Attack of the Show!

Season 2 Episode 54

Stephen Root

Aired Weekdays 7:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on G4



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    • Despite winning the vote, Natasha did not appear in this episode as "Myspace Girl of the Week." Kevin Pereira explained that Natasha "couldn't make it."

      This is suspicious since it was revealed, last week, that the contestant (Natasha) was a friend of G4 employees/Kevin Pereira.

      Regular AOTS forum users were less than pleased with the revelation, and many refused to vote.

    • Flash Attack (Flash game of the week):
      UFO Joe

    • DVDuesday (Chris Gore):

      1) Mission Impossible: Collectors Edition: Rent
      2) Wolf Creek: Unrated Edition: Pass

      (Select) Rapid Fire Titles:
      1) Masters of Horror: Season One
      2) Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter
      3) Funny Haha
      4) Tripp the Riff: Season Two

    • Luis Hurtado, John Walsh, and a handful of other G4 employees and interns appeared in the "Best of Office Jesus" segements.

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