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Attic Cat

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Attic Cat is a romantic comedy TV series developed by MBC network that follows the friendship of Jung Eun (Jung Da Bin) and Kyung Min (Kim Rae Won) as they straddle the lines of just what makes a friendship, love, and companionship different. Orphaned from a young age, Kyung Min has been catered to every whim by his loving grandparents and as a result, the law student adult is exceptionally immature and spoiled, often acting like a little brat. When his old friend and crush Hye Ryun (Choi Jung Yoon) mentions her friend in need, he strikes up a friendship with Jung Eun, even going so far as to lend her the money to pay for the apartment below his, in the hopes of gaining favor with Hye Ryun. Jung Eun had always been a hard worker, scrimping and saving her money, but when her family moves away and her brother steals all of her money, Jung Eun is left struggling to live, work, and study while gaining some help from her old friend Hye Ryun. The quiet and unassuming Jung Eun seems to roar with life whenever the brash Kyung Min comes near here, often leading to an unlikely romance between two people who wanted nothing to do with each other that way.moreless

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Season 1 : Episode 16

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Foreign Language, Romantic Comedy