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  • Season 5 Episode 45: 3/12/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "...Bioengineered Crabs Pose No Threat"
    4) "Space Emergency"
    3) "TNG Episode 19 - 'Classical Concerto'"
    2) "Hercules Hooks Dub"
    1) "Lady Freaks Out At Public Hazing"

    AT&T Viewer Poll:
    Do You Like Facebook's New Redesign? 1. Yes (19%) 2. No (25%) 3. I Don't Use Facebook (56%)

    "Kings" Segment

    The Feed (with Kristin Adams):
    Dial 'G' For Google, Facebook Facelift, Hulu Goes Social, Quick Charge Batteries, They Are Ironmen

    The Loop:
    Facebook Gets A Makeover (Featuring Caroline McCarthy- Staff Writer,

    Women of the Web:
    10) Sarah Austin
    9) Natalie Gulbis
    8) Demi Moore
    7) Justine Ezarik
    6) Marina Orlova
    5) Felicia Day
    4) Brooke Burke
    3) Brea Grant
    2) Sasha Grey
    1) Veronica Belmont

    Viewer Requested Gadget Pr0n:
    Samsung Memoir Phone (3/5 AOTS Seal of Approval Rating)

    Chris Hardwick Interview:
    Johnny Galecki in studio for "The Big Bang Theory"

    Epic Fail: "Cat News (Episode One)"

  • Season 5 Episode 44: 3/11/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Hello Japan Fail"
    4) "Dressed To Kill... Weapon Deployment 3"
    3) "Wheel of Fortune Goes to Hell"
    2) "Car Commercial Featuring Andy Richter"
    1) ""

    Viral Redos

    Dr. Manhattan Returns to AOTS

    Gadget Pr0n:
    Casio Exilim EX-FC100 Digital Camera (4/5 AOTS Seal of Approval Rating)

    The Feed with Layla Kayleigh:
    Ads Get Personal, Apple Shrinks Shuffle, PlayStation Store Goes Universal, So Say We All, Achievement Unlocked: Lost 360

    Blog Watch:,,

    Break Moments In De-Evolution:
    "Ski Jump" (3/5), "BMX Kid Faceplants Hard On Board" (4/5), "Swing Jump Goes Wrong" (5/5) Rating System- Adult high schools

    Attack This!
    Mine Light
    Vue Network
    Brain Hubi

    Olivia Munn Interview:
    Ken Jeong in studio for "Role Models"

    Epic Fail: "Wrong Way To Get A Truck Unstuck"

  • Season 5 Episode 43: 3/10/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Four-Year-Old Monkey Business"
    4) "Smut Cave Ep.12: Vore"
    3) "Uroclub New Commercial"
    2) "The Breakfast Song"
    1) "Dancing With the Stars: Season 8..."

    Olivia and Kevin's Tribute to Woz on Dancing With the Stars

    Go Hack Yourself: Reroute Your Brain

    The Feed with Layla Kayleigh:
    YouTube Dumps Music Vids, iPhone Prototype Hits eBay, That's No Moon, Straight Outta Compton

    In Your Pants: Sex on the Streets
    Exploring Other Spaces / Length or Width? / How Long Does He Last?

    Role Models (Buy), Let the Right One In (Rent), Milk (Rent)


    Kevin Pereira Interview:
    Sara Paxton in studio for "The Last House on the Left"

    Epic Fail: "Trucks vs. Bridge"

  • Season 5 Episode 42: 3/9/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Drunken Lacey Fallin' Off A Table"
    4) "How To Smoke Smarties"
    3) "Le Sexoflex - Marriott **** Squat..."
    2) "Episode 3 (Primetime)"
    1) "Drunken Customer"

    Kevin and Olivia Smoke Smarties

    Gadget Pr0n:
    Durabook D15RP Rugged Laptop (3/5 AOTS Seal of Approval Rating)

    The Feed (with Alison Haislip):
    Watchmen Tops Box Office, Apple Netbook Rumors, NASA Hunts Planets, Craigslist Crackdown, SF Says No To Mobs

    PMA '09 Segment (with Chris Hardwick):
    Nikon Coolpix P90, Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX1, Canon Powershot D10

    The Loop:
    Who Watches the Watchmen? (Featuring Drew McWeeny- Film Editor, & David Poland- Editor, [In studio] Segment (with Adam Sessler)

    Attack This!
    Rolls Royce

  • Season 5 Episode 29: 2/18/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "L'escargot"
    4) "Guy Has Weird Voice"
    3) "CNN - Penis Being Served..."
    2) "A Dog That Walks Upright"
    1) "Loituma - Levan Polkka..."

    The Great Leek Spinoff

    The Feed with Layla Kayleigh:
    Facebook Does An About-Face, Google Wins Privacy Lawsuit, Unknown No More, Dirty Doppelganger

    The Loop:
    The Case Against the Pirate Bay (Featuring Danny O'Brien- Intl. Outreach Coordinator,

    Blog Watch: Best DIY Blogs,,

    Gadget Pr0n:
    Intel Classmate Netbook (4/5 AOTS Seal of Approval Rating)

    Break Moments in De-Evolution:
    "Redneck X-Games" (2/5), "Redneck Rocketeer" (4/5), "Using Plyers to Pull a Tooth" (5/5) Rating System- Twinkie wedding cakes

    Olivia Munn Interview:
    Tahmoh Penikett in studio for "Dollhouse" & "Battlestar Galactica"

  • Season 5 Episode 28: 2/17/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "...Soccer Show-Off"
    4) "Dancarina Do Creu Danca Pro Mengao"
    3) "Obama's Elf"
    2) "Preggo Shuffle Rap..."
    1) "A Woman Missed Her Flight..."

    Lucha Va Voom (with Alison Haislip)

    The Feed:
    Facebook Owns You, Charrrges Dropped In Pirate Case, Hallelujah! Universal Chargers!, Brand New Czar, Apple Kills Kenny

    The Loop:
    Facebook's Controversial New TOS (Featuring Caroline McCarthy- Staff Writer,

    It's #*@%ing Science! Homemade LED Light Cube

    Gadget Pr0n:
    Nikon Coolpix S60 Digital Camera (3/5 AOTS Seal of Approval Rating)

    Religulous (Rent), Choke (Pass), The Midnight Meat Train (Rent)

    Epic Fail: "118 118 - Who You Gonna Call?"

  • Season 5 Episode 27: 2/13/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "...What a Dog Masturbating Looks Like"
    4) "Vermont Teddy Bear Commercial"
    3) "Rare Jujitsu Footage..."
    2) "Klingon Night School"
    1) "1983 Macintosh Software Dating Game"

    Nerded Out

    "Office Space" 10th Anniversary

    The Feed:
    MS Takes Byte Out of Apple, Apple Hates Jailbreakers, Pirates Arrrr on Trial, Brand New Nightmare, Amazon Gets It On

    Gadget Pr0n: Headphone Roundup
    V-Moda Vibe II Earbuds ($95), Beats by Dr. Dre Earbuds ($150), Audio-Technica ANC3 Earbuds ($75), Radius RadHeadphones Live ($60), Ultrasone Pro 900 Headphones ($550)

    Women of the Web:
    10) Amanda Marcum
    9) Candace Swanepole
    8) Hannah Hilton
    7) CJ Gibson
    6) Eliza Dushku
    5) Justine Ezarik
    4) Madeline Zima
    3) Andrea Myrander
    2) Claudia Rocio
    1) Bar Refaeli

    Kevin Pereira Interview:
    Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim in studio for "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job"

    Epic Fail: "How to Wash Dishes..."

  • This episode featured a special Happy Valentine's Day intro.

  • Season 5 Episode 26: 2/12/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Epic Rope Swing Across Canyon"
    4) "Kittens Inspired By Kittens"
    3) "The Swayze Dance Method"
    2) "The Ultimate Slayer Fan..."
    1) "Late Show - Where's Joaquin Phoenix?..."

    Kevin Hangs with Joaquin

    Clive Owen and Naomi Watts of "The International"

    The Feed:
    Buy Those Faceplant Videos, Satellites Go Boom, Massive Cutbacks at Pioneer, No Batman for Nolan

    Blog Watch: Hot Car Blogs,,,

    In Your Pants: Sex Advice on Penis Size

    Fresh Ink! Blair Butler at Comic Con, Pt. 3

    Kevin Pereira Interview:
    Danielle Panabaker in studio for "Friday the 13th"

    Epic Fail: "Osbournes: Reloaded Preview"

  • Season 5 Episode 25: 2/11/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Horse Thinking He's a Bee!"
    4) "2222 Toothpicks in My Beard"
    3) "Crustacean Deathmatches..."
    2) "Dude, That's Not a Shirt"
    1) "Paintball William Tell"

    Kevin Monk Shots a Mannequin

    Fresh Ink! Blair Butler at Comic Con, Pt. 2

    The Feed with Layla Kayleigh:
    Siriusly, We May Go Bankrupt, Kindle 2 Fires Up Writers Guild, It's a Gas!, Death Rides for Free, Everyday Heroes Come to TV

    Viewer Requested Gadget Pr0n:
    LG Incite Phone (3/5 AOTS Seal of Approval Rating)

    "Friday the 13th" Interview

    Spoiler Interruptus

    Break Moments in De-Evolution:
    "Cue Ball to Head" (2/5), "Exercise Ball to the Face" (4/5), "Kid Shot By Slingshot" (5/5) Rating System- Arkansas credit card

    Kevin Pereira Interview:
    Erin Cummings in studio for "B*tch Slap"

    Epic Fail: "Embarrassing Keg Stand Faceplant"

  • Season 5 Episode 24: 2/10/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Rollerblader Rides Rail Too Long"
    4) "Chris Brown?"
    3) "Sony Releases New Stupid Piece of..."
    2) "Hermeto - Music from the Beard..."
    1) "Salma Hayek's Mission in Africa"

    Kevin Dreams of Salma Hayak's Boobs

    Web Tools: Bright Kite Social Networking

    The Feed:
    Google Smartens Up the Grid, Intel Has the Cash, Fairey Fights the AP, Marvel's On the Move, Calling All Entrepreneurs

    Virtual Audience

    What's Up with Japan? The Weirder Side of Japan

    Attack This: Super Geek Valentine's Presents
    World of Warcraft
    Thinkgeek Gifts
    CAT 5 Wedding Rings

    Fresh Ink! Blair Butler at Comic Con New York

    My Name Is Bruce (Rent), Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 2 (Buy), W. (Pass)

    Who's Who on YouTube: Pomplamoose

    Epic Fail: "Group Sake Bomb Failure"

  • Season 5 Episode 23: 2/9/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Face Plant into Picnic Table"
    4) "Big Sh*tty Slider Dub"
    3) "Dramatic Cupcake Dog - Revelation"
    2) "...MMA Punch-Out!! for Nintendo"
    1) "The 51st Annual Grammy Awards"

    Kevin's Ham Baby is Born LIVE!

    Sneakerheads: Coraline Nike Dunks

    The Feed with Layla Kayleigh:
    Amazon Fires Up Kindle 2, Microsoft App Store, Ratner Directing Youngblood, Woz Shows His Moves

    The Loop:
    Amazon Unveils Kindle 2 (Featuring Dan Ackerman- Sr. Editor,

    Asian Underground: Michelle Yo, Kung Fu Temptress

    Gadget Pr0n:
    Samsung MPB200 Projector (No rating - not currently available)

    Attack This: Rich Bastard Relaxation
    Custom Hunting Rifles
    Leica M8.2 Safari
    Bomb Shelter
    Relaxation Pod

    Olivia Munn Interview:
    Thomas Dekker in studio for "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

    Epic Fail: "Microphone Fail"

  • Season 5 Episode 22: 2/6/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "World's Most Powerful Nerf Gun"
    4) "Starfish Hitler 01..." "Starfish Hitler 02..."
    3) "Eagles Knows How to Eat Tortoises"
    2) "Man Busted After Public Display..."
    1) "Objectum Sexuality..."

    Blog Watch: Best Toy Blogs,,

    The Feed with Layla Kayleigh:
    Google Updates the Phone Book, White Open Spaces, Facebook Access Denied, Caprica Comes Early for Fans, Men Like Games? WTF!!?

    "Killzone 2" Segment

    Robot News: The Gentler Side of Robots

    Gadget Pr0n:
    Nokia N96 Phone (3.5/5 AOTS Seal of Approval Rating)

    All Hail MovieMan

    Women of the Web: Internet Bad Girls Pics
    3) Kat Demone
    2) Violet
    1) Veronica Van Sant

    Epic Fail: "The Human Catapault Stunt"

  • Season 5 Episode 21: 2/5/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "BMX Front Flip Off Roof..."
    4) "Oooooh Jay"
    3) "Tree Lopper Loses Pants"
    2) "Cookie Monster Rap vs. Jay Z..."
    1) "My Long Hair in Action!"

    WTF?! Pie Fetish

    The Feed with Layla Kayleigh:
    Four More Months for Analog, It's Wonderwall, After All, Cash & Credit for 'Hope', Violation or Virus, Gates Bugs Tedizens

    In Your Pants: Obsessed with Girl on Girl?

    Web Tools: Scrapplet is Web Design Made Easy Review

    Gadget Pr0n:
    Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive (4/5 AOTS Seal of Approval Rating)

    Attack This: Best Personal Tech

    Kevin Pereira Interview:
    Brian Baumgartner in studio for "The Office"

  • Season 5 Episode 20: 2/4/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Snowball"
    4) "Paul Blart - Nazi!"
    3) "This Week in Public Comment..."
    2) "The Video Guide to Successful Seduction..."
    1) "Llama Attacks..."

    Faxathon Live '09

    The Feed:
    Economy Hurts Tech Giant, Latitude Maps Your Friends, Possible Music Merger, The Sword of Kahless

    The Loop:
    Future Sex (Featuring Violet Blue- Columnist,

    "Push" Segment

    Break Moments in De-Evolution:
    "Fat Kid in Tree on Fire" (2/5), "College Fart Experiment" (4/5), "Butane Face Burn" (5/5) Rating System- People who think Europe is a country

    Gadget Pr0n:
    Sony DSC-G3 Digital Camera (3.5/5 AOTS Seal of Approval Rating)

    Epic Fail: "Drive-Thru Garage Door"

  • Season 5 Episode 19: 2/3/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Christian Bale Is Mad"
    4) "Kevin Is Forty"
    3) "...Songsmith Fed with Stock Charts"
    2) "Sunset Promo with Mrs. Bobbie"
    1) "David After Dentist"

    Dr. Pangolin, Alternative Medicine Dentist

    "Coraline" Segment

    The Feed:
    Motorola on the Razr's Edge, Apple Patent Secrets Unlocked?, Cracking the Apps, Super Fast Supercomputer, Salaam IBM!

    Virtual Audience

    Kings of Dot Comedy: Serious Lunch

    Attack This: Sweet Weapons
    Wall Radar
    Pocket Grappling Hook
    Smoke Grenades
    Stun Baton

    Go Hack Yourself

    Zack and Miri Make a Porno (Buy), His Name Was Jason (Rent), Hulk Vs. (Rent)

    Epic Fail: "Excavator Ends Up Its Side"

  • This episode featured a special intro involving the Batman tirade.

  • Season 5 Episode 18: 2/2/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Cycling Accident" - Women on Wheels
    4) "...It's Not Lupus"
    3) "My Dark Horse Is Horny"
    2) "Charlie Celi Disses Hillary..."

    The Great Pie Clean-up

    *This first segment is repeated twice before Kevin & Olivia realize that it is Groundhog's Day.

    The Feed with Layla Kayleigh:
    Google Glitch Human Based, Apple Wants To Flash You, Upgrade For Streaming Netflix?, Black Freighter Will See Light, Jenny, Jenny, Who Can I Turn To?

    Kevin Pereira Interview:
    Sam Huntington in studio for "Fanboys"

    1) ""

  • Season 5 Episode 17: 1/30/2009

  • Around the Net:
    5) "Thrillbillies Double Wide"
    4) "Will Arnett & Pepsi Refresh..."
    3) "The Untitled Sal Lupo Project..."
    2) "...Signs Warn of Zombies"
    1) "Best Dog Food Commercial"

    Kevin Eats Dog Food

    Gadget Pr0n:
    Digital Storm Online Gaming PC (88% Rating)

    Kevin Pereira Interview:
    Josh Harris & Ondi Timoner in studio for "We Live in Public"

    Attack This: Movie Gadgets and a GPS
    Navigation System
    Portable DVD Player
    Monty Python
    TV and PS3

    Women of the Web: NFL Cheerleader Pics
    10) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    9) Kansas City Chiefs
    8) Baltimore Ravens
    7) San Diego Chargers
    6) New England Patriots
    5) Denver Broncos
    4) Philadelphia Eagles
    3) Houston Texans
    2) Dallas Cowboys
    1) Miami Dolphins

    National Pie Week Final Total - 61,167 signatures

    Olivia Munn Jumps Into a Giant Pie

  • This is the first episode of 2009 to not feature The Feed.

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