives us our Asian pop culture update. We'll show you how to text message your Apple computer from your mobile phone with the name of a song or playlist and have it call y...
  • Bill Gurstelle, Half-Life 2 in Real Life, Libretto
    Bill Gurstelle, author of "Backyard Ballistics," demonstrates his amazing DIY potato gun in the studio. Jason Ades, associate producer on EA/Warner Brothers Interactive's Batman Begins, give us a demo...
  •, Catapults, Chris Gore
    Tom of talks about the pressure of pleasing everyone on America's favorite web community. Brendan travels to Minnesota to visit "The Art of the Catapult" author William Gurstelle, who show...
  • Chaise Magazine, BitTorrent 101, Batman Begins
    Bennett Barbakow of Chaise Magazine discusses his interactive DVD/CD multimedia publication that's devoted to art and music. We tell you everything you need to know about torrents in out BitTorrent 10...
  • Happy Tree Friends, Michio Kaku, Ponder
    Kenn Navarro, one of the twisted minds behind online cartoon "Happy Tree Friends," reveals the methods behind the madness -- plus, we'll begin airing episodes of the critter-dismembering series every ...
  • Bent Fest, Fangoria Horror Con, LAN Party
    Director Derek Shybell talks about his documentary on the annual Bent Fest, a circuit-bending festival where artists and musicians take old kids' toys and either make cool sounds with them or make the...
  • PIt Fighter, EFF, Fan Films
    Dominique Vandenberg, world champion martial arts expert and star of "Pit Fighter," gives us an in-studio demo of his fighting prowess. Meanwhile, Electronic Frontier Foundation activist Danny O'Brien...
  • Bruce Campbell, Micro NES Controller, Chris Gore
    Actor/author/deadites-killer Bruce Campbell drops by to reveal how to "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way," which also happens to be the name of his new book. And how do you follow up making the WORLD'S...
  • Kevin Bachus' Phantom, SW: Revelations, Lightweight Notebooks
    Infinium President Kevin Bachus arrives to give us a tech demo of the elusive Phantom gaming console, a device announced several years ago that promises to offer on-demand PC games--but was mysterious...
  • Moriarty, Advent Rising, Emanon
    0.0's Drew "Moriarty" McWeeney delivers his preview of this summer's must-see movies. Donald Mustard, the lead designer and director of "Advent Rising," gives us the full scoop behind this ...
  • Wookie Rage, Hal Sparks, AOTBBS
    LucasArts producer Julio Torres will show off the latest expansion to Star Wars Galaxies, "Rage of the Wookiees." Actor/comedian/G4 host Hal Sparks swings by to explain the network's newest addition, ...
  • Greg Costikyan, Mark Hamill, GreaseMonkey
    Greg Costikyan, the brash mind behind the widely read game industry blog Games*Design*Art*Culture, tells us exactly what the hell is wrong with video games today. We sit in on Mark Hamill's voice-over..
  • Flying Lawn Mower, DVD Copier, Chris Gore
    We show you how to copy 100 DVDs in an hour with the Aleratec Super Copy Tower. And we put together a flying lawn mower. Why? Because that's what we do. Plus, Kevin will reveal It Came From eBay!, Sar...
  • Max Cannon, Leveling Up. PINE*am
    Artist Max Cannon talks about his alternative comic strip, the uniquely bizarre Red Meat. We find out the best way to the top of the MMORPG realm by taking a look at power-leveling services and charac...
  • Real Ninja Power, Modern Drunkard Mag, LAN Party
    Robert Hamburger, author of Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book and webmaster behind, shows off his amazing ninja moves and discusses the controversy they have caused. B...
  • Ze Frank, Mario Opera, User Created
    Online "performance artist" and 2002 Best Personal Site Webby Award Winner Ze Frank talks about his oddly amusing site, We attend the very first opera based on Mario's quest to save the p...
  • Jake Bronstein, Drunk Vader, Chris Gore
    Jake Bronstein, Editor-at-Large for FHM, explains the many crazy things he's done to get his articles. Drunk Vader drops by the Episode III opening. And we check out a virtual reality fishing game cal...
  •, Media Players, LAN Party
    Pete Rojas, founder of, talks about his site and the world of gadget lust. We go behind the scenes of the George Lucas empire and look at how ILM, LucasArts, LucasFilm and SkyWalker Sound...
  • Tom Savini, Retro Game Jam, Alaskan Mech
    Legendary SFX makeup artist Tom Savini (Friday the 13th) previews City of the Dead, a video game he stars in that promises to be "the goriest game ever made." Josh Rubin and Carol Chung of CoolHunting...
  • Steven Johnson, Chris Gore, Lyrics Born
    Steven Johnson, author of Everything Bad is Good for You, tells us how how today's pop culture is actually making us smarter (!). We show you how to spy on your neighbors with our devious, wireless we...
  • TV Sheriff, PSP iTunes Hack, Yamaha YSP-1
    Top video jockey TV Sheriff demonstrates his audio-visual prowess with a live performance with his video-band cohorts the Trailbuddies (Videoape and Prospector Channel 49er) as they remix old TV shows..
  • Found Footage Festival, Athletic Gadgets, S'Cool Girls
    Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, curators of the Found Footage Festival, talk about their live comedy event that screens weird clips of videotapes found in thrift stores, garage sales, and Dumpsters from...
  • Ticket Scalping Tech, PowerBook Tipping, LAN Party
    Steve Knopper, writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, explains the tech of ticket scalpers and how bands are fighting back. We show you how to hack your PowerBook to abuse its sudden-motion sensor, take a...
  • Eric Nakamura, Pariah, User Created
    Giant Robot editor Eric Nakamura drops in to show us the latest cool stuff in Asian pop culture. Digital Extremes video game producer James Schmalz gives us a preview of the upcoming FPS Pariah, as we...
  •, Hitchiker's Creatures, Chris Gore
    Randy Solem of talks about his elaborate Flash parodies of video game worlds, including the epic, four-part "Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom." We also visit the Jim Henson Creature Shop t...
  • Blur Studio, Episode III Video Game, HD Streaming
    Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler, co-founders of the Blur animation studio (Oscar-nominated for the short, "Gopher Broke"), talk about their new full-length CG feature film as well as the current state of t...
  • Rob Schrab, Star Wars Celebration, Apple's Tiger
    Rob Schrab of Channel gives us some pointers on how to make puppets for our own epic puppet films. Brendan visits the Star Wars Celebration in Indianapolis, and we check out the coolest new fe...
  • Gonzo Gizmos, AOTS BBS, LAN Party
    Simon Field, author of Gonzo Gizmos Projects and Devices, makes some scientifically instructive (and cool) toys out of common household items. We also build an old-school four-node BBS with exclusive ...
  • Magic Bullet, Keystroke Logger, Adult Swim
    Sean Safreed of Red Giant Software demos the next generation of Magic Bullet software that's used to create film looks inspired by popular movies. We make another visit to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim...
  • Stephan Martiniere, Portable Retro Gaming, Chris Gore
    Science fiction artist Stephan Martiniere talks about his contributions to the new Revenge of the Sith graphic novel, as well as his own book, Quantum Dreams. We make a Retro Station Portable for old-...
  • Xeni Jardin, Adult Swim, Area 51
    Xeni Jardin of and Wired Magazine brings in some of the latest gadgets used in digital cinema. We visit the studios of that repository of cartoon coolness, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim....
  • Moriarty, Dark Tip, Livitz, Livitz
    10's Drew "Moriarty" McWeeney makes his list of the hottest films for the rest of 2005. We also conclude our visit to Segway's World Headquarters, Kevin R.'s Dark Tip shows us his lock-pic...
  • Animated Goop, Segway HQ Tour, iPod shuffle alternatives
    UC Berkeley Assistant Professor James O'Brien demonstrates his "animated goop" 3D modeling program. We travel to deepest New Hampshire and visit Segway's World Headquarters to get a behind-the-scenes ...
  • Digital Filmmaking, Lorne Lanning, MAD*L Show
    Pete Shaner and Gerald Jones, the authors of "Digital Filmmaking for Teens," share some tips for making your own flicks. Lorne Lanning, the creative mind behind the Oddworld series of games, discusses...
  • Lloyd Kaufman, Cool Paper Toys, Chris Gore
    Troma Entertainment mastermind Lloyd Kaufman celebrates The Toxic Avenger's 21st anniversary and gives us a preview of his latest epic, Parts of the Family. We show you how to download, print, and bui...
  • Hamster-Powered MIDI, DIY T-shirts, 4th Ave. Jones
    Levy Lorenzo brings his world-famous Hamster-Powered MIDI Sequencer to the show for a demonstration. We show you three different methods to design and make your own T-shirts. Plus, Kevin P. delivers a...
  •, The Matrix Online, LAN Party
    Ricky Van Veen and Joshua Abrahmsom of talk about their journey to unexpected internet success. Jason Hall of Warner Bros. Interactive gives us a tour of the new MMORPG, The Matrix On...
  • John Milius, Geek Prom 2005, Dark Tip
    Renowned filmmaker John Milius--the director behind Conan the Barbarian and Red Dawn--talks about writing the script for the latest Medal of Honor video game, European Assault. We attend Geek Prom 200...
  • Experimental Games, PSP Hacks, Mortal Kombat
    We invite some students from Carnegie Mellon University, who created 30 video games over the course of a semester, to demonstrate some of their Experimental Gameplay titles. Meanwhile, Kevin R. compar...
  • 8-Bit Weapon, PodShanking, Dark Deals
    Seth and Stacey of 8-bit Weapon reveal the science behind using 8-bit video game consoles, vintage synthesizers, and obsolete computers as musical instruments, and then they proceed to perform some of...
  • Darkon, ROBOlympics, emaneht
    Andrew Neel, the director of Darkon, talks about his documentary detailing the world of live action role playing. (Yes, the "I cast Magic Missile" people.) We have a report from ROBOlympics RoboGames...
  •, Tomb Raider Fan Film, Dennis
    Angelo Sotira, co-founder of, discusses the art-sharing site's first annual deviantART Summit, bringing together the brightest minds in art and technology from around the globe. Meanwhi...
  • Eric Moro, SporTVision, Prison Hacks
    Eric Moro, editor-in-chief of Now Playing Magazine, talks about his new entertainment print publication from the company behind Computer Games magazine. We go to SporTVision's lab to find out how they...
  • Flickr Pools, Winter Music Conference, Chris Gore
    We start peeing in some Flickr Pools by asking viewers to submit predominantly yellow pictures to a different photo pool each week. Brendan files another report from the Winter Music Confer...
  • VJ Azariah, Winter Music Conference, Dark Deals
    Video jockey Azariah (of Mekanix) demonstrates his VJ skills as well as his custom visual graphics program BloodyMary. Meanwhile, Brendan hits the Winter Music Conference, the country's biggest conven...
  •, PC HD PVR, Dishwalla
    Missy and Bee from the goth erotica site talk about being internet-age pin-ups. Cardstacker Bryan Berg completes his card-stack city skyline on the set, and we play some pranks.
  • Cardstacking, Lebowski Fest, LAN Party
    Cardstacker Bryan Berg starts building a city skyline on the AOTS set to be completed on tomorrow's show. We attend Lebowski Fest, the annual convention for fans of the cult movie The Big Lebowski. We...
  • New Half-Life 2 Level, Modder Paul Capello, Sin City
    Valve's Doug Lombardi exclusively demonstrates an upcoming new level for Half-Life 2 ("The Lost Coast") that displays a brand-new technology called "high-dynamic range lighting." Modder extraordinaire...
  • Tom Green, South by Southwest, Chris Gore
    The irrepressible Tom Green talks about his new video blog and engages in some Green-esque shenanigans. Brendan goes to the South by Southwest music festival in Austin and files the first of two repor...
  • John Dykstra, Giant NES Gamepad, Reel Big Fish
    Legendary special effects master John Dykstra talks about his Oscar-winning work on Spider-Man 2 and the computerized world of movie magic. We take a shot at a Guinness World Record by constructing wh...