Auf Wiedersehen Pet - Season 1

ITV (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • When the Boat Goes Out
    Work on the site is now complete and the lads are making plans for the future. Dennis has decided to return to his wife back in England. Wayne decides to saty with Christa and the rest decide to return to their native soil too. His plan to spend one last night with Dagmar is ruined after the rest of the lads accidentally burn down the hut.moreless
  • Love and Other Four Letter Words
    Vera arrives in Düsseldorf, she's hoping she and Dennis can save their marriage. Oz and Wayne are more interested in Christa, a secretary in the site office.
  • The Lovers
    The Lovers
    Episode 11
    Oz falls in love with a german girl named Uli, but she isn't all that she seems. Meanwhile the lads decide to brighten up the hut with a coat of paint. Rather than buy it, they decide to 'borrow' it from the stores on the site.
  • Last Rites
    Last Rites
    Episode 10
    The lads have to take Bomber to hospital afet a minor accident at work, whilst there, Dennis and Neville meet a terminally ill ex-patriot from the north east, Hedley. Oz has come up with a money-making scheme and invites Moxey and Barry to join in with his investment plan: exporting hardcore pornography videos back to England. All they need is a way to smuggle the tapes into England. Fortunately (for them) Hedley dies which means there's a coffin to return to England, ideal for concealing the tapes.moreless
  • The Alien
    The Alien
    Episode 9
    Magowan is a nasty piece of work, violent and always in trouble. He has few or no friends on the site. After being thrown out of the workers' hostel for breaking a chair over someone's head, he ends up in the hut. None of the lads fancy standing up to him and, with Bomber away, they must think of a way to get rid of him.moreless
  • The Fugitive
    The Fugitive
    Episode 8
    The lads organise a fishing week-end and head out into the German countryside. Along the way they give a lift to an English hitch-hiker. They later discover he's A.W.O.L. from the British Army.
  • Private Lives
    Private Lives
    Episode 7
    Dennis and Dagmar plan to spend a quiet week-end at a hotel, but their plans are ruined when Barry and Wayne - who are in pursuit of two Swedish air hostesses, arrive at the same hotel.
  • The Accused
    The Accused
    Episode 6
    Neville meets a German girl in a bar, she pursuades him to take her home as she has had an arguement with her boyfriend.
    The boyfriend sees this and later asasults her, but she accuses Neville of the assault and the police arrive at the site and arrest him. Brenda phones and Oz accidentally lets out that Nev is in the slammers. German workers from the site decide to help find the real assailant and clear Neville.moreless
  • Home Thoughts from Abroad
    Bomber gets disturbing news from Mrs Bomber, their daughter Tracy has run away from home. She arrives at the site looking for her dad. The lads look after her after Bomb realises she is in a hut with Wayne and Oz!
  • Suspicion
    Episode 4
    Things are going missing from the hut and Missing property in the hut causes distress all around. Which of the the lads is the thief? The finger of suspicion points in one direction after another but each time point in the wrong direction.
  • The Girls They Left Behind
    Telling his wife Marjorie he was going to Germany wasn't a priority for, Oz. She's concerned and in need of cash, so seeks out Dennis' wife to find out where they are. Out in Germany, Oz has been to see a football match, got drunk and has woken up on an aeroplane with English football fans bound for Newcastle. Oz is worried about being late for work, but the thought of seeing his wife is even more worrying.moreless
  • Who Won the War Anyway?
    Suspended from working, Neville does what any decent man would do: play football. Whilst playing on the site, he spots an unexploded Second World War bomb, cowering over the bomb to prevent it being hit by the digger, Neville becomes a hero.
    Oz on the other hand is public enemy number one and is fired for his attidude rowards the Germans.moreless
  • If I Were a Carpenter
    Dennis, Neville and Oz arrive in Germany looking for work as bricklayers. They find work in Düsseldorf, but as only two bricklayers are needed, Dennis tells Herr Grunwald [the site manager] that Neville is a carpenter so that the trio can stay together. Nev is unhappy with this and nearly chops his hand off.

    Unhappy with having to pose as a carpenter, Neville decides to go home. However, after a night out he wakes to find the name 'Lotte' tattooed on his arm. Without an explanation for Brenda, he decides to stay.moreless