Auf Wiedersehen Pet

ITV (ended 2004)





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  • A classic Brittish comedy drama from the early 80s that tells the story of a group of Newcastle bricklayers who travel to Germany to work when they are unable to get jobs in Britain.

    This show is one of my favourites as it is about real people that you can relate to. It tells the story of a group of Newcastle brickkies (bricklayers) who when unable to obtain work in Britain travel to Germany to work as overseas contracters. The characters are memorable including Oz the bigotted hard nose, Neville the newly married homesick worrier, Wayne the trendy punk rocker and Barry the wet as a trout nerd.

    The series is a bit dated (set in the early 80s) but that's what I like about it as it gives you a reminder of the times. The plot is based mainly about the troubles the "lads" get into while in Germany including fights with the locals, realtionships and their troubles back home. While the overall subject matter is serious the programme can be classed as a drama/comedy as a lot of the scrapes the boys get into are hilarious.