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  • relevant still

    with the global recession and people migrating for work, a lot of people will still find this engaging
  • The Newer Ones.

    The problem, or not a problem in which ever way you look at it is, TV has changed so much over the past 20 years in the UK, and there is no way a Channel such as the BBC or ITV will commission a show for 13 episodes, such as was done in the 80's with the original 2 series. This is a problem for many, as we only get 6 episodes now of modern TV shows, but that does not give the viewer a chance to grow on the story lines and characters.

    Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Series 1 and 2 will always be the greatest TV show in my mind, but I am biased as I run the Official Website. I do believe however, that Series 3, 4 and The Special are really great television, but as times have changed and we are so used to long series runs, that we didn't have chance to get the lads on a great run.

    For me, Series 3, was just getting into a great run in Arizona, and then we had to say goodbye to 'The Lads'. We may never see long episode runs that were the norm in the good old 80's, and thank goodness for DVD's!

    Auf Wiedersehen.....
  • Fantastic and not.

    The first two series of this show, released in 1983 and 1984 respectively were absolutely amazing, so funny and still a hoot to watch today. Sadly the later efforts are seriously lacking in comparison and really shouldn't have been made. The hilariously mixed bag of characters and politically incorrect storylines and dialogue make it very refreshing to watch. Most of the actors have gone on to fruitful careers especially Timothy Spall who has been in several large production movies. A young Ray Winstone also makes an appearance. 10 out of 10 for the first two seasons and 6 out of 10 for the latter.
  • A superb series in the 80s and a very good one when it was brought back by the BBC years later.

    If I were asked what is my favourite TV comedy drama of them all I would without a doubt say it was Auf Wiedersehen Pet, but only the two series from the 1980s which were shown on ITV originally. The series was brought back by the BBC in the late 90's/early 00's. The first series in Nevada was the best but I felt it just wasn't the same without the actor who played carpenter Wayne. There were a further one or two series with a special one-off episode. The actor Pat Roach passed away before filming started on the one-off series finale. I prefer to remember the good old days in the 80's with the Magnificent Seven were in Germany, Wolverhampton, Derby, Newcastle and Spain. Those were the best episodes.
  • A classic Brittish comedy drama from the early 80s that tells the story of a group of Newcastle bricklayers who travel to Germany to work when they are unable to get jobs in Britain.

    This show is one of my favourites as it is about real people that you can relate to. It tells the story of a group of Newcastle brickkies (bricklayers) who when unable to obtain work in Britain travel to Germany to work as overseas contracters. The characters are memorable including Oz the bigotted hard nose, Neville the newly married homesick worrier, Wayne the trendy punk rocker and Barry the wet as a trout nerd.

    The series is a bit dated (set in the early 80s) but that's what I like about it as it gives you a reminder of the times. The plot is based mainly about the troubles the "lads" get into while in Germany including fights with the locals, realtionships and their troubles back home. While the overall subject matter is serious the programme can be classed as a drama/comedy as a lot of the scrapes the boys get into are hilarious.
  • Its a classic

    Auf Wiedersehen Pet is a story of the rise and fall of seven very different people. There are three Geordies, one Scouser, one Brummie, one Cockney and one from Bristol. Auf Wiedersehen Pet shows what life was really like for self - employed workers in the 1980's. And after 20 years they are reunited and begin working together again. with a entirely different crew. Show was first showen on ITV in 1983 and ended in 1984. Then in 2003 it made a come back on the BBC with one new face to the cast as one died just after the show finished filming the first time round in 1984. The BBC stoped the show in 2004. just as filming started in 2004 one of the cast Pet Roch tane ill so they had to be sadly bewriten out of the show. He then died a few months later. So the BBC said there would be no other show after that.
  • Great

    This is about 3 Geordies 1 Scouser 1 Cockney 1 Brummy and 1 from Bristol. The names were Oz, Dennis, Neville, Wayne, Moxey, Bomber, Barry and in the 3rd and 4th series` Wyman Waynes son. The 1st series is really good and the last one is really quite funny aswell as the Christmas Special.
  • A tale of brickies having to work abroad due to lack of work in 80s Britain

    An all time classic - this show became compulsary viewing in North East England - a story of local boys who have to work abroad due to the lack of work in 80s Britain - it was a top rated show in its time - the later series made in the last few years haven't lived up to the earlier shows. They mixed comedy with social statement. It may seem dated now, but I recommend trying the earlier shows on DVD watching the exploits of Dennis, Oz and co as they work in Germany, the UK and Spain, getting into all sorts of scrapes and situations - usually involving alcohol.