Auction Kings

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 26, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 10/26/10
      One customers shows Gallery 63 a meteorite the size of a softball, and hopes to sell it for enough money to go on a second honeymoon to Paris. Later, another customers shows them a vampire killing kit from the 1800s that could net a lot of money if a certain buyer decides to come to the auction. Finally, the newest employee, Jon, arrives at a jam-packed house to try and find items worthy of going to the auction. He is able to locate a signed copy of the novel Gone with the Wind and a genuine Nazi handbook from World War II. Will experts confirm that they are authentic?moreless
    • Delfino's handyman skills are finally tested when Jon discovers a classic Love Meter arcade game that needs some restoration. Later, a monk brings in a prayer book from 1637 that was used in a church that some of the Founding Fathers attended during the Revolutionary War. Gallery 63 hopes the book will be sold for $5000-$7000 and all proceeds will go to the homeless. Finally, a man brings Gallery 63 his grandfather's coat and sword. Paul then is tasked with figuring out the mystery of the coat's secret society if he wants to sell them.moreless
    • First, a customer brings Gallery 63 two 19th-century ladies' pistols that were designed to be hidden in a hand muff. Later, another customer offers a book signed by John Hancock and a first edition Great Gatsby to go to the auction. Finally, Jon finds a Venetian Mirror while picking through a basement that might net a large profit.moreless
    • First, a customer brings Gallery 63 a snooker table that he constructed for the Rolling Stones for one of their tours which an expert claims will sell at the auction for a large price. Later, a woman brings in some rare African artifacts including an elephant mask, two iron throne chairs, and a terracotta honey pot. The woman hopes that she can get enough money at the auction so she can renovate her kitchen. Finally, Paul's father, Bob, sells a family of alien props that he accepted as trade in exchange for a pool table. When auction day arrives, Bob hopes that he got the better bargain.moreless
    • 11/9/10
      Paul Brown and the team from Gallery 63 prepare themselves for the upcoming auction. Items that they are willing to put up for auction include a 1969 Oldsmobile 442, two chairs that are claimed to be from a New Orleans cathouse, and a sword and World War II Japanese rifle that is still partially wrapped in 60-year-old paper used to mail the items home.moreless
    • The Gallery 63 crew find themselves struggling with manager Cindy Shook's new method of relieving stress which is drumming on the drum set Jon found on a recent pick. Later, Paul Brown takes Jon to meet with a client that wants to auction his own collection of Victorian furniture which includes a settee and a piano. Finally, a fossil-hunting couple from Montana bring Gallery 63 some rare fossils from dinosaurs, one of which is a tooth from Tyrannosaurus Rex.moreless
    • First, a rock musician brings Gallery 63 a pink 1960 Cadillac to sell for money to buy himself a new tour bus. Later, a wife sells her husband's model tugboat, but Delfino needs to do some restoring to it first before they can take it to the auction. Finally, a man brings in Negro League baseball memorabilia that he wants to sell for funds for a mission trip to the Ivory Coast.moreless
    • Spywatch/Model A
      Episode 8
      Paul and the Gallery 63 team get things prepared for the next auction. Items they are auctioning include a Model A Ford and concept sketches from The Lion King. Later, Cindy is able to impress the team of her magnificent picking skills when she brings in a 1950s spywatch that contains historic voices.moreless
    • 11/21/10
      First, Cindy tries to teach Jon how to identify which items will sell big and which items won't sell at all. Later, a man comes into Gallery 63 with a 92-carat ruby necklace that he kept in a shoebox for many years. Plus, another man shows the team a classic 1967 Triumph Choppe with the hopes of receiving enough cash to help renovate his mother's house. Finally, a third man presents an unopened case of President Carter's brother, Billy Carter's Billy Beer. While the expert thinks that it's a worthless item, Jon is willing to bet that it will sell.moreless
    • 11/23/10
      First, a seller brings Gallery 63 an ancient hand cannon that is so rare the experts have a lot of trouble finding the origin and history of the cannon. Later, a seller brings in a jewel-encrusted gold pencil that experts believe may be Faberge. Plus, Delfino is having trouble restoring a 90-year-old piano that has sounded better in its earlier days. Finally, a woman brings in a painting that was given to her by her aunt. While she was anxious to get it out of her house she later finds it nets a surprising amount at auction.moreless
    • Cindy and Paul face a fearful and ride of a lifetime when they are allowed to go up in a hot-air balloon that is up for auction. Later, Gallery 63 takes a look at a woolly mammoth tusk and a giant, unset sapphire.
    • First, a headhunter's ax and a Vespa Scooter with a sidecar go up for auction. Later, Paul and Cindy engage in a bidding war over possession of a vintage Coke Machine.
    • 12/14/10
      Gallery 63 is presented with a Samurai Sword and an old Steamer Trunk to take to auction and net some money for the business.
    • 12/21/10
      First, Gallery 63 and the team get ready for the next auction. Items they are putting up for auction include an autographed guitar owned by Johnny Cash, a trading knife that is made out of a jawbone, and a 17th century chest. Later, Paul and Cindy challenge Jon to make a profit off of a Speed Rug.moreless
    • 12/28/10
      Paul and the Gallery 63 Team prepare to take items to the next auction. Those items include a historic Charles Lindbergh Scrapbook and a collection of antique metal toys. Paul decides to take a rare Wurlitzer band organ along as well. Will it pay off?
    • Paul and the Gallery 63 team prepare for the next auction with a hand mirror that was signed by Napoleon and a World War I Boy Scout war bonds poster. Before they go to the auction, Paul calls in his sister to retrieve some information on a mysterious cabinet. Finally, Jon decides to impress his boss by helping to compile the upcoming auction's catalog.moreless
    • 1/11/11
      First, a letter that was signed by Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and doll furniture made by Howard Finster are sent to the auction. Later, a woman shows Gallery 63 a shrunken head. Finally, Paul asks for his father, Bob Brown, to help recruit Paul's son, Elijah, into joining the family auction house business.moreless
    • 1/18/11
      First, a pinball machine used on the set of Happy Days, a vintage slot machine, and a 194s Whizzer motorized bicycle are sent to the auctin. Late, Jon hopes to authenticate a blood stain that is on a World war II Soviet Flag. Finally, Paul finds out that he can't escape Cindy's Wall of Shame for not paying a bill.moreless
    • First, the Gallery 63 team takes a vintage fire truck, a 19th century made copy of the Declaration of Independence, and a Tiffany grandfather clock. Later, the group has to collaborate together and fix an antique concession wagon that ends up damaged when they unload it.
    • 2/2/11
      The Gallery 63 team prepares items for auction: a 1946 Willys Jeep that was restored by Richard Petty, a Rock-Ola jukebox, and a Ouija board is used to prank Cindy.
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